How to install MATLAB on your Chromebook

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Chromebooks are considered a simple and easy-to-use machine, but with the addition of Linux, even advanced users can now trust their Chromebooks. As already mentioned, you can install Steam on your Chromebook or run the desktop version of Microsoft Office on your Chromebook. All of this is thanks to the Linux container. So today, we’re delivering another guide that explains how to install MATLAB on your Chromebook in multiple ways. MATLAB is a popular programming language, especially among engineering students. Now let’s move on and see how to run MATLAB on your Chromebook and how to do it.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

We’ve covered three ways to run MATLAB on your Chromebook: the web, the Play Store, and the Linux container. Based on your level of expertise, you can choose a method from the table below.

Method 1: Run MATLAB in Chrome browser

Yes, the easiest way to run MATLAB on your Chromebook is to run the program in your browser. The web version of MATLAB is not as advanced as the desktop version, but it works well for beginners. Also, if your school or organization has a MATLAB subscription, sign in with that email ID. This allows you to use MATLAB for an unlimited period of time. Otherwise, MATLAB offers a 30-day free trial to everyone. That said, let’s take a look at the relevant steps.

1. First, access this web page Create a free account.. You need to confirm your email ID.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

2. After creating your account, go to your dashboard. here,”Try it now“Trial” under “.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

3. Now you need to Fill out a small form, All the details need to be mentioned. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

4. Finally, go to the MATLAB Online page. Alternatively, you can click here. next,”Open MATLAB Online“.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

5. And that’s it. You can now use the web version of MATLAB on your Chromebook.And the best part is that this version Works on all ChromebooksWhether it’s a school-issued Chrome OS device. Plus, you get 5GB of cloud storage to store your code and designs in a 30-day free trial. Posting it requires you to purchase a license starting at $ 21 for students.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

Method 2: Install MATLAB on your Chromebook using the Play Store

There is also an Android version of MATLAB, but it’s fairly minimal and only a few algebraic functions can be executed.Also, this method Doesn’t work on school-issued Chromebooks Access to the Play Store is locked to students. Still, if you want to get started with MATLAB, you can try the MATLAB Android app on your Chromebook.

1. If you have never set up an Android app on your Chromebook[設定]Open[アプリ]Go to. now, Turn on Google Play Store..

Play among us on Chromebooks that support the Play Store

2. Next, open the Google Play store and search MATLAB (free). Install the app.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook using the Play Store

3. After installation, open this page in your browser and Create a free MATLAB account..

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

4. Now go back to the MATLAB Android app Login..

matlabandroid app

5. It’s done!Now it is possible Use the MATLAB Android app On a Chromebook.

Android app

Method 3: Install MATLAB on your Chromebook using Linux

If you are an advanced user and are not cut by the web version of your MATLAB or Android app, Full-scale desktop version of MATLAB On a Chromebook via a Linux container. Keep in mind that running MATLAB in a virtualized container requires enough space (about 10GB) and a powerful processor on your Linux partition. Here’s how to continue:

1. First and foremost, set up Linux on your Chromebook.Be sure to assign more during the process 20GB space To Linux. If for some reason Linux doesn’t install on your Chromebook, follow the linked guides to fix the problem.

Use Linux on your Chromebook

2. Next, we recommend that you follow these steps: First way Simply sign up for a free account in this article on how to run MATLAB in your web browser and sign up for a free trial.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook (2021)

3. Then click Trial. If you don’t see the trial option, open this page and clickInstall MATLAB on your computer“.


4. The web page automatically selects the latest version of MATLAB (R2021a) as the default download. Free users cannot select older releases.If you purchased a license, we recommend downloading it MATLAB R2016b to improve performance On Chrome OS devices. Then select “Linux” from the drop-down menu and download the ZIP file.

MATLAB for Linux

5. After downloading, move the ZIP file to Linux section With the file app. Then copy the name of the ZIP file. You can copy the name of the ZIP file by pressing the Chromebook keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Enter”.

Install MATLAB on your Chromebook using Linux

6. Now open a Linux terminal, type the following command, and press Enter.surely Replace file name Use the actual file name you copied above.


Unzip the file

7. When the terminal has finished extracting the content, run the commands listed below one by one.

xhost +
sudo ./install

install matlab

8. Finally, the MATLAB installer will pop up on your Chromebook. now, Please enter your email ID and password Used for online MATLAB account. Then follow the on-screen instructions to install MATLAB on your Chromebook.

Linux version of MATLAB

9. The installer connects to the internet Install the desktop version Using MATLAB with Chromebooks. Close the window when the installation is complete.

Download mathworks

10. Now, to open MATLAB, you need to do the following: Run these commands One by one.

cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2021a/bin

Run matlab from the terminal

11. And that’s it.This is full-scale Desktop version of MATLAB It’s running fine on my Chromebook.

matlab running on chromebook linux

3 ways to run MATLAB on your Chromebook

Here’s how to install MATLAB on your Chromebook. The web version is sufficient for beginners, but if you want a PC-like offline desktop experience, it’s best to get the Linux version. Anyway, it’s all from us. If you want to learn how to use your printer with your Chromebook Linux app, check out our linked tutorials. Also, if you are facing storage space issues, find out how to free your Chromebook storage. If you have any questions in the comments section below, please feel free to contact us.