How to install Forge to use mods in Minecraft

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Minecraft is the most popular open world sandbox game with endless possibilities to play. However, even that experience can be repetitive for some. So today I’ll show you how to install Forge and use mods in Minecraft to make the world of MC even more interesting. From downloading Forge to running mods, we cover everything you might be looking for to enhance your Minecraft experience. Now let’s get started and understand how to install Forge on Minecraft.

How to install Forge and use Minecraft Mod (2021)

Using Forge and mods may sound like a complex process, but in Minecraft it’s a fairly simple process. If you don’t have a high-end PC to avoid performance issues, you should avoid using multiple heavy mods. But before we get into the discussion about Forge, let’s first understand what a Minecraft mod is. This is because you can hear a lot about the future of Minecraft mods.

Note: Please note that the installation of Forge on Minecraft is limited to the Java edition. You can see the difference between Minecraft Java and Bedrock here.

What is a Minecraft Mod?

For any video game, Mod is a software add-on that enhances the gameplay experience by modifying the original core elements. From spawning zombies and rockets in-game to improving performance with OptiFine. Thanks to the popularity of the game, Minecraft Java has hundreds, if not thousands, of mods available online for free.

If you’re a programmer, enthusiasts may understand how easy it is to decompile the java edition of the game and create interesting mods around the source code.

What is Minecraft Forge?

Now that we know what a mod is, we need software to handle such mods.Forge A free open source server where you can install and run mods With Minecraft. It is designed to be a bridge between complex mods and unprogrammed Minecraft players. Thanks to Forge, you don’t need advanced technical skills to install and run mods on Minecraft Java.

Since the team behind Minecraft Forge is a dedicated team, it is a rare scenario that a bug will occur while using Forge. In addition, continuous software updates will ensure that Forge is always available in all versions of the game. Unfortunately, there is no substitute for Forge in the bedrock version. So if you want to try out a modified Minecraft game, it may be time to switch.

Minimum requirements to run Minecraft Forge

Fortunately, there are no major requirements for Minecraft Forge other than the ability of a PC to run Minecraft properly. However, you may need to keep checking the specifications for each mod you install. This is because some mods are resource intensive and can be demanding. If you run multiple mods at the same time in the same Minecraft world, your stakes will be even higher. It’s a good idea to review mod information and user reviews to understand if your system can handle a particular mod.

How to download Minecraft Forge

The procedure to download Minecraft Forge is fairly straightforward. But first, you need to make sure you know the version of your Minecraft installation. The easiest way to find it is to launch the game and check the version written in the lower left corner of the screen.

How to check the game version of Minecraft

Let’s check the procedure to install Minecraft Forge on your PC so that it doesn’t get in the way.

1. Once you know the version of the game, go to the official website of Minecraft Forge.Here you have to select Game version Click from the left sidebar. next,”installer” A button in the center of a web page.

Minecraft Forge Official Website2.[インストーラー]As soon as you click the button, you’ll see a skippable ad. next,”skip” Click the button to display it in the upper right corner and click to continue.

3. Skip the ad and the download will start. Since this is a .jar file, your browser may warn you that it may be harmful. choose “keep” Optional when prompted. And don’t worry, this is software that has been tested, scanned and popular among the Minecraft community.
Save the jar

How to install Minecraft Forge

1. Once the download is complete Open the Forge installer Double click on it. If you see a prompt when you try to open your antivirus software,[詳細]Click[とにかく実行” オプション。


2. Forgeは、デフォルトのMinecraftインストールの場所を自動的に検出します。 君 Minecraftディレクトリに手動でロードすることもできます デフォルトのディレクトリアドレスの横にある(…)ボタンを押します。 その後、あなたがする必要があるのは「クライアントをインストールする」オプションをクリックし、「わかった” ボタン。


3.Forgeがダウンロードしてゲームにインストールするのを待ちます。 それが完了すると、あなたはによって迎えられます インストール成功のメッセージ。 正しく動作することを確認するために、すでに変更されたバージョンのゲームを使用せず、ゲームのバージョンをMinecraftForgeのバージョンと慎重に一致させてください。


Minecraftランチャーでゲームプロファイルをチェックして、Forgeが稼働しているかどうかを確認できます。 しかし、最初にmodをインストールせずにMinecraftForgeを実行しても意味がありません。


Minecraftにmodをインストールすることは、Forgeをインストールするよりもさらに簡単です。 それがどのように機能するかを理解する前に、まず選択したMinecraftModをダウンロードする必要があります。 グーグルを試すか、最高のMinecraftModのリストにアクセスして1つを選択できます。 その後、以下の手順に従ってください。

1. modファイルをダウンロードしたとすると、次のようになります。 .jar javamodファイル。 あなたがする必要があるのは 右クリック そのファイルで「コピー」またはWindowsのキーボードショートカットを押すこともできます Ctrl + C ファイルを選択した後。

2.ファイルをコピーしたら、 Winキー+ R キーボードショートカットを使用して、[実行]In the window, type:%appdata%.minecraftmods Click “”all right” button.

Minecraft Mods folder

Note: If there is no mods folder %appdata%.minecraft Directory, you can create a new folder at any time. Right-click and select the New option, then select the Folder option to create a new mods folder. Don’t forget to name it “mods” (without quotes).

3. After navigating to the mods folder, right click[貼り付け]Select or press. Ctrl + V Paste the mod file with your keyboard. And that’s it. Yes, installing your favorite mods in Minecraft is this easy.

Run mods in Minecraft using Forge

Now that you have a Minecraft with the mod installed and Forge running, let’s test it. Follow the steps below.

1. Minecraft Forge is the official Minecraft launcher[再生]Next to the button. Click to select from the list. Up arrow To the version number of Minecraft. If you choose forging,playUse to start the world of Minecraft in Forge.

Launch Minecraft Forge

2. As soon as the game is loaded, you will notice the following: A new option called “Mods” is available On the Minecraft home screen. Click on it to open the mods menu.

Modified Minecraft home screen

3. Click the “Mods” option Open the list of installed mods.. You can see the details of each by clicking the name of the mod. You will also see some configuration options with some mods.

Minecraft Mods section

4. At this point, you are ready to test your Minecraft mod. All you need to do is load your world as you always do, and mods work in the game.

How to uninstall Forge from Minecraft

If you have performance issues or change your mind for any reason, you can quickly remove Forge from your Minecraft installation and restore it to its original state. But before that, you need to remove the installed mods from the game.There is no option to remove mods from the game, but you can. Delete the file from the mod folder (Follow the steps above) Remove all mods. Once that’s done, follow the steps below to remove Forge from Minecraft.

1. First, change to the Minecraft directory. This directory is located at: C:usersyour username%appdata%roaming.minecraft.. Alternatively, you can enter this address by pressing Win + R and using the Run command – %appdata%.minecraft In the search box.

2. Next, Open the version folder In that directory, check the list of installed game versions. “Forgery” in their name.

3. Select all counterfeit folders and delete them by right click and”erase” Press the “Delete” key on the option or keyboard.

Uninstall minecraft forge

If you delete the Forge related files, the Forge launch option disappears from the profile section of Minecraft Launcher. In addition, the mods will no longer affect the world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Forge: FAQ and Potential Errors

Q. Is Minecraft Forge illegal?

answer: Forge has been running for years with the Minecraft Java edition and can only be run in modding with the game’s readily available source code. Oh yeah, Forge is just acting as a bridge. Not officially recommended, Minecraft Forge is legal for personal use..

There may be some servers that may not allow you to use it. Check the server rules to avoid being banned in such scenarios. Similarly, be aware that Minecraft game tournaments are usually limited to mods.

Q. Is Minecraft Forge dangerous?

answer: Minecraft Forge is completely safe as long as you download it from the official website and use it in a virus-free mod. Since its release, it has been used on PCs without any problems. By reading this guide you will learn how to download Forge in the right way.

Q. Are Minecraft Mods illegal?

answer: Unless you’re creating or using a Minecraft Mod for money Game modifications are legally permitted.. Don’t worry, it’s officially mentioned in the Minecraft End User License Agreement or EULA.

Q. How can I fix JNI errors during Minecraft Forge installation?

answer: The solution for all JNI errors is the same. You will need to manually update Java on your PC by downloading from this link. Download and install the Windows x64 version of Java and fix the JNI error during the Minecraft Forge installation.

jdkjava download

Q. Is Minecraft Mod free?

answer: Minecraft developer Mojang only allows mods that are publicly available for free. Paid mods are considered illegal and should be completely avoided in the game. There are already thousands of free mods available on the internet. So if you find a paid mod, you can easily replace it with a free alternative.

Install Forge and start using mods in Minecraft

Now you can unleash the endless world of Minecraft possibilities. Start remodeling the world to include everything from flying cows to new territories with Forge. With Minecraft. Minecraft mods are well known for PCs and Macs, but if your Chromebook has Minecraft Java, you can also install the mod. Sadly, even if you’re using an immutable version of Minecraft Bedrock, you’ll always have an edge with Minecraft Bedrock’s RTX. So don’t waste a little more and start pushing the world of Minecraft to the limit with Forge. Also, if you have any problems with the installation process, please comment below. We will try to help you soon!