How to install Discord theme in 2022 (easiest guide)

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The popular chat service Discord offers users a lot of features, but support for custom themes isn’t one of them. Discord may hesitate to officially add support for custom themes, but there is a third-party add-on called Better Discord that allows you to install themes in your messaging app. This article details the steps you need to follow to install the Discord theme.

Discord Theme Installation: Complete Guide (2022)

Note: Before proceeding, BetterDiscord is a third party add-on, Violating Discord’s Terms of Service by changing the client.. However, Discord has not taken any action against Better Discord or any users who use it to modify clients. Therefore, at the time of writing this article, you can continue to use it to install themes. However, while add-ons can be secure, third-party themes warn you that they can pose a security risk to your users. Therefore, proceed with caution and avoid downloading themes from unknown sources.

Download and install the Better Discord add-on

1. Access (access) the BetterDiscord website Download the Better Discord installer Click the blue “Download” button.

How to install Discord theme

2. Open the downloaded installer file and you will be prompted for a license agreement. Select the I accept the license agreement check box and click Next Go further.

Accept the license agreement to install the Discord theme

3. From the action picker interface Select “Install Better Discord” and click “Next” Proceed to the next screen.

Install better discord due to discord

4. Now you need to specify the version of Discord where you want to install Better Discord. If you have a stable version of Discord, you can: Select the first option and click the “Install” button.. However, if you are using Discord’s public testing or Canary builds, you should select these options instead.

Select the Discord version to install the Discord theme

Discord will restart automatically when the installation process is complete. You can now start applying the theme using Better Discord. Check out the next section for instructions on applying the theme to Discord.

Install Discord theme using Better Discord

1. Open Discord Click the gear icon in the settings It appears in the lower left corner of the screen to access the BetterDiscord settings.

How to install Discord theme

2. Well, Click Themes from the left sidebar Below the new “Better Discord” section.

How to install Discord theme

3. Then you should Click the “Open Theme Folder” button Open the Better Discord theme folder on your PC. This folder is where you put your Discord theme.

How to install Discord theme

4. Once the theme root folder opens, you need to move the BetterDiscord theme there. BetterDiscord theme is in .CSS formatThe exact path to the, and themes folder is:

How to install Discord theme

5. Themes you have moved to the Themes folder will appear in the Better Discord Themes section of your app. To enable this, just turn on the toggle next to the theme name.

Enable discord themes

6. Similarly, you can disable the toggle and revert to Discord’s default theme.

Disable discord theme

How to uninstall Discord theme

1. To uninstall or remove the Discord theme, you need to do the following: Click on the red trash can icon It will appear below the theme toggle.

Remove better discord theme

2. When the confirmation prompt is displayed, Click Remove to uninstall the theme..

Remove discord theme

Uninstall Better Discord from the Discord app

If you are no longer interested in using BetterDiscord, uninstall it as follows:

1. To get started Open the Better Discord installer Download in the first step and accept the license agreement.

I agree to the license agreement

2. From the next screen Select “Uninstall Better Discord” and click “Next”..

Uninstall better discord

3. Now select the Discord version (first option for most users) with Better Discord installed, Click “Uninstall” Remove the add-on from the Discord app. You can now start using Discord with your previous default theme without using mods.

Select the Discord version to install the Discord theme

The best discord theme you should try

Install the best Discord theme

Now that you know how to install and apply a theme to Discord, you may be looking for theme inspiration. Well, we got you covered. There is a dedicated article on Better Discord’s best Discord themes, and you can check out to overhaul your Discord experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install the theme on Discord?

After installing the BetterDiscord add-on program, you can install the theme on Discord. It is available for free on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Q: Is Better Discord safe?

Better Discord violates Discord’s Terms of Service. However, Discord generally does not prohibit users from using Better Discord to customize Discord apps, at least at the time of this writing.

Q: How do I remove the Discord theme?

Under the Better Discord theme settings[アンインストール]You can click the button to remove the Discord theme from your app. Alternatively, you can disable the toggle and temporarily remove the Discord theme.

Install and use themes on Discord

Here’s an easy way to install a theme on Discord. Thanks to BetterDiscord, you are no longer limited to Discord’s default theme set. With a vast community-supported theme library, the possibilities for customizing Discord are endless. If you’re looking for ways to improve your Discord experience, we hope this guide helps. For other features, you can review all the best Discord Nitro features from the linked articles and then consider subscribing to Discord Nitro.