How to install Chrome OS Flex on Windows PCs, laptops, and MacBooks (2022)

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Google has released Chrome OS Flex to breathe new life into aging Windows PCs and older MacBooks. I’ve already created a detailed guide on how to install Chrome OS on your PC that supports the Play Store, but it’s based on Project Brunch and the installation process is very tedious. However, because Google has direct support for third-party hardware, Chrome OS Flex stands out for its seamless installation process and long support window. I tried the new Chrome OS Flex OS on a Windows laptop and it worked like a charm. So, if you want to know how to install Chrome OS Flex on your PC or Windows laptop, follow the detailed guide below.

How to install Chrome OS Flex (2022)

This guide contains detailed instructions for installing Chrome OS Flex. In addition to that, I explained what Chrome OS Flex is and my experience with Google’s new OS. You can expand the table below to learn about all the techniques.

What is Google Chrome OS Flex?

Two years ago, Google acquired Neverware, a New York-based company that developed Cloud Ready. This allows users to breathe new life into their old PCs and run Chrome OS. CloudReady was built on the open source Chromium OS base. Recently, Linux support has also been added. Google has taken over the project and released Chrome OS Flex (also known as CloudReady 2.0), which is based on Google’s official desktop OS, Chrome OS. Supports Google Assistant and other Google services.. Linux is also supported, but Chrome OS Flex does not have access to the Google Play store.

What is Chrome OS Flex?

Currently Google Primarily provides Chrome OS Flex for education and enterprise users for free.. However, regular users can also install ChromeOS Flex on older Windows PCs and MacBooks. The goal behind this project is to leverage older hardware and provide speedy performance that is almost as fast as modern computers. As Google is currently maintaining the project, we can expect greater support from a myriad of different manufacturers such as HP, Apple and Asus.

Requirements to install Chrome OS Flex

1. A USB pen drive with at least 8GB of storage.

2. A Windows PC with an Intel or AMD x86-64-bit processor. ARM processors are not yet supported.

3. At least 4GB of RAM.

4. Internal storage must be at least 16GB.

5. Check the compatibility of your PC from here. If your PC is in the list, that’s okay. If your model doesn’t appear in the list, don’t worry. You can continue the installation. Chrome OS Flex will also work on non-certified PCs. Some features may be limited, as tested below.

Flash Chrome OS Flex on a USB drive

1. First, go ahead and install Chromebook recovery utility Chrome extension using this link. This is an extension that allows you to flash Chrome OS Flex builds on a USB drive.

Flash Chrome OS Flex on USB drive

2. Next, open the Chromebook Recovery Utility and connect the USB drive. afterwards,”Introduction“.

Flash Chrome OS Flex on USB drive

3. On the next page, “Select a model from the list“Optional.

Flash Chrome OS Flex on USB drive

Four.[メーカーの選択]Click the drop-down menu and[Google Chrome OS Flex「。 次のドロップダウンメニューから、「Chrome OS Flex(開発者-不安定)」を選択します。 次に、「続行」をクリックします。

USBドライブのFlashChrome OS Flex


USBドライブのFlashChrome OS Flex

6.最後に、「今すぐ作成「、Chromebook Recovery Utilityは、起動可能なChrome OSFlexドライブを作成します。 インターネットの速度にもよりますが、全体のプロセスには10分から15分かかります。

USBドライブのFlashChrome OS Flex


1.フラッシュプロセスが完了したら、PCを再起動して ブートキーを押します。 コンピュータの起動キーがわからない場合は、以下の表を確認してください。 ブート選択ページが表示されるまで、ブートキーを押し続けます。 カスタムビルドのPCにChromeOS Flexをインストールする場合は、インターネットからマザーボードの製造元に基づいたブートキーを見つけてください。


2.ブート選択ページで、 USBドライブを選択します 矢印キーを使用してEnterキーを押します。


3.これで、「CloudReady2.0へようこそ」画面が表示されます。 ここで、「はじめに「。 次に、画面の指示に従って、Googleアカウントでサインインします。


4.私はあなたに提案します 最初にChromeOSFlexを探索する ハードドライブにインストールする前に。 このようにして、Wi-Fi、キーボード、マウス、Bluetooth、タッチパッド、およびその他のハードウェアデバイスの互換性を確認できます。


5. Chrome OS Flexをインストールすることを確認したら、右下隅から[クイック設定]Open the panel and[次へ]Click.Sign out“.

Instructions for installing Chrome OS Flex on PCs and Windows laptops

6. Next, “Install Cloud ReadyIs in the lower left corner.

Instructions for installing Chrome OS Flex on PCs and Windows laptops

7. Finally, “Install Cloud Ready 2.0Click, then click Install again. Be sure to make a backup before performing this action, as this procedure wipes the entire hard drive. After the installation is complete, shut down your computer and remove the USB drive.

Instructions for installing Chrome OS Flex on PCs and Windows laptops

8. And that’s it. Chrome OS Flex launches On the device without problems.

Instructions for installing Chrome OS Flex on PCs and Windows laptops

Chrome OS Flex on Windows Laptop: First Impression

It’s no exaggeration to say that Chrome OS Flex has very high performance compared to Windows 11 or 10. I use the 8th generation i5 Chromebook on a regular basis, but in contrast, Chrome OS Flex performance on 6th generation Windows laptops is different. level. The amazing part is that Google has added support for the Google Assistant to Chrome OS Flex. This is great. However, No Android app supportAnd Google have not announced that they will add the Play Store to this build in the future.

Nevertheless, Full-scale Linux support, And in itself is great. You will be able to use desktop grade Linux apps on your Chromebook. Wine also allows you to run lightweight Windows apps on Chromebooks with Chrome OS Flex.

By the way, now Chrome OS Flex build is based on Chrome OS 100,it’s great. In a month or two, Chrome OS Flex will be stable for anyone to launch and use. In summary, Chrome OS Flex is a great alternative if you have an old PC or MacBook and have what you need for casual browsing and everyday tasks.

Would you like to install Chrome OS Flex on your PC or laptop?

Here’s a guide on how to install Chrome OS Flex on older PCs and Windows laptops. I haven’t tested Chrome OS Flex on my Apple MacBook, but the installation procedure is similar, so give it a try. Apart from that, I tried to dual boot Chrome OS Flex and Windows 11 side by side, but now I have some problems with the boot loader. We will always let you know when it works properly. Anyway, that’s all from us here. If you want to know the best tips and tricks for Chrome OS, check out the detailed articles linked here. If you have any questions, please let us know by commenting below.