How to get Windows 11 features in Windows 10 now!

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Of all the Windows releases over the years, Windows 11 has proven to be a great operating system with both important features and exciting new UI upgrades. In this article you will find all the best features of Windows 11. Interestingly, Microsoft offers a free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. However, many Windows 10 users cannot switch to Windows 11 due to TPM issues. If you still want to take advantage of Windows 11 features in Windows 10, follow the guide below. I tried to introduce new features of Windows 11 to Windows 10.

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

In this article, we’ve introduced you to the 10 features of Windows 11 that you can bring to Windows 10 right now. You can expand the table below and click to go to the relevant part.

1. Centered taskbar

One of the key features of Windows 11 is the central taskbar with a flyout launcher. You can’t get the new Windows 11 Start menu in Windows 10, but you can center the taskbar.Already popular An app called TaskBarX This allows you to move the taskbar to the center and allow for some other customizations. We have created a dedicated guide on how to get a Windows 11 style central taskbar in Windows 10. Check out this tutorial. Now you are ready to go.

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

2. Run the Android app on your Windows PC

Android app support is not yet officially available on Windows 11, but it can be run on Windows 10. Through the emulator.. The list of Android emulators best suited for Windows 10 has already been carefully selected.

That said, there are fundamental differences in the approach here. The emulator runs in a separate container, but Android apps on Windows 11 are supposed to run natively, so they perform much better than emulators like Bluestacks and Nox Players. Read Project Latte’s description to get a better understanding of how Microsoft is trying to run Android apps on Windows 11.

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

3. Fancy Zones for snap layout

If the new snap layout feature in Windows 11 is very useful, don’t worry. The same functionality is available on Windows 10 PCs.Microsoft official You can use the PowerToys app to create snap layouts According to your taste. Also, with the latest updates, you can now create advanced grid sizes and layouts similar to Windows 11.

3. Fancy Zones for snap layout

PowerToys has several other features, Find Fancy Zones To bring features like SnapLayouts to Windows 10, you can follow the guide on how to use PowerToys’ Fancy Zone on Windows 10. Other than that, you can check out AquaSnap (free, paid version starts at $ 18, more advanced and feature-rich.

4. Latest File Explorer

File Explorer in Windows 11 hasn’t changed significantly, but it does come with a mica effect that updates the look. There is also a new context menu described in the next section.So if you want Use a modern and sophisticated file explorer For Windows 10 PCs, we recommend getting the File app (free) from the Microsoft Store. It’s a stunning and functional file explorer with tab support and all the advanced features you need.

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

5. Latest UI elements

Windows 11 has a new flyout quick settings panel that allows you to connect to Wi-Fi, access Bluetooth devices, adjust volume, and change brightness. It looks modern, and I absolutely love it. If you want to get a similar clean Windows 11 look on Windows 10, Modern Flyouts is the answer.

Windows 10 new volume bar

It’s not a replacement for Action Center, but when you press a hotkey in sound, brightness, or airplane mode, Introducing a modern flyout UI with rounded corners Instead of a metro UI with sharp corners. The best part is that it also supports dark mode for free.

Install Modern Flyouts from Microsoft Store (free)

6. Get the widget panel on Windows 10

The widget panel, which looks like a beautiful glass plate, may look like a new addition in Windows 11, but it’s actually an improved version of the recently released “News and Interests” feature in Windows 10.

If you are You are running Windows 10 20H2, 2004, or 21H1, You can access the widget panel from the taskbar. If the option is not available, right-click on the taskbar and enable News & Interests. Then you will see the weather widget on the taskbar. Click the taskbar to display the widget panel. In this way, you can experience yet another new Windows 11 feature in Windows 10.

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

In addition to that, you can also check out hugely Popular Rainmeter app This allows you to create widgets and customize some desktop UI elements. You can find the best Rainmeter skins from the linked articles.

7. Updated Office apps

In Windows 11, Microsoft has also changed the look of desktop Office apps and wants to make sure the apps are in perfect sync with the new UI aesthetic. Recently, Microsoft released an Office Insider build with the latest UI changes.

Favorite Microsoft Office apps such as Word and Powerpoint have rounded corners, some new animations, better UI scaling, and more. And the best part is that updated Office apps will appear in Windows 11 as well as Windows 11. Also on Windows 10..

7. Updated Office apps

If you want to test these changes, you can: Join Office Insider in beta channel Get the latest Office apps on your Windows 10 PC. Open one of the Office apps and click “Account-> Office Insider-> Join Beta Channel“Finally, click Update Now” under “Office Updates”. Once the update is complete, you’ll be able to experience the aesthetics of Windows 11 in the Office app on your Windows 10 computer.

8. Windows 11 wallpaper

Let’s straighten this. Apart from visual updates, Windows 11 wallpapers are the best thing about Microsoft’s next-generation operating system.Perfectly designed wallpaper like Captured motion, flow, sunrise, and glow Some of the best desktop wallpapers you can get.

Yes, I extracted the wallpaper from Windows 11. These are also available for Windows 10. It brings a fresh look to your Windows 10 PC. You can head to our article and download Windows 11 wallpapers right away.

8. Windows 11 wallpaper

9. Organize the right-click context menu

One of the underrated features of Windows 11 is the new context menu. It’s built from scratch and looks neat. Needless to say, most of the advanced options are also available here. In addition, with the second Windows 11 preview build (22000.65), Microsoft addressed the biggest complaint,[更新]The button has been revived.

As for the UI, you can’t get the same context menu in Windows 10, but at least you can organize it. Follow our handy guide on how to customize and get the most out of your Windows 10 right-click.This will put you in the context menu Minimal and clean look..

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

10. New Microsoft Store

The new Microsoft Store in Windows 11 has been hailed as very clean and can be used in practice.Currently, the new Microsoft Store is only available on Windows 11, but Microsoft says it Also appeared in Windows 10..

Get Windows 11 features on Windows 10 (2021)

In terms of the timeline, Windows 10 users may get the new Microsoft Store before September or after the Windows 11 stable builds are rolled out this fall. That said, if we find a way to install the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 before the official release, we’ll let you know. And perhaps Microsoft will also provide support for native Android apps on Windows 10. The fingers have crossed!

Immediate use of Windows 11 features on Windows 10

Windows 11 breathes new life into the Windows ecosystem, which is beginning to go dormant. If you plan to continue using Windows 10, don’t worry. We’ll be introducing a new way to sideload Windows 11 features in Windows 10 as major features will not be updated in the future. Anyway, it’s all from us.

If you want to see if your PC is compatible with Windows 11, please visit the linked article. If you’re already using Windows 11 and don’t like the experience, here you can learn how to roll back from Windows 11 to Windows 10. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.