How to get someone out of Netflix (2022)

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Most people tend to share their Netflix account with others. However, if you’re worried about someone else maliciously accessing your Netflix account, or if you’re frustrated by the people who own Netflix and you’re not letting them watch anything on your streaming service. , You should consider getting them out of Netflix. account. After all, it’s frustrating when you go home to watch one of the best new TV shows on Netflix and get the error that too many people are using your account. Now, here’s a quick and easy way to kick someone off Netflix.

How to get rid of someone from your Netflix account (2022)

For some reason, you may want to get people out of your Netflix account. For example, you temporarily logged in from your friend’s TV and now he enjoys his time with your account. Alternatively, you may have malicious activity that compromises your Netflix account. This guide explained how to identify and remove devices from your Netflix account.

Please note that Netflix recommends using your account in one home. Therefore, if you are using Netflix from many locations, your account may be suspiciously flagged and put on hold. We have shared some security measures to consider to protect your Netflix account and avoid the problem of losing your account when used by multiple people.

How to find a connected device on Netflix

First of all, it’s a good idea to be aware of suspicious devices using your Netflix account. Suppose you want to watch Netflix on a great 4K UHD smart TV. Now you see a Windows laptop streaming content from your account, but if you’ve never logged in from a Windows device, you’re suspicious.

Recent device streaming activity on Netflix shows devices that have recently used an account. It also shows the IP address, location, and last streaming time for each device. You can read the device name to determine if you want to remove the device from your account. Here’s how to find a list of all connected devices with your Netflix account:

  • Log in to Netflix from your web browser. Then hover over the profile icon in the upper right corner and click[[account“Settings from the drop-down menu”.
Netflix account settings
  • here,”Recent device streaming activityIt’s under the section.
Netflix recent device streaming activity options
  • The next page will be displayed to you A list of all devices using a Netflix account, In addition to the last three times, someone has streamed from a specific IP address using a specific device. It also shows where your device is accessing your account. If you find something suspicious, such as an unknown device or IP address, we recommend that you kick it out.
Details of recent device streaming

Remove all devices to get rid of someone from Netflix

You can sign out of your device from the Netflix Options menu. However, there is no option to kick out individual devices remotely. Therefore, you need to sign out from all your devices at once from the account settings page. This setting requires you to sign out using your Netflix account, remove all devices, and log in again. Follow the steps below to find out how to do this.

  • Sign in to Netflix using your web browser. next,”accountMove the cursor to “” to set Profile icon Located in the upper right corner.
Open your account settings on netflix
  • next,”Sign out from all devicesThe option is Configuration section.
Sign out of all your devices and kick off someone from Netflix
  • Click the blue “” to confirm your selection on the next page.Sign out” button.
Confirm sign-out from all devices

And that’s almost it. Netflix signs out your account from all devices, including the one you’re using for this process. The next step is to log in again and change your password as soon as possible. This will take you to the next section.

Change your password on Netflix

If someone else is misusing your Netflix account, you will need to change your password. In some cases, you may want to store your password on your device for quick access, so if you change your password, you will not be able to log in again. After changing your password, you can select who will share your password and manage the number of devices you can sign in to. account. Follow the steps below to change your Netflix account password.

  • Sign in to Netflix using your web browser. next,”accountHover your cursor over the profile icon to display the “Settings page.”
Open your account settings on netflix
  • next,”change PasswordThe option is “Membership and billing” section.
Change Netflix password options
  • On the next page, enter your current password and your new password,[save..
Make sure you change your password on netflix to kick off someone

Select the check box and select “Request all devices to sign in again with a new passwordUse to verify that all new devices require you to enter the new credentials for your Netflix account.

If your account is compromised and someone else changes your password, you can use a secondary method to get your account back. For more information, read our detailed guide on how to change your Netflix password.

Security Measures to Keep Your Netflix Account Secure

You may be wondering why someone hacks your Netflix account. There is no particular reason to do so, but the secondary motivation is to get an email ID and password. People usually use the same password for multiple websites and apps because it’s easy to remember. Therefore, if a hacker gains access to your Netflix account details, it can also break into other online accounts.

We recommend using a unique password for Netflix, which is difficult to guess. Even if you share this password, other accounts must be secure. In addition, if you have difficulty remembering your password, use Password Manager. We will securely store all your account details and suggest a strong password.

Finally, if your Netflix account is compromised and cannot be recovered, please cancel your Netflix subscription to avoid additional charges. If you do not have access to your account, you can stop paying from your credit / debit card company.


Does Netflix have two-factor authentication?

No, at the time of writing this article, Netflix doesn’t have two-factor authentication.

Will Netflix notify me of suspicious logins?

Yes, when Netflix detects a new login from your account, it will send a notification email to your main email address. If you suspect you’re logged in, change your Netflix password right away.

Can I remove one device from Netflix?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove a single device from Netflix. If you want to get rid of people, you need to remove them all from your account at once. Then you can share your password with a limited number of people and keep checking the streaming screen.

Will Netflix log out if I change my password?

Select the Require all devices to sign in again with new password check box to have Netflix log out of your account from all devices. However, you will not be logged out of your current device.

Kick someone hogging your Netflix account easily

This is basically an easy way to get someone out of your Netflix account. If someone uses your profile to stream and ruin your recommendations, you can also choose to delete your Netflix history and modify your recommendations’ feed. In addition, if you feel extra about unwanted streamers, you can remove that profile from your Netflix account. Hopefully Netflix will one day provide the ability to boot individual devices, but until then, you can use this guide to make sure your Netflix account is only used by those who need it.