How to get overlay scrollbars in Microsoft Edge [Two Methods]

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Microsoft is preparing to replace the traditional scrollbars in the Edge browser with overlay scrollbars. The latter looks more modern and does not interrupt the display when browsing a website to kill time. For Microsoft Edge users, here’s how to get the overlay scrollbar before a typical rollout:

especially, You can get overlay scrollbars even on stable channels As long as you are using Edge93 or a later version. The workaround was first pointed out by tipser u / Leopeva 64-2 on Reddit. Below, we tested with Edge stable version 93.0.961.38. We also elaborated on another way to enable overlay scrollbars via edge flags when using Insider channel builds. Let’s get started so it doesn’t get in the way!

Get overlay scrollbars in Microsoft Edge Stable version

If you are using Edge93 or a later version on a stable channel, you can take advantage of this feature by adding a parameter to the Edge shortcut. Method is as follows.

1.1. Right-click on the Edge shortcut and[プロパティ]Choose.. You can also use the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut “Alt + Enter” after selecting the shortcut to open the properties.

Edge properties

2. Edge properties[ショートカット]From the tab [ターゲット]Click on the field and paste the following text At the end of the path:

Enable overlay scrollbars on edges

3.[適用]Click to close the dialog box. The next time you open your browser using this shortcut, you’ll see an overlay scrollbar. Check out the image gallery below to see how overlay scrollbars differ from older chunky scrollbars.

  • Old scrollbar edge
  • new-overlay-scrollbar-edge

4. If you want to check the operation of the overlay scroll bar, check the GIF below. As you can see, unlike the old persistent scrollbars, scrollbars don’t interrupt your browsing experience until you hover over them.

How to get overlay scrollbars in Microsoft Edge

Get overlay scrollbars using Microsoft Edge feature flags

If you’re using a Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, or Canary build from the Insider channel, you can use the feature flag to enable the overlay scrollbar. Method is as follows.

1.1. Open your Edge browser on your PC and go to edge: // flags Search for “Windows-style overlay scrollbars”.. As always, you can paste the next direct link to the flag into Edge’s address bar for quick access.

Windows style overlay scrollbar flag

2. Set the flag to “Enabled” from the drop-down menu next to the flag and restart your browser.

Enable Windows-style overlay scrollbars

3. When you restart your browser, the overlay scrollbar will start to appear in Microsoft Edge.


This concludes our quick guide on how to enable overlay scrollbars in Edge. The steps to get started are simple and you don’t have to tolerate Edge’s default thick white scrollbars. If this helps, don’t forget to check out the article on the best Edge flags and the best Edge tips and tricks for using a native Windows 11 browser like a pro.