How to get iOS 15 features on Android now!

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Apple announced iOS 15 and highlighted some of its best features at WWDC 2021 earlier last month. It wasn’t a complete overhaul, but Apple made some meaningful changes to iOS 15. For example, new FaceTime features, Safari redesigns, and more. The Cupertino Giants recently released the iOS 15 public beta, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to try out new features. Most iOS 15 features relate to tight integration with other Apple apps, but the following features can be replicated on Android phones: So, here’s a hands-on guide to get the features of iOS 15 on Android right now.

Get iOS 15 features on Android (2021)

As you may already know, Android users somehow use most iOS 15 features through various apps. This article summarizes all the apps that Apple can use to get the new features added in the iOS 15 update for Android. That said, let’s start with the list!

1. Live text alternative – Google Lens

Live text is arguably the most exciting feature introduced in iOS 15. Recognize the text of the photo and allow the user to copy it to the clipboard, Drag and drop between apps, etc. In addition, Live Text makes it easy for users to call from a phone number, navigate to an address via Apple Maps, and use images. Apple has also added visual search to Spotlight search on the iPhone. Through the linked articles, you can see how live text works and learn how to use it.

Google lens feet

If you are using Android You can get most of these features through google lens.. If your device doesn’t come with Google Lens, you can download a dedicated lens app from the Play Store. In addition, Google Lens is integrated into the built-in camera app on OnePlus devices. Also, if you want to know the comparison between live text and Google Lens, please read the detailed comparison.

Download Google Lens from Play Store

2. Focus Mode Alternative – Digital Wellbeing

With iOS 15, Apple has added a new focus mode feature. This helps users disconnect from the iPhone by turning off notifications from distracting apps. You can also set profiles, set focus mode rules, and schedule work profiles, like OnePlus work-life balance.

Android focus mode iOS 15 features

On the android side of things you can Access focus mode using Google’s Digital Wellbeing app..You will find digital well-being controls from Settings-> Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls Of your mobile phone.

For step-by-step instructions, there is a dedicated article to help you use focus mode on Android. If you’re looking for a third-party app with fine-grained controls, check out our list of apps that are perfect for focusing on your work. In addition, if you also have an iPhone, you can learn how to use focus mode on iOS 15 and use the linked articles to create a custom focus mode.

Download Digital Wellbeing from the Play Store

3. Notification Summary – Daywise, Post Box, BuzzKill

In the iOS 15 Notifications Summary, notifications are grouped and delivered at selected times. You can enable or disable notification summaries in iOS 15 by following the linked guide, but there are apps that offer similar functionality on Android. We have selected three apps that provide a summary of notifications at specific times of the day. You can use any of these:

Notification Summary iOS 15 Features on Android

Daywise is a popular app for scheduling notifications on Android.. During the setup process, you can select which apps you want to receive instant notifications and which apps you want to receive batch notifications. Schedule the time to receive batch notifications and you’re ready to go. At the selected time, you’ll see all the pending notifications from apps in the batch notifications category.

Daily batch notification

Apart from these features, Daywise also provides insights into phone usage and social media timers to track the time spent on social media apps.

This app is available as a 2-week free trial. After the trial period, you can choose a monthly subscription of $ 3.99 (or Rs. 200), an annual subscription of $ 23.99 (or Rs. 1200), or a lifetime plan of $ 29.99 (or Rs. 1,499). .. ).

Download Daywise from the Play Store (paid, in-app purchases start at $ 3.99)

Postbox google

If Daywise is expensive, Check out PostBox, Google’s digital well-being experiment app.. It provides similar functionality and is free to use. All you have to do is install the app and choose how often you want to be notified. If you want to see the notification before the scheduled delivery time, “I need to check the notification now” App options.

Postbox pending messages

If you choose to view notifications immediately, Postbox will display the number of notifications and a button to close the notifications immediately or open the target app. If all of this seems interesting to you, try Postbox right away!

Download Postbox from Play Store (free)

buzzkill app

BuzzKill is a powerful app for customizing your notification experience with rules.In this scenario you can Pick all the distracting apps and set new rules for snoozing notifications During working hours. You can also set a cooldown timer to prevent repeated notifications from the same app.

Download BuzzKill from the Play Store (paid, in-app purchases start at $ 2.49)

4. Apple Photos Memories Alternative – Google Photos Memories

Memories of Google Photos

Taking a page from Google’s playbook, Apple has added a memory feature to its native iOS 15 photo app. If you want to see memories of past trips and special moments on your Android device, Google Photos is the best bet. However, if you plan to switch to Google Photos, don’t forget to read the guide on transferring iCloud Photos to Google Photos.

Download Google Photos from Play Store (free)

5. Use Hide My Email on Android – Firefox Relay or Simple Login

Hide My Email is a new feature that allows iOS 15 users to create email aliases when they upgrade to iCloud + subscription plans. This feature protects your personal email address and helps you sign up for online services using aliases. All emails sent to the alias email address will be automatically forwarded to the linked email address. You can remove the alias at any time to stop receiving emails from apps and services. Here’s a quick look at what Hide My Email is for iOS 15 and how to use it.

Hide Mail iOS 15 Features on Android

If you need the same functionality on your Android device, Use Firefox Relay or Simple Login.. Firefox Relay doesn’t have an Android app, so you’ll need to copy the email alias and pin it to your keyboard clipboard for quick access. You can also consider SimpleLogin to get started actively using this feature. We’ve created a dedicated guide on how to take advantage of iCloud’s Hidemy Email feature on Android and Windows. Click here for detailed instructions.

6. Listen to music with your friends on SharePlay – Spotify group session

One of the great features of iOS 15 is the deeper SharePlay integration for watching movies and playing music with friends via FaceTime. You can’t legally stream movies with your friends from Android’s video streaming service, but you can host a listening party on Spotify or Discord.

If you’re a Spotify Premium subscriber, you can see Spotify’s group session capabilities. You can also host a Spotify listening party on Discord after connecting your Spotify account to Discord. Follow the step-by-step process of linked articles to get started. You can also check out the best Discord music bots to listen to music with your friends when you’re talking to them on the voice channel.

Download Spotify

7. Apple Maps AR Navigation – Google Maps

As announced at WWDC 2021, Apple Maps is finally adding AR navigation support in iOS 15.In particular, Google Maps has AR navigation since 2019 and the best part is what you can do Used on iPhones that support ARCore just now. However, availability depends on your area. You can also use Google Maps for other new Apple Maps features such as 3D views and detailed traffic information.

8. iOS 15 Embedded Authenticator – Authy

Authy-Alternate Authenticator built into iOS 15

Starting with iOS 15, Apple will add a built-in authenticator to generate verification code for easy two-factor authentication with your favorite apps. You can always use popular 2FA apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator, and Microsoft Authenticator, even if your Android doesn’t have authenticator services built in. The authenticator app I recommend is Authy, primarily for seamless multi-device support.

Download Authy from Play Store

9. Android FaceTime

Android FaceTime

Last but not least, FaceTime is now available on Android. Yeah, you heard that right. If you’ve been waiting for FaceTime with your iPhone friends from your Android device, that’s now possible. You can install the FaceTime app icon on your home screen. You can also find instructions on how to use FaceTime on Android from the linked article.

If that sounds like a chore, you can always trust popular video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. In addition, a background blur function has been added to FaceTime in iOS15.

Try iOS 15 features on your Android phone

So, that’s how you can now get the best iOS 15 features on your Android phone. All of these may not be as seamless as the ones implemented by Apple, but they are the closest alternatives we can find. On the other hand, for what Google has prepared for Android users, see the article on the best features of Android 12 and how to take advantage of Android 12 features on your Android smartphone.