How to get deleted text messages on iPhone

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Mistakes always happen while using our phone. It also includes deleting important text messages, which can be difficult to recover. However, thanks to Apple’s storage pattern, you can get deleted messages on iPhone with some tricks here and there.

Read on to learn how to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone.

  1. How to recover deleted text directly from iCloud in settings
  2. Restore deleted messages on iPhone using iCloud backup
  3. Restore deleted text messages on iPhone from computer
  4. Recover deleted messages on iPhone from iCloud website
  5. Contact the network carrier
  6. Recover deleted text using a third party app

1. How to recover deleted text directly from iCloud in settings

Although it looks like a rough method, recovering messages from iCloud settings is the first trick to try to recover deleted messages. However, this trick requires you to activate message backup to iCloud before. Otherwise, it may not work.

Here’s how the trick works: All text messages are already somewhere in the cloud because the messages are backed up to iCloud. Therefore, if you delete a message, it will still be available in iCloud storage for some time. To get deleted messages this way:

  1. Open iPhone Setting..
  2. Tap Apple ID The banner at the top.
  3. select iCloud..
  4. Toggle off message → Select Disable messages and download..

    Restore deleted text directly from iCloud

  5. Then switch on message Also.

Close and restart the messaging app. The message The app downloads previously backed up messages to your phone, including deleted messages. However, it does not selectively retrieve a particular text message. After the restore, you will need to manually reorder what you need.

2. Use iCloud Backup to restore deleted messages on iPhone

Performing a backup restore from iCloud is another way to retrieve deleted messages on your iPhone. If you back up to iCloud frequently, you’re even more likely to recover them.

This trick helps to recover all files. These files may contain text messages from previous iCloud backups. Still, there is no way to narrow down to just text messages. But in the end it may be worth it. However, you will need to reset your iPhone.

The advantage of this method is that you can restore iPhone to the selected date. That way, you can get the backed up files before accidentally deleting the above text message. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the time when your phone was last backed up before resetting.

To see when your smartphone was last backed up to iCloud Setting → Tap Apple ID The banner at the top. next, iCloudiCloud backup..under Backup now The callout, the time of the last successful backup is displayed.

Then perform a factory reset of your iPhone. After resetting your iPhone, follow the prompts until you see the following message: Apps and data screen.

Then use the following steps to restore your iPhone from iCloud backup.

  1. from Apps and data Section, selection Restore from iCloud backup..
  2. Sign in to iCloud Use your Apple ID and password..
  3. Tap View all backups Select the relevant one.
    Tip: Use the backup date to determine here. Do not select backups created after the date you deleted the text message.

In this way, the message may be restored with the rest of the files.

3. Restore deleted text messages on iPhone from computer

This recovery method works best if you back up your iPhone to iTunes or macOS Catalina or later, at least before deleting the text messages. Otherwise, if you delete the text message and then back it up, this will overwrite the previous backup and you may not be able to recover the message.

iTunes and macOS Catalina and later versions usually do not require a factory reset. However, if traditional restore without reset does not restore text messages, you will need to reset your iPhone to factory defaults before restoring from iTunes or macOS.

In addition, you need a PC or Mac to restore from iTunes. A Mac is required to restore from macOS Catalina or later. This comprehensive guide to recovering data contains all the information you need to use this method.

4. Restore deleted messages on iPhone from iCloud website

The iCloud website is another source for recovering deleted text messages on iPhone. Of course, this method requires you to visit the official iCloud website and log in with your Apple ID and password.

The iCloud website doesn’t have a specific space for messages, but restoring files from here may also help restore text messages. This is a guide to recover deleted files from iCloud website. However, although I added this as part of the recovery method, it is less likely to succeed than other methods.

This is a last resort, but network providers always keep the data on the system, even if they delete it. Therefore, if everything else fails, it is advisable to contact them.

However, this method depends on the network carrier. This is because cases are always different from region to region. Still, if your network carrier provides solid support, contacting your network carrier is one of the best ways to get lost messages.

6. Restore deleted text using a third party app

Of course, you can also use a third party solution to recover deleted messages on iPhone. We recommend using the PhoneRescue recovery tool for this purpose. However, this is a paid app. It is also useful for selectively recovering messages directly from your iOS device without restoring the entire backup.

To use PhoneRescue, launch your browser on your PC or macOS, go to the PhoneRescue website, download and install a compatible version of the app on your computer. Launch the app and use the following steps to restore deleted messages.

  1. Plug in iPhone Connect to your computer using a USB cable.
  2. select Recover from iOS device..
  3. Then click Next arrow button It’s in the lower right.

    Select Recovery from iOS device from PhoneRescue app

  4. select message..
    We recommend that you deselect the other options to speed up the process.

    Select a message from PhoneRescue

  5. click all right I will continue.
    Wait for the app to load the message.
  6. After loading, click Phone symbol Restore the message in the lower right.

    Click on the phone symbol at the bottom from PhoneRescue

Bonus: Recover missing messages from Facebook or WhatsApp

You can also recover missing Facebook or WhatsApp messages. So, if you are looking for a way to recover these instead, check out another guide on how to recover Facebook messages or get missing WhatsApp messages.


Q. What should I do if I accidentally delete a text message?

To recover deleted messages, we recommend that you stop all backups to iCloud on your phone so that your previous backups are not overwritten.To stop the backup, go to Setting → Tap Apple ID banner Top → Select iCloudiCloud backup → Switch off iCloud backup..

Even better, turn off the cellular data or Wi-Fi on your iPhone. Now try one of the steps highlighted above.

Q. How long does it take to recover deleted text messages?

In general, this depends on the severity of the case and the approach used. In addition, other methods take less time than contacting the network carrier, which can take several days to respond.

Q. Can third party apps recover deleted messages?

Yes, third party apps like wondershare, Tenorshare, PhoneRescue are all valuable tools to help you get deleted text messages on iPhone. However, some of these come at a price.

that’s all!

Text messages are difficult to recover once deleted. But of course, you should be able to recover text messages using any of these methods. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have restored the deleted message.

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