How to get cycling directions in Apple Maps on iPhone

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Whether you’re escaping traffic, protecting the environment, or living a healthier lifestyle, Apple Maps gives you easy and accurate cycling directions for whatever reason you’re cycling. Method is as follows.

Note: The cycling route feature is available in limited cities. Check Apple’s website to see what’s happening on your city’s cycling routes.

How to use a cycling route in Apple Maps on iOS 15

  1. Open Apple map On your iPhone.
  2. Tap Search bar Enter The name of the place.
  3. Tap direction.
  4. choose Bicycle icon Next to the transportation icon.
  5. Choose the correct route from the suggested directions.
    Note: Choose the right route based on altitude, climbing time, distance and average bike time.
  6. strike go Start the trip.

    Tap the bike icon, then tap Move to use the cycling route in Apple Maps

Ask Siri for cycling directions

Siri will be more powerful and all you need to do is speak out.

“Hey, Siri, bike me to Rockaway Beach!”

Choose the correct route from the suggested directions.

Avoid hills and crowded roads for cycling directions

You can also customize your cycling direction in Apple Maps from the Settings app. You can change the cycling settings at your convenience and turn them off to avoid hills and crowded roads.

  1. Open Setting App → Tap map.
  2. [優先する旅行の種類]Scroll down to cycling.

    Open Settings, tap the map and select Cycling on your iPhone

  3. next,[ルート案内]Scroll down further to[[cycling.
  4. Turn off the toggle to avoid Hills When Crowded road On the way.

    Turn off the toggle and avoid bike path hills and crowded roads with Apple Maps on your iPhone

Now both the iPhone and Apple Watch have real potential to cycle in the direction. When notified by voice command, you can enjoy a full-fledged sports experience. Overall, you will also be informed when to walk, get off, and climb upstairs.

wrap up!

Cycling direction is said to be one of the breakthroughs in Apple Maps for iOS 15, in addition to electric vehicle routing.

So are you a cyclist? Share your excitement about this feature in the comments section below!

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