How to get Audience Mode in Minecraft Bedrock Edition (2022)

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Finding things in Minecraft can be a daunting task. You have to dig, explore, and travel miles without knowing what to expect. Only if there was a way to see through the blocks in the game. No, I’m not talking about the best Minecraft Mods. Instead, thanks to Audience Mode, such X-ray-like features already exist in Minecraft’s vanilla world. In fact, Java edition players have been using it for years to see and pass blocks to find cave biomes, structures, ores, and more. All without extra effort. And now you can get the same spectator mode on all other Minecraft platforms. Now let’s find a way to get spectator mode right away in Minecraft Bedrock without wasting a little more time.

Enter audience mode with Minecraft Bedrock (2022)

We’ve broken the guide into separate sections for clarity, and before we dive into the details of the steps to access the features, let’s talk about what Audience Mode is. Use the table below to explore each section at your convenience.

What is Minecraft Spectator Mode?

Audience mode is one of many Minecraft game modes.It allows players to do Fly around the world When Go through blocks and entities In the game. In this mode, you cannot defeat mobs, break blocks, or use items such as craft tables. Moreover, unlike creative mode, you cannot stop the flight in this mode. You should always float because there is no option to manipulate the block. Therefore, you cannot land on the block.

What is the use of audience mode?

Most players use Minecraft’s spectator mode to find loot, explore adventure maps, and find areas without risk. However, it can also be used for the following purposes:

  • Move faster in the game
  • Escape tricky maps without triggering traps or mobs
  • Reach the location without breaking blocks or leaving trails. Similar to Minecraft teleportation
  • Guess and manage other players on an online server

Mob View: See through the mob’s eyes in Minecraft

Another fun way to use the audience mode is Experience Minecraft from a mob perspective.. With Audience mode active, you can use any mob’s attack button to see the world from that point of view. You have no control over the mobs. However, if you look at some mobs like creepers, you can apply your own filters to the view to accurately reflect how the mobs see the world of Minecraft.

View of the creeper mob
View of Minecraft Creeper Mob

As of April 2022, this particular feature of Spectator mode is only available in Minecraft Java Edition. That said, it’s time to learn how to turn on spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock.

How to use Audience Mode with Minecraft Bedrock

To use audience mode in Minecraft Bedrock Minecraft Beta that’s all. If you don’t want to use the beta version in your main game, you can also use the Minecraft preview app. Once installed, follow these steps to enter audience mode with Minecraft Bedrock.

1. Audience mode only works with commands, so you need to enable cheats in the Minecraft world. To do this, go to Game Settings in the Pause menu and clickActivate cheats“toggle.

Activate cheats on bedrock

2. Then go back to your world and open the chat options. If you are using a Windows PC, you can open it by pressing the “T” key. Console and touch device users, on the other hand, have other dedicated buttons and icons to access the chat window.

MCPE chat icon

3. In chat, write the following command and press the submit button.

/ gamemode 6

After that, the UI will disappear and the game mode will immediately switch to spectator mode.

Bedrock Minecraft spectator mode gamemode 6 command

4. Once in Audience mode, you can fly around the world using the same controls as in Creative mode.

Audience mode for Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Audience mode: Difference between Java and bedrock

Audience mode is not the same in both versions, thanks to the long-standing lack of equivalence between the Minecraft Java edition and the Bedrock edition. The main differences between the two are:

  • It can not be used Mob view In Bedrock edition.
  • Ability to see Invisible entity Also, it is for Java edition only.
  • With better resource allocation World loading In Bedrock edition, audience mode is smoother.
  • In Java edition F3 + N Shortcut to switch to audience mode. There is no such shortcut in the Bedrock edition.


Q: Can Minecraft mobs meet you in spectator mode?

Most mobs in Minecraft cannot see or recognize you in Audience mode. However, according to our tests, Allay will notice you and follow you even if you are in spectator mode. You can’t go through the blocks like a spectator, so when you go through the blocks you give up and stop chasing you.

Q: Can players see you in spectator mode?

Other players will not be able to see you while you are watching, unless they are also in spectator mode.

Q: How do I go to the Nether in Audience mode???

To use the Nether Portal or End Portal, you must first switch to another game mode. Once in a new dimension, you can return to spectator game mode.

Turn on spectator mode in Minecraft Bedrock today

As evidence of improved parity, Spectator mode brings the two editions of Minecraft even closer in terms of functionality. You can use this X-ray fluoroscopy capability in spectator mode to perform various in-game tasks without external add-ons. But that’s not all. Mojang, along with other Minecraft 1.19 update hosts, is in the testing phase of this game mode, so it may also receive other missing game modes in Bedrock. Yes, we are talking about amazing hardcore modes. This is also for Java version only for now. The closest thing a Bedrock player currently has are these best Minecraft adventure maps. However, if you know how to use beacons in Minecraft, you can easily defeat them as well.

That said, Audience Mode is a positive step towards improving Minecraft’s parity across versions and platforms. But want to see other features ported from the Java edition to the Minecraft Bedrock edition? Let us know in the comments below!