How to get Android 12 privacy dashboard on Android phone

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One of the main features of Android 12 is a new privacy dashboard that allows you to monitor apps that access sensitive permissions. Google will not officially introduce this feature to older Android smartphones, but India-based developer Rusikesh Kamewar has released a free app with the same name. This app, called the Privacy Dashboard, allows you to track camera, location, and microphone permissions on any phone. That said, let’s see how to get the Android 12 privacy dashboard on your Android phone.

Get the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard on any phone (2021)

The Privacy Dashboard app can be used on phones running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later. If your phone is running a compatible Android version, here’s how to download and use the Privacy Dashboard without upgrading to Android 12. It also saves you the trouble of buying a new smartphone to get the Android 12 update when it’s released later. this year.

Download the privacy dashboard app

Get a privacy dashboard on your Android phone

As mentioned above, we use a free app called Privacy Dashboard to duplicate Android 12’s privacy dashboard features to older phones. This app is free to use and the developers promise to keep it ad-free. If you find the app useful, don’t forget to donate to support development through in-app purchases.

Download Privacy Dashboard from Play Store (Free, Offering In-App Purchases)

Set up a privacy dashboard app on your Android phone

The first time you open the Privacy Dashboard app, you need to do the following: Allow access to locations and accessibility permissions.. You need access to location permissions to log location app usage, but you need accessibility permissions to track camera and microphone usage by the smartphone app.

1. To allow access to your location Tap “Allow access” [ロケーションアクセス]Under, allow permission from the popup that appears. Based on the Android version of your device, you’ll be given the option to allow location permission at all times or while using the app.

Allow location permission

2. Next, the app needs to grant accessibility rights to access the device’s camera and microphone usage.To do this, tap “Open settings” button [ユーザー補助の設定]Below. This will bring up the mobile phone settings app. Find the app, tap it, and grant accessibility rights.

Allow accessibility permissions

3. After opening the accessibility page dedicated to the privacy dashboard, Enable the “Use Privacy Dashboard” toggle Tap “Allow”. Now you are ready to use the app.

Allow accessibility permissions 2

4. Once you’ve set up your app, you’ll see a notification that the app is running in the background. To disable that notification, open the app and[アプリの設定]Tap Tap “Hide notifications”.. Now disable all “Privacy Dashboard” notification toggles. You can also press and hold the notification to quickly access this settings page. On the other hand, if you receive frequent spam notifications on Android, check out the linked guide on how to disable them.

Disable Notification Privacy Dashboard

Use the Privacy Dashboard app on your Android phone

1. After setting the app, the graph will be displayed on the homepage. Camera, microphone and location usage over the last 24 hours..Below the graph[場所],[カメラ], Or[マイク]You can tap the option to view each timeline.

Location Usage Graph Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

You can use certain permissions to see when your app started and stopped. In addition, you can choose to receive notification alerts when your app accesses sensitive permissions.

2. If you notice an app that shouldn’t access your camera, microphone, or location, Tap the Manage Permission pill Go to the mobile phone permission management page at the bottom of the screen. In this way, you can fine-tune the permissions of apps that may be using permissions unnecessarily.

Camera and Microphone Graph Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

However, the app has one limitation.The privacy dashboard app focuses on apps running in the foreground, so developers point out that It is possible to accidentally log an app running on the main app, Instead of the main app, it is also called a keyboard app or launcher.

3. The app also comes with options Privacy indicator You can customize it to change position, size, opacity, bezel margin, and more. You can enable privacy indicator switching like Android 12 on your smartphone by enabling privacy indicator switching from the app settings. You also have the option to hide certain apps from the log.

Privacy indicator customization

4. When enabled, the privacy indicator will look like this when the app uses camera, microphone, or location permissions.

Optional privacy indicator

Get a privacy dashboard on your old Android phone

That is, how to get a privacy dashboard on a phone that may not receive Android 12 updates. If you are interested in other Android 12 features, there is a list of Android 12 features available on your Android phone. On the other hand, if you are interested in iOS 15 features, please refer to the linked article to find out how to get iOS 15 features on Android now.