How to get and use command blocks in Minecraft (2022)

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Have you tried using cheats and commands in Minecraft? They are powerful, unique and literally game-changing. But at the same time, there are so many limitations. To get started, you can’t use more than one command at a time. Whenever you want to repeat, you have to re-enter each command. Moreover, the chat box where you enter commands doesn’t even have a separate UI. It’s easy to write an article on how to improve commands in Minecraft, but there’s already a solution. Knowing how to get command blocks in Minecraft will make your life much easier. This is a unique block that allows you to specify commands that can be triggered at your convenience. In addition, it’s the secret behind the success of some of the best Minecraft adventure maps. That said, let’s think about how to get a command block in Minecraft.

Minecraft Command Block: Description (2022)

The guide is divided into separate sections for clarity, covering everything from what a command block is to different types of command blocks and how to use them. Use the table below to explore each section at your convenience.

What is a Minecraft command block

As the name implies, the command block is In-game blocks that can be used to execute commands With Minecraft. However, if you are not using cheats, you will not be able to get them in survival mode or adventure mode. Compatible with in-game Redstone systems. Therefore, you can use command blocks with levers, mechanics, and other items.

Minecraft command block

Command blocks cannot be mined, blasted, or destroyed in survival mode. However, it can be deactivated or modified. For creative mode, you can easily split, generate, duplicate, and deactivate command blocks.

Minecraft command block types

Depending on the state of the block, Minecraft has three types of command blocks.

  • Orange Impulse Command block
  • green chain Instructions block
  • Purple repeat Instructions block
Minecraft command block types
Left: Green chain block. Center: Orange impulse block.Right: Purple repeat block

Mempulse Command block

This default command block runs automatically and stops the command you type. Therefore, when you turn on the power, the command you enter is executed only once. This is similar to using a command in a chat box.

Chain command block

Chain command blocks are useful for combining commands. When placed in series, the entered command is executed only when the connected command block executes the command. Therefore, when these blocks are placed in series, they execute commands one after another in the chain.

Repeat the command block

As the name implies, this block runs indefinitely and repeats the command entered.Thanks to the high speed in the game, you can: Repeat the command up to about 20 times in just one second..

Get command blocks in Minecraft Java (Windows, macOS, and Linux)

Command blocks have a world-changing impact, so it’s best to create a new world while testing. However, it can also be used in the existing world. That said, follow these steps to get the command block on Minecraft Java on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

1. To get started,Single playerHome screen options.

Minecraft single player option

2. Next, “Create a new worldThe option is in the lower right corner.

Create a new world with snapshots

3. Here, “Allow cheatsOption is set to on.. Then click the Create New World button. You can also change the game mode to creative to make it easier.

Create a world with cheats in Minecraft

4. If you want to turn on cheats in an existing world, LAN world option In the pause menu.

JavaM Clan World Options

5. Once in a world where cheats are enabled, Press the “T” key Enter the following command: Then press Enter.

/ give @p minecraft: command_block

Minecraft commands case sensitive, Be sure to copy and paste or enter the same command. When executed properly, the command block will appear in your inventory.

Minecraft Java command block command

Get command blocks on Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox, PS4, and Switch)

You can get the Minecraft Command Block on Switch, PS4, Xbox One / Series X & S, and PC version of Minecraft Bedrock using the following steps: The controls on each console can be different, but the process is the same.

1. First, open Minecraft Click the “Play” button On the home screen.

Minecraft Bedrock Play Home Page

2. Next, Click “New” button In the “World” tab.

Create a new world with MC Beta

3. Now, in the game section, “Activate cheatsToggle in the cheat section and click.create“Button. Also, be sure to change the game mode to” Creative “. These game settings can also be edited within an existing world.

Create a cheat-friendly world with Minecraft Bedrock

4. When you enter your world, “TKey or platform dedicated chat button. Then type the following command in the chat and press Enter.

/ give @s minecraft: command_block

Minecraft commands case sensitive.. Pay particular attention to the uppercase and lowercase letters when typing.

How to get and use command blocks in Minecraft

Get command blocks on MCPE (Android and iOS)

Thanks to Minecraft’s comprehensiveness, you can get command blocks on portable consoles such as Nintendo Switch. However, if you are running MCPE (Minecraft Pocket Edition) on Android, iOS, or iPad OS, the steps may be slightly different. Let’s see how different they are.

1. First, open the Minecraft app and click “play” button.

MCPE home screen with play button highlighted

2. Next, “Make a new one“Button in the world menu”. You can also use the existing world.

Create a new world with MC Beta

3. In the game settings of the world, be sure to “Activate cheats“Button. You can also enable this option in an existing world using the Pause menu. In the meantime, make sure the game mode in the world is set to” Creative “.

Activate cheats on bedrock

4. Finally, in the cheat-enabled Minecraft world, Chat icon It’s at the top of the screen.

MCPE chat icon

5. Then type the following command in the chat box and press the submit button.

/ give @p minecraft: command_block

This command is case sensitive.. Therefore, it may be easier to type by copying and pasting.

Call a command block with MCPE

How to place and use command blocks in Minecraft

Due to its powerful effect, players cannot use command blocks in survival mode. Therefore, first you need to make sure that the world is in creative game mode. However, multiplayer servers also require OP privileges to use command blocks.

That said, you need to run the following command Change the game mode to creative:

/ gamemode creative

You can then look at another block and place the command block by right-clicking or using the secondary action key. Now that you know how to get a command block in Minecraft, let’s examine its UI to understand how to use it in Java and Bedrock editions.

Minecraft Java and Bedrock command block UI

Command block UI in Java
JavaMinecraft command block UI

Command blocks provide the same options for both Java and Bedrock editions. However, its UI is slightly different between the two editions. Now let’s take a brief look at the options you can access.

  • Command input: Here you can enter various in-game commands that Minecraft supports.
  • Block type: This option allows you to set and change the command block type from the default Impulse to Repeat or Chain.
  • Condition: If the command block is conditional, it will only execute the command if the previous command was successful.
  • Akaishi: If you use command blocks on your Redstone machine, you can use this option to run them only on Redstone power.

Exclusive options

Bedrock command block UI
Bedrock command block UI

Bedrock edition command blocks have several options in addition to the usual options. The meaning of each is as follows.

  • Run on first tick‌: This option causes the repeating block command to be executed as soon as the block is activated. There is no time delay.
  • Tick ​​delay‌: For repeat or chain command blocks, this option specifies the time delay before the command is executed. However, the iterative command block specifies a delay between each repeated command execution.
  • Hover note‌: This relatively simple option allows you to name each command block. However, you can also use this in a message command to display the sender’s name in a chat.

Get and use command blocks in Minecraft

This makes it easier to get command blocks in Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. With them, you can upgrade your custom maps, create a private Minecraft server and make the whole world better. One of the most fun ways to use command blocks is to create a complete circle in Minecraft. But even with such power, there is no way to use them without learning Minecraft commands. Fortunately, there is an easier alternative in the form of the best Minecraft mods. Just install Forge on Minecraft and you can run mods and enjoy it even more powerfully than command blocks. That said, how do you plan to use command blocks in your world? Let us know in the comments below!