How to get a new Safari browser on macOS Big Sur and earlier versions

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FaceTime and Safari are probably the two most improved apps on macOS 12 Monterey. With a redesigned UI, clean tab management, and incredibly useful quick notes, Safari’s latest feature set tempts everyone to try macOS Monterey Beta. But what if you don’t want to install macOS Beta and endanger your main computer and instead look for a safer way to get a new Safari browser on macOS Big Sur and earlier versions? After all, there is a reliable way to use macOS Monterey’s new Safari browser on older macOS computers. Let me show you how it works.

Install the new Safari browser on older macOS versions in 2021

I’ve been testing Apple’s latest desktop operating systems since Apple released macOS Monterey Developer Beta. Other than the occasional freezes and lags, I haven’t faced any major issues with macOS Monterey. Still, we don’t recommend installing macOS 12 Beta due to unexpected bugs that can diminish your excitement. Instead, it’s much safer to test the newly redesigned Safari on older macOS versions. Plus, you don’t have to go through the tedious steps of installing macOS Monterey Public Beta. That said, let’s dive right away!

Install Safari 15 Beta on a Mac running macOS Big Sur or Catalina

Apple has begun inviting some macOS Big Sur and Catalina users to the Apple Seed program, with the goal of letting more Mac owners take a peek at what they can expect from the all-new Safari browser. If invited, you can install Safari 15 Beta on your older macOS Big Sur or Catalina computer before it officially launches this fall.

So what is the catch? Unfortunately, the AppleSeed program is invitation-only, so there’s no way to sign up. The Cupertino Giants will randomly select a user and email you an invitation with detailed guidance on how to download Safari 15 Beta. But if you can’t join the AppleSeed program, don’t worry, you’re not out of luck.

If you’re really interested in testing your new browser, we’ve shown you the easiest way to experience the new Safari browser on your Mac device.

Download Safari Technology Preview and use the new Safari browser on macOS Big Sur

Safari Technology Preview has long been used as a secure way for Apple device users to test Safari features during development. Safari Technology Preview is designed primarily for developers, but is available to everyone. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

Well, you may be wondering, can you use it with the official version of Safari on your Mac? Well, the answer is – yes. But keep in mind that Safari Technology Preview comes with a number of all the new features that we’re still working on. So, if everything is working properly, Apple may take some time to implement these features.

Please note that you need macOS Big Sur to install the latest version of Safari Technology Preview. Therefore, make sure you are running a supported version of macOS on your Mac.

1. To get started, go to the Safari developer’s web page. Then scroll down and say “Safari Technology Preview for macOS Big SurClick the link to download it to your Mac.

Download Safari Technology Preview-Install Safari Browser on macOS Big Sur

2. Well, Double click NS Safari Technology Preview.dmg file..

Click on Safari Technology Preview DMG File

3. Next, Double-click on the Safari TechnologyPreview.pkg file..

Safari Technology Preview Package File

4. In the installer window, click continue Start installing Safari Technology Preview on your macOS Big Sur device.


5. Next, read the software license agreement continue I will continue.

once again[続行]Click

6. This will bring up a pop-up. Accept the terms of the software license Agree..

Click I Agree

7. Then click install Perform a standard installation.


8. Next, you will be prompted for your password. Enter the password and click “Install software” button.

Software Installation-Install Safari Browser on macOS Big Sur

9. A confirmation will be displayed once Safari Technology Preview is installed. that’s all.Redesigned Safari browser, tab group, new[その他]It can now be used with functions such as menus and sharing functions.

Safari Technology Preview installation successful-Install Safari browser on macOS Big Sur

Use the new Safari browser on older macOS versions of Mac

Now that you have the new Safari browser installed on your Mac, you’ll want to know what’s new here. Now let’s turn our attention to some notable features.

Tab group

The highlight of the macOS Monterey Safari browser is the tab group feature. You can organize your tabs completely to avoid confusion when you have many tabs open at once. Therefore, you can create different tab groups for entertainment, technology, shopping, and more to enhance your browsing experience, depending on your taste.

Tab groups are also available in iOS 15, so all tabs will be synced between devices linked to the same iCloud account. Creating tab groups in Safari is easy. Follow the steps below.

1. To get started Open the Safari Technology Preview app.. It is in the application folder. For quick access, drag the app from the application folder and drop it in the Dock.

Open Safari Technology Preview

2. Click Small down arrow Next to the sidebar icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Down Arrow-Install Safari Browser on macOS Big Sur

3. Then click New empty tab group.. Note that you can also create a new tab group using an existing tab.

Create a new empty tab group

4. Next Give the tab group an appropriate name, That’s it. If you want to learn everything about tab groups, follow the detailed guide on how to use tab groups in Safari on macOS 12 Monterey.

Name the tab group-install the Safari browser on macOS Big Sur

Many macOS users admire the integration of the address bar and tab bar, but others hated this change. The tech giant has hidden multiple buttons from the main UI for a more intuitive look. Tab management has also been revamped, but many users aren’t working well.

Due to the flood of complaints, Apple recently made some design changes to the tab bar, making a unified design an option. Therefore, you can continue to use the stock web browser with the old address bar at the top and then the tap bar at the bottom.

Share with you

“Shared with You” automatically displays all the links shared in the Apple Messages app. In addition, pinned shared links are also saved. So if you want to see the web links shared through the Stock Messages app on your Apple device, you don’t have to dig into the conversation thread.

Click to view these links Sidebar icon Located in the upper left corner of the screen. after that,”I shared it with you. “.. This screen shows all the shared links.

Share with you

If you don’t want web links shared through the Apple Messages app to appear on the Shared with You screen, you can disable them. To do this, click the menu button in the lower right corner of the screen.

3 Horizons-Install Safari Browser on macOS Big Sur

here,”Share with you“Option, that’s it.

Disable sharing in Safari on macOS 12

Use the Safari browser redesigned with older macOS versions

Let’s go! Here’s how to try the all-new Safari browser introduced in macOS Monterey on a Mac running macOS Big Sur. This method is much safer for those who don’t want to install macOS Monterey Beta but want to try the improved Safari browser. By the way, what do you think of the new Safari redesign and all the new features? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.