How to fix iPhone that doesn’t save contacts?

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Using a phone without contacts is unimaginable. Because we only remember a few phone numbers, we don’t. Therefore, if your iPhone doesn’t save your contacts, there are possible solutions to fix the problem. But first, let’s understand why this is behind.

Why doesn’t iPhone save contacts?

After updating your iPhone, your contacts may not be saved in your address book. In some cases, you may experience a temporary glitch that prevents you from saving your phone number. Also, if you switch from the Phone or Contacts app to another app (while saving a contact), your contacts may not be saved.

In addition, if you’re saving your contacts through a third-party app (for example, if you’re saving through WhatsApp), the Phone / Contacts app rarely fails or disappears. Also, if you have made changes, you may not be able to save your changes.

As mentioned earlier, this phenomenon is rare but can occur. Now that you know why, here’s how to fix an iPhone that doesn’t save contacts.

Does iPhone save contacts? 4 Quick fix

1. Try saving the contact again

I think you’ve already tried this, but let me summarize.

Copy the number from somewhere several times or manually type it directly into the keypad section of the phone app (easy, because most people have the phone app in the Dock). next,[番号の追加]Tap. In rare cases, saving contacts may fail. Therefore, follow the steps below.

  1. Open phone App and tap contact address.. or, contact address App.
  2. Tap Plus icon (+).
  3. Then enter the details and tap end..

    Try saving your contacts again

In addition, you can kill the Phone / Contacts app and try saving your contacts again.

2. Restart your iPhone

This is a quick and reliable solution to fix the problem that iPhone doesn’t save contacts. So go ahead and restart your iPhone. You can use the physical buttons on the device to power the device off and back on.

3. Disable and enable iCloud contacts

If you want to save your contacts using iCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Open Setting Tap Your name From above.
  2. Tap iCloud..
  3. Toggle off contact address..
    You can select options from slides or pop-ups. We recommend using Keep on My iPhone. Even if you choose the latter, if you enable iCloud contacts (step 5), your contacts will be synced again.
  4. now, Reboot Your iPhone.
  5. Follow steps 1 and 2.Finally switch on contact address..

    Disable and enable iCloud contacts

If you want to save your contacts using Gmail or any other account, follow these steps:

  1. Open Setting Tap contact address..
  2. Tap account..
  3. Tap the displayed account contact address Below that.
  4. Switch off and switch on contact address..

    Disable and enable Gmail or other contacts

4. Save using the contacts / phone app instead of the third party app

Some third-party apps that have access to your contacts, such as WhatsApp, can save your contacts directly from within the app.

In some cases, what appears to be successful can fail or fail. For example, you might think that your contacts are saved, but they may not appear in the Phone / Contacts app.

To address this, update the third-party app in question. We recommend that you restart your phone frequently. I do it every 2-3 days!

Also, if nothing works, consider following the steps in Solution 1 to save the number using the Phone / Contacts app.

This is a way to fix the petite but frustrating problem that iPhone doesn’t save contacts. I hope your guide will help you. If you have any additional questions, please contact me from the comments section.

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