How to find the most used apps on your iPhone: 2 easy ways

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Most of our daily time is spent using the iPhone. So whether you want to understand how to use apps, change your lifestyle, or know which apps you need to reduce, it’s important to know the most used apps on your iPhone.

Thankfully, there are two easy ways to do this. Let us help you find the apps you use most on your iPhone.

How to see how much time you spend on iPhone apps in screen time

Screen time must be enabled in advance. If not, run it now and check your app usage in a day or two.

  1. Open iPhone or iPad Setting Tap Screening time..
  2. Tap See all activities..
  3. Here you can see the total time for this week.
    The apps are listed in chronological order, with the most used apps at the top.Scroll down and tap Show more Shows all apps and even websites.

    Open your iPhone settings and open[画面の時間を]Tap and[すべてのアクティビティを表示]Tap

  4. Tap Show category View app usage by popular categories such as entertainment, social, travel, productivity, and finance.

    [カテゴリを表示]Tap to view app usage by category

  5. Tap from above Day Check out today’s usage.

    From above[日]Tap to see today's app usage

  6. You can also scroll down to see how many times you picked up the phone, when it was first picked up, the number of notifications, and more. It’s an interesting place. Take a few minutes to explore and learn how to use your iPhone.

Tips: If you think a particular app takes too long, tap the app, then Add limit..Then set the time limit and tap add to.. Learn more about how to do this.

Professional tips: You can also use screen time to see how much time your child spends and where they are most busy. You can set restrictions, communication restrictions, etc.

How to check app usage on iPhone via battery settings

The battery section also shows details about app usage. If you have not enabled screen time, follow these steps: In addition, this section also shows how long you’ve used the app on screen and in the background.

  1. Open iPhone Setting Tap battery..
  2. Will be displayed here Screen on time.
    Below that, you’ll find the apps listed in chronological order, with the ones that are using the most battery at the top.
  3. Tap the app to see the time on the screen.

    How to check app usage on iPhone via battery settings

Note: On iPhone, I noticed that the app usage reading and screen time in the battery section are slightly different. Still, it helps to get in-depth ideas.

This is a way to see which apps are most used on your iPhone. We hope you find this quick guide useful. Similarly, I spend too much time on Prime Video (watching the Joey series). Screen time helped me better understand this. Now I’m sticking to reducing the time I spend on entertainment and using it for productive tasks.

If you have any questions, please contact us from the comments section below.

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