How to find archived emails in Gmail (2022)

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Archiving email with Gmail is a swipe. However, finding archived emails can be tedious. If you’ve accidentally archived an email lately and have trouble finding it, here’s how to find it and unarchive it in Gmail’s web or mobile apps.

Search for archived emails in Gmail (2022)

How to archive emails in Gmail

Archive email with Gmail

Before we get into the steps to find archived emails, let’s take a quick look at how to archive emails. To archive emails on the Gmail website, find the email you want to archive, hover over it, and it’s on the right side toolbar.[アーカイブ]Click the icon.You can also Right-click on the email and select “Archive” To achieve that.

Search and unarchive emails using the Gmail website

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have a convenient “Archive” section to search for archived emails. However, there is a way to find the emails you have archived so far. To search for and unarchive emails in Gmail, follow these steps:

1. Open Gmail in your web browser and open it Switch to the “All Emails” section From the left sidebar. This section shows all emails, including archived emails. You can find archived emails by referring to this section.It’s also worth mentioning the Gmail search results also include archived emails.. Therefore, if you remember the subject of the email, you can easily find the email using a simple search instead.

To find archived emails in Gmail, view all emails

2. Another way to find archived emails is to use search filters. To increase the chances of tracking archived emails, paste the following filter into the search box.

-in:Sent -in:Draft -in:Inbox has:nouserlabels
Find archived emails in Gmail

3. If you find the email, select it Click the “Move to Inbox” icon From the toolbar at the top.Or right click[受信トレイに移動]You can also select an option to return the email to your inbox.

Move email to your inbox

Get archived emails via the Gmail mobile app (Android and iOS)

1. To search and unarchive emails in Gmail’s mobile app Tap the hamburger menu and select the “All Emails” option.. You can also use the tips above (search filters and search boxes) to quickly find archived emails.

All email sections for searching archived emails in Gmail Mobile

2. When you find the email, press and hold to select it, Tap the three vertical dot menus Located in the upper right corner of the screen. From the list of options displayed Select the Go to Inbox option Move your email back to your main Gmail inbox.

Move archived emails to your inbox

Search and access archived emails in Gmail

It’s almost surprising that Gmail doesn’t have a dedicated archive section in 2022. We are waiting for a dedicated section to quickly access the archived emails, but we hope this guide will help you get the archived emails back now. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to organize your email inbox, don’t miss the guide to creating folders and labels in Gmail.