How to find and delete duplicate files on Mac

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Duplicate files can be annoying as they not only consume disk space available for other purposes, but also clutter the backup. In addition, having more than one copy of a file can be confusing. Therefore, although difficult, it is advisable to delete duplicate files on Mac regularly.

This is a way to efficiently find and remove duplicate files on your Mac using third party software and some embedded solutions. But first, let’s understand why it happens. let’s start!

Why does my Mac duplicate files?

Before editing a Word / Pages file or image Command + D Make a duplicate copy. This ensures that a safe copy of the original is made and you can edit it as you like with confidence. Often both files remain on my Mac.

Similarly, you can copy files from an external drive and forget where you saved them. After a month or so, copy the same file again. This also applies to files downloaded from the Internet and working apps such as Slack, Basecamp and Email.

That is, you can duplicate files intentionally and unintentionally. And after all, this situation is a situation faced by all computer users.

But don’t worry! Here’s how to get rid of unnecessary copies of the same files on Mac.

How to remove duplicates on Mac using Duplicate File Finder

macOS does not provide a robust solution for clearing duplicate files. Therefore, you need to rely on third party apps such as Duplicate File Finder, Gemini 2. Most of these apps offer the best experience when you get the premium version. Some of these apps scan and list duplicate files, but you’ll need to purchase a paid version to remove them.

Now that you understand the basics, I’ll show you how to find and remove duplicate files on your Mac using an app that works well with the free version.

  1. Download and open Duplicate File Finder from the Mac App Store.
  2. Select a folder: Click to search for duplicate files in the selected folder Select a folder, Select the desired folder and click scan.. If you want to find duplicates in your entire home folder (basically your entire Mac), click. Scan home folder.. I use the latter.

    Select a folder in the Duplicate File Finder

  3. Summary of all duplicate files: When the scan is completed, the summary screen is displayed.From the top, click Duplicate files.. Or from the pie chart[映画],[音楽],[写真],[ドキュメント]Click on one of the options, such as.

    Summary of all duplicate files

  4. Select duplicate automatically or manually:
    • You may click Automatic selection It then lets the software automatically select all duplicates of the file, except one copy of the file. For example iGeeksBlog.dmg There are two duplicates. Therefore, autoselect selects one copy to delete. If the file has 3 copies, autoselect selects 2 copies to delete.
    • If you have important files in a particular folder, click Duplicate from the left sidebar and then manually select one of the copies you want to delete.
  5. Then click Review and delete..

    Select duplicate automatically or manually

  6. Finally, click delete Delete duplicate files on Mac.

    To remove duplicate files on Mac[削除]Click

Embedded solution for removing duplicate files on Mac

You can also use the following methods to find and remove duplicate files, music, and images from your Mac. These aren’t as great as using third-party apps, but they still work.

Use smart folders to find and remove duplicates

You already know what the folder is.From the viewfinder, press Command + shift + N You can create a new folder and put the files in it.

Smart Folders, on the other hand, allow you to create folders with content types based on selected parameters.For example, a folder that contains a PDF whose name contains a word iGeeksBlog..

To understand what I’m talking about and how to use it to find and remove duplicates, see the steps below.

  1. From your Mac desktop, click File Select from the menu bar at the top New smart folder..

    [ファイル]Click to[新しいスマートフォルダー]Choose

  2. Click the small plus icon (+) From the upper right.

    Click the little plus icon in the upper right corner of the Finder

  3. Use the drop-down menu to set the file parameters. For example, suppose you want to search for all PDFs that have the word iGeeksBlog in their filenames.So i choose type From the first drop-down menu. Then from the second drop-down menu, PDF.. All PDFs are listed. Then narrow down your search.

    Use the drop-down menu to set the conditions

  4. Click the plus icon (+) From the upper right again.
  5. select given names From the drop-down menu at the bottom left. From the following drop-down menu It contains..Enter the word in the text box next to it iGeeksBlog Shows all PDFs that have this word in the file name.
  6. From here, you can easily find duplicate files and move them to the Trash.

    Find and select duplicate files and move them to the Trash

The steps above have provided examples that will help me. Feel free to experiment with the various options in the drop-down menu, set the required parameters and find duplicate files of any kind. You can add or remove conditions using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons.

Tips:click save If you want to keep this smart folder, from the upper right. From now on, all files that match the set parameters will be automatically listed here. For example, in the future, if you have a PDF with the word iGeeksBlog in the filename, it will automatically appear in this smart folder regardless of the actual location of the PDF. It’s pretty cool!

Save smart folder on Mac

Remove duplicates from macOS photo app

The Photos app has some great editing tools and options to undo your edits, but many people Command + D Duplicate the photo and edit the copy. For your safety, you know.

Over time, this can unnecessarily occupy space and lead to some duplicate images that clutter your photo library. So here is a way to find and remove them.

How to use: All duplicates created with the Photos app will be named version [number].. This makes it easy to find these copies.

  1. Click the search box in the upper right to version..
  2. click Version title Show all duplicates.

    Enter version in Mac Photo app

  3. Select the duplicate image and press the Delete key.

    Select duplicate photos and move them to the Trash

Professional tips:click FileNew smart album → Use the drop-down menu to list all duplicates in one smart folder (do what you see in the image below).

Create a new smart album with Mac Photo app

These are some of the most practical ways to get rid of duplicate files on Mac and free up a lot of free space. I usually prefer the first way to use a third party app. Freeing your Mac from duplicate files is easy and we recommend running it every 3, 6, or 12 months.

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