How to experiment with experimental Netflix features

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Netflix may not deploy features like Google Maps very often, but the company sometimes pushes a lot of new features to Netflix (remember Netflix games?). If you like to experience new features before they’re available around the world, you might want to try Netflix’s experimental features. That’s where Netflix’s “test participation” program comes in. So here’s how to try out Netflix’s beta features.

Everything you need to know about experimental Netflix features

Before releasing new features such as Netflix’s Play Something button, the company will roll out the experiment to a limited beta tester. Apart from that, Netflix uses a lot of experimentation to determine button placement, UI, UX, movie art, and more. Let’s see how to enable the test participation feature and perform these exciting experiments faster than anyone else.

What is test participation on Netflix?

Netflix[テスト参加]You can use the option to agree to participate in the beta test lot. Most apps, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter, allow users to enroll in beta testing as a way to review and make final adjustments to updates. With Netflix, the average user won’t see any UI / UX changes or new features unless the company rolls out updates globally.

However, by registering for test participation, we will ask Netflix to send all these updates before global deployment. This helps Netflix to see if users are benefiting from the changes. Primarily, there are minor tweaks such as the placement of movie / series titles to see if the CTR goes up. We’ll talk more about this later.

If a feature turns out to be beneficial to the company, they tend to release it in a general update. Otherwise, the feature will be discarded and you will not see the light of day. This means that by choosing to participate in the test, you will be able to stay with a limited number of people and enjoy the new features early on. Otherwise, you can see what didn’t work in your Netflix experiments.

It’s also worth mentioning that the testing features are randomly deployed to people. Therefore, not all new features will be displayed. First, let’s see how to enable the test participation function. Later, I’ll show you some examples and how Netflix can use the tests effectively.

How to enable test participation on Netflix

To experience the latest features of Netflix, you should choose to receive tests and previews. This option is usually pre-enabled when you create a new account. However, there is a slight chance that you will be opted out by yourself or someone using your account. So here’s how to enable the test join feature on Netflix:

  • Open Netflix and log in Website on the browser.
  • now, Hover over your profile picture[アカウント]Choose..
Open your account settings on netflix
  • Now, scroll to the bottom Select “Participate in test” [設定]Below the section.
Netflix settings test participation option
  • Switch buttons On the right side [完了]Choose Complete the procedure.
Choose to participate in the test on Netflix

By turning it upon, You will be qualified for a future test experience. However, this setting does not apply to security, fraud prevention, or enforcement testing. Potential changes appear in front of the regular viewer to help improve Netflix.

How Netflix Experiments Work and Why Do You Do It

Netflix is ​​based on the idea that consumer choice and control is paramount for an entertainment experience. Netflix UI, for example, has undergone a vigorous transformation over the last decade. Previously in 2010, there was a static UI design with limited navigation options. This is a design inspired by the shelves of DVD rental stores. However, this experiment allows Netflix to create a video transfer UI, with higher CTR and an increasing number of daily viewers. The same applies to myriad other updates, including button placement, movie artwork, summoned text, streaming quality, data plans, and everything related to Netflix’s streaming platform.

According to the Netflix Technology Blog, making decisions is easy. The difficulty is making the right decisions. Therefore, instead of letting leaders make all the decisions, hiring a team of experts, discussing with an in-house team, and imitating competition, Netflix relies on data. Use A / B testing to see which approach is better. Here is an example:

Suppose someone tells the Netflix team that upside-down titlebox art gives better results. Netflix will test it. The team takes a simple random sample from the members and divides it into two groups. The first group shows the general UI and the second group shows the upside down box art. Netflix then collects behavioral data from repeated tests and analyzes it to make the final decision. If the user is actively working on the new design, that’s the way it is. If not, Netflix knows what went wrong to improve the platform.

Comparison of Netflix experiments between members
Netflix Technology Blog

The experiment will allow all members to vote through their actions, making the Netflix experience more enjoyable for everyone. Netflix runs all these tests on the hired team before serving us. Those who participate in the test program will receive a thoroughly filtered experiment. This often leads to better evolution of the platform. for example,[イントロをスキップ]Buttons and[次のエピソード]Buttons and so on.

So far, we’ve learned how Netflix can experiment with new ideas and test them before they’re featured. Greatly reduces the chance of failure. Let’s take a look at some examples that Netflix has repeatedly tested and some that have been experimentally proven to be valuable features.

  • Netflix periodically resizes the tiles on your home page to see which one your viewers prefer.
  • Change the text of the action phrase button on your home page to see what drives conversions.
  • The company recently conducted a test for anyone who wants to share their Netflix account details with their friends. If you pass, you will be able to share your Netflix account with others. What the company has banned for the last few years has failed.
  • Short video feeds like Tik-Tok that Netflix is ​​currently testing on smartphones are a big laugh. If successful, the company may launch it on other devices as well.
  • [イントロをスキップ]With a button[次のエピソード]Buttons were part of an experiment developed as a global feature. This is one of the most exciting features for anyone who likes to glance at their favorite shows.

Dedicated features such as the shuffle play button and the next episode button have been introduced to a limited number of test participants. However, even if you have not selected the test participation program, you are still participating in the minor A / B test. An example is a subpoena. When you open the Netflix home page, the button will display different text, as shown in the following figure. The same applies to film art created with the types of thumbnails that people often open in mind.

Netflix test for summon button text
Netflix Technology Blog


How many experiments does Netflix perform?

Netflix can run hundreds of experiments at once. Most of them are done by a team of hired members. Still, some of the title card size, title placement, movie artwork, etc. have been repeatedly tested by users around the world.

How does Netflix use A / B testing?

According to the Netflix blog, the team makes hypotheses and focuses on them. Then I ran the original version of the platform and updated one of the users slightly. The one that proves to be a better result is selected and used in creating a new hypothesis. This is a never-ending process that Netflix has always adopted to improve the platform better.

What is a Netflix test?

Netflix testing is a new feature that the company is experimenting with with regular users. For example, the Play Something button was a test that Netflix made a feature. Similarly, Netflix is ​​currently testing if people are willing to pay extra to share their Netflix account with friends.

Use test participation to access Netflix beta features

Here’s how to enable “test participation” in Netflix and try out Netflix’s experimental features in your account. Testing beta changes is a common practice. If you want to be a member of the Netflix test group, why not start the beta feature now? On the other hand, check out Netflix’s vast catalog of action movies, or Boliwood movies if you’re interested in it.