How to enter special characters on Mac

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As far as Mac keyboard makers and comfort are concerned, they are perfect. However, what you are missing is a special character. Well, it’s not just a Mac keyboard, it’s all common keyboards. Depending on the location, some have a dollar sign and some have a euro key. But what if you want to enter the square root symbol as a character in the text?

Thankfully, you don’t need to install any apps or add-ons. Your Mac covers you. Read on to learn how to enter special characters on your Mac. read!

How to insert special characters on Mac

  1. Open System Preferences..
  2. select keyboard..

    Select your Mac keyboard from System Preferences

  3. valid Display the keyboard and emoji viewer in the menu bar.

    In the menu bar of Mac[キーボードと絵文字ビューアを表示する]To enable

  4. click Keyboard icon Choose Display the keyboard viewer.

    On Mac[キーボードビューアを表示]Choose

The virtual keyboard will now appear on your Mac. This is somewhat similar to the window’s on-screen keyboard. Needless to say, you can’t see the entire set of symbols. To do this, tap the keyboard icon on the menu Display pictograms and symbols From the menu.

The menu on the left lists pictograms, arrows, bullets / stars, currency symbols, Latin, letterlike symbols, math symbols, parentheses, pictograms, and punctuation marks. The second menu displays submenus that help you find items from a particular set of options.

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You may not need special characters for everyday operations, but you can insert special characters on your Mac keyboard this way if you want. This feature certainly covers most special character inputs that you may need. To test if you got it correctly, comment on the following special characters.

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