How to enable the new Bluetooth menu in Windows 11 quick settings

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Last week, Microsoft launched Windows 11 Insider build 22563 on its development channel. This update adds a number of new features, including improvements to the taskbar and Windows 11 widgets optimized for tablets. However, one of the practical changes that Microsoft made in this build that was overlooked is the new Bluetooth quick settings menu. You no longer have to open the settings to switch between paired devices. Therefore, this article described how to enable the new Bluetooth menu in Windows 11 DevInsider builds.

Old bluetooth menuNew bluetooth menu
Windows 11 old (L) and new (R) Bluetooth quick configuration options

The new Bluetooth menu in the Quick Settings panel in Windows 11 makes it easier to manage your Bluetooth devices. Like today’s Wi-Fi toggle mechanism, No more digging into the Settings app to check connect, disconnect, or battery levels Of your Bluetooth device.

The new Bluetooth quick settings menu shows two dedicated sections, paired and unpaired devices. Currently, this is a significant improvement over the current implementation, where only the Bluetooth on / off switch is done in the quick settings panel.

New Bluetooth menu window 11 has been expanded

1. Twitter user Albacore’s Vive Tool is required to enable the new Bluetooth menu in Quick Settings now. If you don’t have ViveTool on your Windows 11 PC, you can: Download the latest ViveTool release from GitHub..

Download vivetool

2. Next is Right-click on the ZIP file and[すべて抽出]Select an option Extract the ViveTool file from the context menu.

Extract all files

3. Then click the Browse button to change the destination folder.

Browse destination folder

4. From the file picker interface set Windows-> System32 As a destination Click Select Folder.

Select the system32 folder

5.5. Click “Extract” Move the ViveTool file to the System32 folder.

Extract to destination folder

6. Now ViveTool is set up and you can run ViveTool commands from the command prompt with administrator privileges. Press the Windows key, type “cmd” in the search bar at the top, and in the right pane[管理者として実行]Click to open a new elevated command prompt window.

Run cmd as administrator

7. In a command prompt window, run the following command to restart your Windows 11 machine. After rebooting, you will see the new Bluetooth menu.

vivetool addconfig 35221101 2
vivetool addconfig 29881313 2
Enable new Bluetooth menu window 11

8. If you want to go back to the old Bluetooth menu, run the following command to restart your PC.

vivetool delconfig 35221101 2
vivetool delconfig 29881313 2
Disable new bluetooth menu win11

The new Bluetooth menu was conveniently added to Windows 11 to switch Bluetooth devices.[設定]No need to open. Only insiders are available at this time, but you can expect Microsoft to include this feature in the next major Windows 11 release. In the meantime, you can also enable the Alt + Tab switcher for new windows now. In the meantime, don’t forget to check the list of the best hidden features of Windows 11 to get the most out of your operating system.