How to enable dark mode in Clubhouse (Android and iPhone)

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Clubhouse, an audio-based social networking platform, was a hot topic in the town last year. Clubhouse’s popularity has inevitably diminished now, but the app still has an audience of listeners and speakers. After listening to user-based demands and demands, Clubhouse has finally added a dark theme to its app. For Clubhouse users, here’s how to enable Dark Mode in Clubhouse for Android and iOS:

Turn on Dark Mode in Clubhouse (2022)

Enable Clubhouse Dark Mode on Android and iOS

1. Open the Clubhouse app and Tap your profile picture Access the profile in the upper right corner. From the profile screen Tap the gear icon in settings..

Open the clubhouse settings

2.[設定]New to[ダークモード]The options are displayed.Tap it To switch to Clubhouse’s dark theme[常にダークテーマ]Choose.. You can also have your app duplicate system-wide device theme settings.

Always in a dark themed clubhouse

Disable dark themes in Clubhouse

If you don’t like Clubhouse’s implementation of Dark Mode, you can go back to the familiar Light Theme. Method is as follows.

1. Open the clubhouse and Tap the profile icon Located in the upper right corner. When the profile is displayed,[設定]Tap the gear icon to access Clubhouse settings.

Clubhouse settings

2.[設定]In the tab, Tap “Dark Mode” and select “Always Bright Theme”.. The Clubhouse app should now be back to the light theme.

Return to Clubhouse Light Theme

Is the Clubhouse Dark Theme working? This is the fix!

Clear the clubhouse cash

If you don’t see the Clubhouse Dark Theme option on your phone, make sure you’ve updated your app to the latest version available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you still can’t find the dark theme, clear your app’s cache and go to Dark Mode now. Open the Clubhouse app information page and open the Android[ストレージとキャッシュ]Tap. Now press the “Clear Cache” button to restart Clubhouse. You’ll see a new dark mode option in your Clubhouse settings.


Q: Can I use Dark Mode in my clubhouse?

Yes, Clubhouse has begun rolling out dark themes on Android and iOS. If you don’t see the dark theme in Clubhouse, make sure you’re updating to the latest version of the app.

Q: How do I turn on Dark Mode in the Clubhouse app?

To turn on Dark Mode in Clubhouse Profile-> Settings-> Dark Mode.. This article has detailed the steps to enable Clubhouse Dark Theme.

Q: Why don’t you use Dark Mode in Clubhouse?

If you’ve updated to the latest version and your Clubhouse doesn’t have a dark theme, try clearing your app’s cache and restarting your app.

Try the dark theme at Clubhouse

Enabling dark themes in Clubhouse should improve the user experience, especially during late-night Hangouts sessions. In case you’re no longer interested in Clubhouse, we have a dedicated guide on how to delete your Clubhouse account and find other social audio apps such as Clubhouse.