How to enable automatic translation in the Apple Translation app on iOS 15

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The Apple Translate app has received some new features in iOS 15. One such notable addition is the automatic translation mode. This means you don’t have to interact with the screen to translate parts of the conversation in real time. This quick guide will show you how to enable automatic translation mode in the Apple Translator app on iOS 15 on iPhone.

Turn on automatic translation mode in the Apple translation app on iPhone (2021)

It’s worth noting that the voice translation feature has been in the Apple Translate app since it was released on iOS 14. Therefore, even if you are using an earlier version of iOS, you can still speak the phrase and translate it into your favorite language. The stock translation app listens to both languages ​​and translates between them in real time in conversational mode. Therefore, you can comfortably speak with people who speak other languages.

However, iOS 14 users had to tap the microphone button before speaking in conversation mode. The person you were talking to had to do the same to translate part of the conversation. However, thanks to the automatic translation feature introduced in the Apple Translate app on iOS 15. Neither need to tap the microphone button.. Or, no one needs to interact with the iPhone screen before talking about it in the future. Therefore, you can’t talk to anyone more conveniently.

That said, let’s learn here how to enable automatic translation in the native Apple Translate app.

1. To get started, open Apple Translate app On your iPhone.

Open Apple Translate

2. Next, select the translation language that is suitable for your conversation. I chose English (UK)-> Italian.Then go to [会話]tab From the bottom navigation bar.

At the bottom center of the Apple Translate app[会話]Tap the tab

3. Then tap 3 3 dot icons Located in the lower right corner of the screen. From the pop-up menu that appears Automatic translation option. If enabled, a checkmark will appear next to it.

Select the automatic translation mode in the menu

that’s it! From now on, you no longer have to interact with the screen when using conversation mode. Therefore, you can talk freely like a normal conversation in the real world.

Enable automatic translation mode on iOS 15

Easily talk using iPhone’s automatic translation mode

The Apple Translate app may not have undergone the major overhauls of the redesigned Safari browser with tab groups and FaceTime with the ability to make video calls from iPhone to Android, but how many in iOS 15 That’s a nifty upgrade. This includes system-wide translations. Support, live text translation, chat bubble, and a convenient new automatic translation mode. Apple Translate still has some ways to go before adopting Google Translate, but it has improved significantly over the past year or so. By the way, what do you think of the new automatic translation feature added to the Apple Translate app for iPhone users on iOS 15? Let us know in the comments section below.