How to enable announcement alerts on Mac

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Have you missed a time-sensitive alert while working on your Mac and needed a more proactive way to monitor your important notifications? If the answer is yes, macOS has a well-thought-out feature called “speak announcements” for precise purposes. With this remarkable macOS accessibility feature, you can utter alert messages on your Mac device so you don’t miss an emergency alert when you’re crazy about your work. If you find this feature useful, here’s how to enable announcement alerts on your Mac.

Have your Mac speak an alert message (2021)

Before you start, check how the Speak Announcements feature works on your Mac and check compatibility to make sure your Mac is completely onboard. Needless to say, you can easily navigate your posts using the table of contents below.

How does “Alert Announcement” work on Mac?

Alert feature announcements are part of the accessibility suite. This feature is designed for the visually impaired, but anyone can use it to get Siri to speak alert messages on their Mac. It helps them stay up to date on incoming alerts.

In particular, the “speak announcement” feature provides complete customization. Therefore, you can customize the voice and set a custom phrase before the text of the alert message. You can also set a delay before your Mac speaks an alert message. When you enable the alert feature announcement, Mac speaks text in dialogs and alert messages.. In addition, you can be notified when your app needs to perform a specific action.

Very useful, but this accessibility feature is almost unexplored and is disabled by default. For compatibility, you need the latest macOS version:

Therefore, make sure your macOS device is compatible with this feature. Once you’ve talked enough, let’s start with a simple procedure.

Enable and customize announcement alerts on your Mac

  1. Open the System Preferences app on your Mac. Alternatively, click the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen to System Preferences..

2. Then click Accessibility..

Select accessibility option

3. Then click Audio content Located in the left sidebar.

Click on the audio content

4. Then select the check box to the left of “”.Speak the announcement“.

Select the check box to the left of Speak Annoucements

5. Next, “optionThe “” button next to “Speak Announcement”.

Click Options

6. Next, there are three settings under the “Speak Announcement” feature that allows you to customize how alerts are announced on your Mac.

Customize voice announcement settings on Mac-How to enable announcement alerts on Mac

  • voice: You can set whether the alert is triggered by a system voice or a custom voice.Please click Drop-down menu Right next to Voice, select your preferred option. In particular, you have the option to select male and female Siri voices. Also, select your favorite custom voice based on the language.

Select Siri voice

  • step: You can set the phrase to listen to before the text of the alert message. By default, macOS reads the name of the app associated with the alert message. However, click the drop-down menu next to “Phrase” and Predefined phrases or”Edit the phrase listAnd add a custom phrase.

Edit phrases with alert announcement feature on Mac

  • delay: This allows you to set how long your Mac must wait before speaking an alert message. Use the slider to adjust the delay (up to 60 seconds).

Adjust alert announcement delays on Mac

7. After customizing the speaking announcement settings, clickplayClick the button to see what it sounds like. Finally, be sure to say “all right“To confirm.

Adjust voice announcements on Mac-How to enable announcement alerts on Mac

Well, it’s very easy to enable announcement alerts on your Mac. Here you can see how the Speak Announce feature actually works!

Disable Speak Announcements on Mac

If you no longer use the announcement-speaking feature on your Mac, you can disable it. Follow the steps below.

  1. Head to System Preferences-> Accessibility-> Audio Content..

Click on the audio content

2. Well, Clear the check box Left side of “Speak Announcement”.

Disable Speak Annoucements on Mac

Enable Siri to speak announcements on Mac to speak alert messages

that’s it! Here’s how to customize the ability to speak announcements to speak alert messages to your Mac device. When you’re immersed in a serious job, you’ll find that this accessibility feature helps you stay up to date on what’s most important. macOS has always been pretty user-friendly, but with the introduction of macOS Monterey it has become much richer. Features such as quick notes, Safari tabs, Apple Digital Legacy, Live Text, and the ability to hide IP addresses in Safari on macOS Monterey make the software great in many ways. What do you think? Please let us know in the comments section below.