How to enable and use voice input in Windows 11

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If you need to choose one of the best new features in Windows 11, then certainly choose the Windows 11 voice input experience. It’s very seamless and accurate, and speech recognition is amazingly good. Microsoft seems to have made many improvements to its online Microsoft Speech Services. Therefore, if you want to enable and use voice input in Windows 11, follow this brief guide. You can also get this Windows 11 feature in Windows 10 by following the last method. At that point, let’s dive into.

Enable and use voice input in Windows 11 (2021)

Here we have described two ways to use voice input in Windows 11. One is a built-in voice input tool and the other is a dictation tool built into Office apps on Windows 11 PCs. It also explained how to use voice input in Windows 10 and some useful dictation commands.

How to use Windows 11’s built-in voice input tool

Windows 11 Native Voice Input Tool is a system-wide utility that works in all apps and environments, including browsers, Notepad, and Office apps. When the text field is displayed, simply call the voice input toolbar and you’re ready to go. However, keep in mind that voice input requires an active internet connection for it to work.

1. The easiest way to enable voice input is to use Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts. Push “Windows key + HPress at the same time to open the voice input prompt immediately.

Enable and use voice input in Windows 11 (2021)

2. Next, Click the “Microphone” button Start talking. With online Microsoft Speech Services, dictations are quickly converted from voice to text. I was surprised that the Windows 11 voice input experience was available and accurate. Here you can check the operation of the voice input function.

3. The best thing about voice input in Windows 11 is “Automatic punctuation“And again, it works really well. By the way, it’s not enabled by default. You need to click the Settings icon and turn on the Auto Punctuation toggle.

Automatic punctuation

4. If the dictation is not properly selected[設定]->[時間と言語]->[スピーチ]You can move to. Here, the appropriate “Vocal languageSelect “” from the drop-down menu based on region or accent.

Enable and use voice input in Windows 11 (2021)

Enable voice input launcher on Windows 11

You can also Turn on “Voice Input Launcher” Makes the voice input overlay appear each time you click on a text field. No matter which app or window you are using, you can start voice input immediately by clicking the “Microphone” button.

1. To enable this feature, click the Settings icon on the voice input overlay. Then turn on the “Voice Input Launcher” toggle.

2. For example, if you are visiting the Google Review page in Chrome and click in the text entry field, the voice input launcher will automatically appear.

3. Now you can click “Microphone” button And add my review very easily. It was very helpful, wasn’t it? This can be done on any web page, program text field, web form, etc.

Use voice input with Office apps in Windows 11

For those who don’t know, in addition to the built-in voice input, Office apps Dictation option, And it works much the same. In fact, it also supports automatic punctuation and works on Windows 10. Those who use the free Office portal on the web can also use Microsoft Speech Services without any restrictions. By the way, see the detailed article for the difference between Office web apps and desktop apps. Please note that Word’s transcription feature is different from voice input and is only available to paid users. To see how the voice input feature works in Microsoft Office apps, follow these steps:

1. To use voice input within Office apps on your Windows 11 PC, open one of these apps (Word or PowerPoint). In the upper right cornerDictation option.. The same procedure can be applied to Office on the web.

2. Click “Dictation” to do it right away Talk to convert Your speech in real-time text. Just press the “microphone” button and start talking.

Voice input in Office apps on Windows 11

3. Similar to Windows 11’s built-in voice input, you can enable “automatic punctuation” by clicking the “Settings” icon. You can also customize your favorite spoken language to enable blasphemous expressions while working on office documents or school projects.

Voice input in Office apps on Windows 11

Use voice input on Windows 10

Windows 11 has a much smarter voice input utility, but Windows 10 also comes with a native dictation tool. You can use the same “Windows + H” keyboard shortcut and a dictation pop-up will appear at the top of the screen.

What is the difference between Windows 10 dictation tool and Windows 11 voice input? Lack of automatic punctuation About the former. To add punctuation, letters, symbols, etc. in Windows 11, you need to use dictation commands. Here’s how to do it:

1. First,[設定]Open and[プライバシー]->[音声]Go to[設定]Turn on.Online speech recognition“.

Voice input on Windows 10

2. Next, “Windows + HShortcuts, and you will be able to dictate your speech. No automatic punctuation is found here. Instead, you must use the dictation commands described below to add punctuation, symbols, and special characters.

Voice input on Windows 10

Dictation and punctuation commands for enhanced voice input

Currently, only English (US) supports advanced dictation commands, but the following languages ​​support basic symbols, texts, numbers, and more.

  • English (US – Advanced Dictation Command)
  • Simplified Chinese
  • English (Australia, Canada, India, United Kingdom)
  • French (France, Canada)
  • German (Germany)
  • Italian (Italy)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (Mexico, Spain)

The dictation commands you can use while typing on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer are:

Do this Say this
Clear the selection Clear selection; deselect
Deletes the latest dictation result or currently selected text Delete it.Hit it
Deletes text units such as the current word Delete word
Moves the cursor to the first letter after the specified word or phrase I will go after that. Move after the word. Move to the end of the paragraph.Move to the end
Moves the cursor to the end of the text unit Chase the words. Move after the word. I will go to the end.Move to the end of the paragraph
Moves the cursor backward in text units Go back to the previous word.Move to the previous paragraph
Moves the cursor to the first letter before the specified word or phrase Move to the beginning of the word
Move the cursor to the beginning of the text unit Please go before that.Move to that first
Moves the cursor to the next text unit Continue to the next word.Move to the next paragraph
Moves the cursor to the end of the text unit Move to the end of the word.Move to the end of the paragraph
Enter one of the following keys: Tab, Enter, End, Home, Page Up, Page Down, Backspace, Delete Tap Enter. Press Backspace
Select a specific word or phrase Select a word
Select the latest dictation result Please select it
Select the unit of text Select the following three words.Select the previous two paragraphs
Turn spell mode on and off Start spelling.Stop spelling

To dictate letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols, you need to follow these commands: For example, if you want to add an uppercase letter, just say “uppercase” before the letter.

To insert this Say this
@ At sign; at sign
# Pound sign; Pound sign; Number sign; Number sign; Hash symbol; Hash tag; Hashtag symbol; Hashtag symbol; Sharp symbol; Sharp sign
$ Dollar sign; dollar sign; dollar sign; dollar sign
% Percent sign; percent sign
^ ^ Caret
& And the symbol; and signature; ampersand symbol; ampersand symbol
* Asterisk; time; star
((( Open paren; Left paren; Open brackets; Left paren
). Close Palen. Right paren; close the parentheses.Right parenthesis
_ underscore
Hyphen; dash; minus sign
~ tilde
Backslash; bang
/ Divided by slash;
, comma
.. Limits; dots; decimals; points
; semicolon
Apostrophe; Opens single quotes. Start single quotes. Close the single quotes. Close the single quotes.End single quotes
= = Equal sign; Equal sign; Equal sign; Equal sign
(space) space
| pipe
: colon
?? Question mark; Question mark
[ Open bracket; open square bracket; left bracket; left square bracket
] Close the brackets. Close the brackets.Right bracket; Right bracket
{{ Open the curly braces. Open the curly braces.Left brace; Left brace
} Close the curly braces. Close the curly braces.Right brace; right brace
+ Plus sign; plus sign
Open the square brackets.Open less than; left angle brackets; left
>> >> Close the brackets.Closer larger; Right angle bracket; Larger to the right
“” Open quotes; start quoting. Close quotes; End quotes; Open double quotes. Start double quotes. Close the double quotes.End double quotes

Smart voice input with automatic punctuation in Windows 11

Here’s how to enable and use voice input in Windows 11. I use Gboard voice input on my Android phone every day, and Microsoft has significantly improved the voice input experience on Windows 11. Automatic punctuation works for the most part. I’m excited about Windows 11 and other new features that Windows 11 will bring before the final release. For now, you can learn how to take screenshots in Windows 11, customize the Windows 11 Start menu, or check the screen on time in Windows 11. Anyway, it’s all from us. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.