How to enable and schedule night shift on iPhone

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Night Shift for Apple devices has been used since iOS 9.3. Apple has made few changes to this feature over the years, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Turn on Nightshift on your iPhone or iPad to save device and eye battery life from bright white light.

Learn how to use Nightshift on your iPhone and iPad.

How to use Nightshift on iPhone and iPad

You can access the night shift Display and brightness of Configuration.. You can schedule Night Shift on your iOS device or enable it manually.

With Nightshift turned on, after dark, the colors on your display will automatically shift to the warmer edges of the color spectrum for better sleep.

Turn on Nightshift on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Release Configuration On iPhone → Tap Display and brightness..

    Open Settings on your iPhone and tap Display and Brightness

  2. Tap Night shift..

    Tap Nightshift in iPhone display and brightness settings

  3. toggle schedule on..

    Turn on Night Shift mode on iPhone and iPad

  4. After switching the option on, you can adjust the slider just below it to create an iPhone screen.cooler” Also “warm“According to your taste.

    Adjust warm night shifts on iPhone

If you want to turn off the night shift Settings → Display and Brightness → Tap Night shift → erase.

Schedule a night shift on your iOS device

  1. Start as before Configuration Tap Display and brightness..
  2. Tap Night shift → Tap from under schedule (surely schedule It is enabled).

    Schedule Nightshift Mode on iPhone

  3. You can set the schedule as follows From sunset to sunrise Also custom Enter a specific time range of the day.

    Set the customization time for night shift mode on iPhone

It’s all people!


Now you are ready to go. Night shifts are automatically activated according to the schedule. If you like how easy it looks for your iOS device in Night Shift, try Dark Mode.

Do you have questions about this iOS feature (or any other feature)? Please ask in the comments below.

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