How to easily delete contacts on iPhone (2022)

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If you don’t occasionally remove redundant contacts on your iPhone (or any device in that regard), it won’t take long for the address book to look chaotic with lots of duplication. To make matters worse, if you have iCloud contacts enabled, your address book will be completely confused as it will also sync useless contacts from other devices linked to the same account with your device. In contrast to the common misunderstanding, it’s much easier to delete contacts on iPhone. When you’re ready to clean up the Contacts app, here are 5 easy ways to remove contacts from your iPhone and iPad.

How does contact deletion work on iPhone and iPad?

The Stock Contacts app for iOS doesn’t have the option to delete multiple iPhone contacts at once, but there is a very simple workaround to get the job done. As a starting point, you can wipe out all your iCloud contacts synced from other devices. For me, this is the best native way to organize your iOS contacts app.

In addition, you can delete third-party contacts to stop syncing your contacts. This method is very useful if you are importing contacts from third party services such as Gmail, AOL, Outlook. If you need a nuclear solution to find duplicate contacts and merge them all easily, there are some powerful contact manager apps that can perform your tasks.

Delete specific contacts on iPhone and iPad

If you just want to delete some contacts on your iPhone, you can easily delete them. However, keep in mind that deleting a contact on one device also deletes the contact on other devices that have iCloud contacts enabled.

1. Start Contact app On iOS devices, contact address What you want to delete.Then tap edit Located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Edit contacts on iPhone

2. Then scroll to the bottom and Delete contact,confirm.

Delete contacts on iPhone and iPad

Delete all iCloud contacts on iPhone and iPad

iCloud Contacts makes it a little easier to manage and update your contacts across devices. However, if you can’t control the synced contacts, your address book will be cluttered. Thankfully, iOS provides an easy way to delete all previously synced iCloud contacts. Therefore, if you don’t want to keep your synced contacts anymore, check the following steps and delete them.

1. Open Settings app With your iPhone Tap profile..

iOS Apple ID banner

2. Here, iCloud Then turn off the toggle contact address.. Then you’ll see a pop-up from below asking what to do with your previously synced iCloud contacts on your iOS device.Tap “Delete from iPhone / iPad” It’s over.

Delete iPhone contacts from iPhone

Delete multiple iPhone contacts at once using iCloud

iCloud has long been a reliable way to delete contacts on multiple iPhones and iPads at once. Therefore, if you are using a computer with a stable internet connection, you can easily select all the unwanted contacts and delete them all with one click.

1. Open Web browser Go to on your computer. after that, Sign in at Apple ID and password.. next, contact address..

Select a contact on

2. Well, Highlight a contact What you want to delete. simply, Hold down the Control key after that Click on all contacts What you want to get rid of.

3. Then click Settings icon Located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Highlight contacts in iCloud

4. Then click erase Confirm the deletion of the contact.

Delete multiple iPhone contacts using iCloud

That’s it. The selected contacts will be deleted from all devices linked to the same iCloud account.

Remove third party contacts from iPhone and iPad

On iOS, you can also remove third party contacts from your iPhone and iPad. So if you’ve previously synced your contacts from Gmail or other services, you can easily delete them without hassle.

Head to 1. Settings app Select on iOS device contact address..

Select a contact on iOS

2. Then tap account after that Please select an account What you want to delete.

Select a third-party account on iOS

3. Turn off the toggle contact address..Then hit Remove from My iPhone / iPhone Confirm the deletion of all contacts in this account.

Remove third party contacts from iPhone and iPad

Delete multiple iPhone contacts at once using a third party app

If you’re looking for a smart contact manager that makes it easy and easy to delete multiple iPhone contacts, group (free, full version available for $ 9.99) or delete contacts + (free, contact tool) (Available for $ 3.99) I recommend trying). These are easy to use and work reliably to allow you to remove unwanted contacts from your iOS device.

Whichever of these two apps you choose, you can go through the process effortlessly. This guide will show you how to use the Group app to delete all iPhone contacts at once or delete individual contacts.

1. To get started Group app On your device Allows the app to access your contacts.

Allow group apps access to iPhone contacts

2. Next,[選択]Tap All contacts from group list. Now, if you want to erase all iPhone contacts at once, select all Options in the upper left corner of the screen. However, if you want to delete certain contacts on your iOS device, Select a contact I don’t need it anymore.

Delete multiple iPhone contacts

3. Then tap Select an action Hit in the center of the top Delete a contact In the pop-up menu. Be sure to confirm the deletion of the contact.

Use the group app to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone

Easily remove multiple contacts from iOS / iPad OS devices

that’s it! Therefore, these are viable ways to delete contacts on iOS devices. It’s been a long time since Apple added some notable features to the Contacts app. Unlike other stock apps like FaceTime, which have recently been overhauled with cool features like Safari, SharePlay and screen sharing with extensions, the contacts app looks outdated and is worth redesigning. Speaking of notable features, a more effective way to merge duplicate contacts and remove multiple contacts at once is highly appreciated. What do you think? Don’t forget to share your feedback and the kind of improvements you would like to see in the Stock Contacts app.