How to download tvOS 15 Public Beta 2 on Apple TV

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What you need to know about tvOS15 public beta

  • do you To upgrade, you need to install the tvOS15 beta profile.
  • tvOS 15 compatible devices include Apple TV 4K (2021), 1st Generation Apple TV 4K (2017), and Apple TV 4th Generation (2015).
  • Be careful and continue as there may be some pre-release bugs in the beta.

tvOS 15 takes on some great features from SharePlay, Shared with You, Spatial Audio to Apple Music integration. Also, good news if you want to try out these features before the fall release. Apple has seeded tvOS 15 Public Beta 2. This is how to download to Apple TV.

How to get tvOS 15 Public Beta 2 on Apple TV HD and 4K

However, there is something you need to know before proceeding. Beta software allows you to explore future features, but it also opens the door to potential bugs.

Also, if Apple TV is your primary streaming device and you rely on Apple TV for everyday entertainment, it’s a wise choice to move away from the public or developer beta.

If you like trying out new features in front of your peers and don’t mind a few bugs, join us. The first thing you need to do is enroll in Apple’s beta software program. Learn how to do that.

Enroll in Apple’s Beta Software Program

Note: If you have already enrolled in beta software testing, skip this step.

  1. Open Safari Visit on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad..
  2. Then click sign up To register.
  3. Please enter your ~ Apple ID And password.
  4. Now, Sign in And accept terms of use.

How to register for tvOS15 Public Beta 2

  1. launch Setting Click on Apple TV account..
  2. Select iCloud, iTunes and App Store, or Game Center.
  3. Sign in with Apple ID Used for public beta programs.
  4. Then click menu From Siri Remote, click menu again.
  5. select system Click Software update..
  6. turn on Get public beta updates..
  7. click Get public beta updates And I agree In terms of use.

How to install tvOS15 Public Beta 2

  1. Open Apple TV Setting..
  2. click systemSoftware update..
  3. here, Software update..
  4. Finally, click Download and install..

that’s all!

You can now take advantage of all the new features in tvOS 15. So how does the new version treat you? Is it too buggy or is it a smooth voyage? I want to know your review. Please share in the comments section below.

If you have any questions or confusion, feel free to send them as well.

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