How to Download iOS 15 Developer Beta 3 to iPhone

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What you need to know about iOS 15 developer beta

  • Must be downloaded and installed first iOS 15 beta profile Use an Apple developer account.
  • Then download and install iOS 15 as you would a regular iOS update.Open SettingGeneralSoftware updateDownload and install..

Apple announced iOS 15 at its annual developer conference. The latest version of iOS brings some exciting features to compatible iPhones such as FaceTime spatial audio, SharePlay, live text, spotlight photo search and more. If you like me and want to try iOS 15 Developer Beta 3, this is the way to go.

Before you start:

  • iOS 15 is supported on iPhone 6s or later.. The complete list of compatible devices is as follows:
  • Developer beta is incredible buggy.. Back up your iPhone to iCloud or computer before proceeding. Alternatively, we recommend that you install iOS 15 on your secondary device.
  • You need an Apple Developer account ($ 99 / year) to download the iOS 15 Developer Beta.

How to Download iOS 15 Developer Beta 3 to iPhone

  1. Open Safari Visit on your iPhone
  2. Download the new beta“Tab. Then log in to your account using your Apple Developer account email and password.
  3. Head to iOS 15 beta Sections and hits Profile installation..

    From the iOS 15 beta section of Safari[プロファイルのインストール]Click
    A pop-up may appear on the screen stating that the website is trying to open the settings and view the configuration profile.

  4. Tap To give permission And close.. The iOS beta software profile will start downloading to your device.
  5. Open SettingDownload profile..
  6. Tap Installation Enter your passcode.

    On iPhone[設定]Open and[設定を開く]Click

  7. Tap Installation From the top right and again from the bottom.
  8. Finally, tap Reboot Apply the required changes.

    [再起動]Tap to apply iOS 15 Developer Beta changes

Once the iOS 15 Beta Profile is installed on your iPhone, here are the steps to install the latest iOS Developer Beta.

How to install iOS 15 Developer Beta 3 on iPhone

  1. Open iPhone Setting Tap General..
  2. Tap Software update..
  3. Tap Download and install..

    How to install iOS 15 developer beta on iPhone

  4. Enter your iPhone passcode and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. When the file is downloaded, tap Install now..

    Install iOS 15 Developer Beta on iPhone

If you’re having trouble downloading an update, it’s possible that multiple developers are trying to download the update. This can be a daunting task for Apple servers. Please wait.

If you still need help, iOS 15[更新要求]Make sure you are stuck on the screen. Here’s how to fix this:

After installing iOS 15 Beta, you may be required to enter your iPhone passcode and Apple ID password to keep iCloud and other similar settings up to date.

Download and install iOS 15 Developer Beta 3 using Finder

In rare cases, if you can’t download iOS 15 Beta 3 directly (wirelessly) to your iPhone, you can use: finder on macOS catalina, Big sur, Or Monterey.. Method is as follows.

  1. Download the iOS beta software restore image for iPhone from the Apple Developer download page.
  2. launch finder Connect your iPhone on Mac.
  3. your iPhone From the sidebar.
  4. In Overview Press and hold the panel option Press and click Restore iPhone option.
  5. Select and open the iOS beta software restore file.
  6. Then click return The installation will start.

If the beta version is successfully installed, your iPhone will restart. The device must have an active network connection to complete activation.

This is a way to download and install iOS 15 Developer Beta 3 on your iPhone and try out new features. If you have any other questions, please write them in the comments section below.

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