How to Download Instagram Stories to iPhone: Detailed Guide

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Instagram changed the game when copying the story feature from Snapchat to the app. Today, millions of stories are uploaded to Instagram every day, some of which are worth saving. You can take screenshots of Instagram stories, but they are not the best option for video stories. This is a quick guide that shows you how to download Instagram stories to your iPhone.

How to download Instagram stories on iOS

  1. Open Instagram App
    If your profile picture is highlighted in pink or gray, you can save the story to your iPhone.
  2. your Profile icon photo Open the story.
  3. Press More Click the button at the bottom right to select save…..
  4. Select now Save story Or Save photo..
  5. You can now access the story from your camera roll.
Download IG stories posted in the last 24 hours

Automatically save IG stories on iPhone

[その他]While using the options sounds useful, once you start posting Instagram stories every day, saving each story individually can be a hassle.

Here’s how to set your iPhone to auto-save Instagram stories:

  1. Open Instagram The app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to yours profile Select the three lines in the upper right.
  3. Move to Settings → Privacy → Story..

    Automatically save Instagram stories to your iPhone

  4. turn on Save to camera roll..

    Turn on Save to Camera Roll from Instagram

Now you don’t have to manually save your Instagram story to your iPhone.

How to download someone’s Instagram story

There is no official way to download someone else’s story on Instagram. Therefore, you need to rely on third-party sources. We have created a list of the best apps for saving Instagram stories to your iPhone.

  1. Shortcut
  2. InstaSave
  3. Social media connect
  4. Faster

1. Shortcut: Best Free iOS Instagram Story Saver

Shortcuts are one of the most powerful apps on iPhone. It can automate a lot of things on your iPhone, and now you can use it to download Instagram stories.

It will take some time to set up, but it is the only app that allows you to save your story without exiting the app. Plus, once you’ve set it up, it’s available on all your devices thanks to iCloud.

Here’s how to add Instagram Story Downloader to your shortcuts:

  1. Make sure your iPhone has a shortcut app.
    If not, please download using the link below.
  2. Then download the Instagram Download shortcut and download the Scriptable app from the App Store.
  3. Open Instagram On your iPhone.
  4. choose story I want to download it.
  5. Tap 3 dotsshare it…Instagram download..
  6. select Always allow If you are prompted.
  7. The first time you download the story, you’ll be taken to the Scriptable app. Sign in Use your Instagram account in the Scriptable app’s web browser.

    Download someone's Instagram story with the shortcut app

  8. download Instagram story Without quitting the app.
  9. Just select share it…, And shortcuts show all the stories uploaded by your account.
  10. choose story, And it is saved in your camera roll.

    Select the story you want to download from Instagram to the Shortcuts iOS app

  11. option: You can go to Shortcut Settings and set the shortcut to save your story directly to your iCloud Drive so that it’s accessible to all Apple devices.


  • No need to quit Instagram
  • Available on all Apple devices
  • No need to copy and paste the link to your browser
  • Save your story directly to your photo or iCloud Drive
  • Download IGTV videos, stories and posts.


  • It takes time to set
  • Animation is a little slow

price: freedom


2. InstaSave: Editor’s Choice

Instagram Save iPhone app for downloading IG stories

Insta Save is one of the healthiest apps on the list. Not only can you download Instagram stories, you can do much more with your Instagram account.

You can also see how many followers you have, see new followers in your account, and see which followers like most of your photos.

Plus, you can unknowingly see the stories of your private and public accounts. Check out your Instagram Story analysis using the Story Analytics option.

It can be quite expensive, but if you’re crazy about Instagram growth, Instagram Save is easy.


  • See the story without the knowledge of others
  • Check followers, likes, etc. while saving the story
  • Manage stories from the app

price: Free (additional features are $ 6 / month)


3. Social Media Connect: Download stories from multiple platforms

Social Media Connect Instagram Story Download App for iPhone

As more social media platforms deploy stories in their apps, it’s becoming more difficult to have different tools for downloading stories from different social media platforms.

Social Connect is one of the services that allows you to download stories and posts from Instagram and YouTube videos. The app can also sort videos and photos into different sections.


  • Download stories from Instagram and YouTube
  • user friendly
  • lightweight


  • Lack of buttons to switch from Instagram to app
  • Advertising
  • There is no automatic copy / paste of links

price: freedom


4. Fast: Easy-to-use Instagram story saver app

Faster reposting of Instagram iPhone app

A little-known service for downloading Instagram stories, Faster is one of the best apps out there.

Unlike other apps, Faster has an Instagram button in the app, so if you want to switch from Faster to Instagram after downloading a story, you can switch from Faster to Instagram with the click of a button. The app also has Face ID support.

The only caveat with Faster is that there is no direct save button on the photo.User must press Repost Click the button to save the story to your camera roll.


  • No watermark
  • Button to switch from Instagram to Faster
  • Paste the link without user interaction
  • Download IGTV video


  • Ads, the cost of removing ads that are too expensive
  • There is no direct option to save the story to a photo

price: Free (remove in-app ads for $ 7)


Bonus: Instagram Online Best Story Saver

If you don’t want to download the app or run shortcuts, check out Instagram’s online story storage service as well. There are many websites like and, but I thought was the best.

It’s a free and easy-to-use tool that makes it easy to download Instagram stories. Here’s how to download Instagram Story using StorySaver:

  1. Open Instagram app On your iPhone.
  2. Go to your account Self introduction page I want to save the story of.
  3. Copy Instagram profile link..
  4. Now open In the browser.
  5. Paste URL address At the download bar.
  6. Push download Enter the capture for confirmation.

    Press Download on in your browser

  7. The service lists everything Current story Uploaded by your account in the last 24 hours.
  8. click Save as photo Download the story.

    [写真として保存]Click to download IG story

Did you understand how to download Instagram stories to your iPhone? If you have further questions, please proceed to the section below.

Q. Why can’t I download Instagram stories for a particular account?

You may not be able to download Instagram stories from the above services. It could be because your account is private or protected from these services. In such cases, you can take a screenshot of the story.

Q. Do others know that you are downloading their Instagram story?

No. Instagram does not notify the person who saved the story. You can take screenshots and download stories from the above apps.

In the comments below, let us know which apps and services you think are the best tools for saving Instagram stories.

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