How to Download Free Music on iPhone in 2022

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In fact, the iPhone doesn’t seem to be offered for free. And this also includes good music. Indeed, Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, etc. have great music. However, subscription fees can be high. In addition, streaming music can consume large amounts of data. The good news is that you can still download free music to your iPhone even if you throw them away.

In addition to being free, this allows you to listen to music offline at any time. Keep reading as we will show you the best way to get free music on your iPhone.

Best way to download free music on iPhone

One of the best ways to download music to iPhone for free is to use a third party app. Therefore, they only offer premium services and will not charge you like music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music that prevent song downloads.

1. Audio Mac

Audiomack is a repository of thousands to millions of songs from different music genres and artists. Not only can you download music for free, but you can also upload it. Audiomack works like YouTube, you can follow your favorite artists and download songs for free when you drop them.

In addition, some songs can only be downloaded on a subscription basis. However, this depends on the artist. That is, the app will eventually offer in-app purchases. This is a drawback as the free download offer may not be available if the music in question is not available in the free tier.

Nevertheless, the app has more songs than you can see and can be downloaded for free.

All songs downloaded to Audiomack will be moved to the offline directory. So this is a way to get users back to your app. Therefore, if you download it, you can listen to the song freely even if you are not connected to the Internet. And this doesn’t cost a dime.

There is a web app for Audiomack, but you need to install the mobile app to download music for free.

To get started, install Audiomack (download the link after the steps) and follow the steps below:

  1. Open Audio Mac On your iPhone.
  2. use Search icon Search for the song in the lower right.
  3. choose song If you find it.
  4. Tap download..
    When the download is complete, the checkmark will be replaced with a download icon.
    Note: Audiomack will notify you if you can only download songs with your subscription.
  5. To view downloaded songs:
    • Swipe down on the player menu to minimize it.
    • Tap My library It’s in the lower right.
    • There are several options in the menu bar at the top.Swipe them right and tap off-line..
    • All downloaded songs will be displayed.

      Audiomack app to download free music to iPhone


2. eSound Music

With eSound, you can choose the best music type or artist and start downloading songs for free. With a simple interface, you can download songs with just a few clicks. Indeed, it is one of the best apps for downloading free music as you like.

One of the notable features of eSound is the sleep timer. Similar to Spotify’s sleep timer, you can schedule a song play timer so that the app will automatically stop the song at a set time.

Downloading songs for free on eSound is easy. Like Audiomack, downloaded songs will also be moved to the song’s offline playlist.

Follow the steps below to get the song for free after installing eSound from the link below:

  1. Open eSound App.
  2. After registration, tap Artist name..
    or: Use the search icon at the bottom right to search for songs.
  3. When you find a song, select it and go to Music player menu..
  4. Tap Two horizontal dots It is on the right side of the song title.
  5. Then tap Download offline..

    With the eSound Music app for iOS[オフラインでダウンロード]Tap

  6. To view the download:
    • select Cancel It’s at the bottom.
    • Tap Back arrow It is in the upper left.
    • Tap library It’s at the bottom.
    • here we go, Saved song..


3. Cloud music player

With Cloud Music Player, you can sync songs from your computer or cloud service to your iPhone without stress. However, it’s a cloud service in itself, as it keeps the songs you want to sync and allows you to access them offline on your iPhone.

Although not a music downloader in itself. You can download songs from websites such as Music Archive to your computer or cloud and sync them with your iPhone via the app. This is achieved by providing cloud and Wi-Fi upload options.

CloudMusic Local URL Web Page Interface

Wi-Fi synchronization provides an IP that can be accessed from your computer’s browser. Here you can upload downloaded songs to your PC and the app will automatically sync them to your mobile app. Therefore, you can play songs offline directly from the iPhone app.

However, to use the cloud option, you need to add a cloud service that holds your music. This app supports 3 cloud services including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. If you have previously downloaded songs to Google Drive, you can add Google Drive as a crowdsource for your app. Then select a song and sync it with Cloud Music Player.

However, to get started, please install Cloud Music Player on your iPhone using the link below.

To sync songs on your computer with Cloud Music Player:

  1. Start Cloud music player App on your computer.
  2. Tap sauce Bottom left → Select Wi-Fi transfer..
  3. On the computer Local URL It is provided via the browser.
  4. click File upload..
  5. now, select A song from a PC.
    caveat: Do not close the menu open in the mobile app while uploading.
  6. After uploading, tap Cancel Close the URL menu at the top left of the mobile app.
  7. Tap song To view and play the synced songs, it’s at the bottom.

    How to sync songs on your computer with Cloud Music Player on your iPhone

To use cloud options:

  1. Tap Cloud+ Icon Select your cloud platform in the upper left.
  2. next, Cloud service I like you.
  3. Go to folder Where is your song?
  4. When they appear, tap Download icon..


Download free music to iPhone using Safari browser

Another option is to download the music directly using Safari or other browsers. The best browser alternative I’ve found is a free music archive.

Free music archive

Free music archive browser for downloading free music to iPhone

Founded in 2009 and acquired by the Tribe of Noise in 2019, the Free Music Archive has received millions of songs from a variety of artists. A free browser-based music store where you can download music based on artist and genre.

You can also search for a specific song or artist, or select a music category where you want to randomly download songs from different genres. Downloading songs is easy. In addition, you can access the Free Music Archive website from any device.

And of course, the downloaded songs will be sent to your iPhone’s local storage. The website consists of two download sections. There is a royalty-free music page and a free music archive (FMA).

You can download the song for free from the royalty-free section, but be careful not to use it outside your iPhone without purchasing a license from the website. Nevertheless, the songs in the FMA section are somewhat free to use and manipulate. Also recommended for musicians and filmmakers.

To download free songs from the FMA directory:

click Browser FMA → Use Search bar Search for songs in the upper right → Tap Download icon To the right of the song to download it.Click when prompted I understand and agree Download free music.

Note: You can also filter songs by music genre.

How to get free songs from the royalty-free music directory:

Tap Royalty-free music → Use Search bar To search for a song → download Tap.Then click Download icon on the left.

Note: You can also filter songs by music genre.Just tap + Icon To the right of Genre..

Access free music archives


All melodious songs calm the soul. Without a doubt, getting music for free on your iPhone can be difficult. But if you try one of the methods in this article, you’ll soon find that listening to great music on your iPhone doesn’t cost much.

Here’s how to download music to your iPhone for free. If you find any of these free music download options worthwhile, let us know in the comments section.

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