How to download Fortnite to iPhone and iPad in 2021

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Since its introduction, Fortnite has become a worldwide trend. However, with the start of the Epic vs. Apple battle, Apple has removed the game from the App Store. There is no natural way to download games directly from anywhere, but there are some loopholes to get the games back to your iPhone.

Now let’s take a look at some different tricks for downloading Fortnite to iOS.

Note: Please note that these tricks only apply if the game has been downloaded at least once from your Apple account during its availability on the App Store. If you have never downloaded the app, you can play other similar battle royale games on your iPhone / iPad.

How to download Fortnite to iPhone / iPad

Indirectly via the App Store

This method can only be applied to your device if you have previously downloaded the game at least once.

  1. Open App Store..
  2. your Profile photo It is in the upper right.
  3. Below this section Purchased..
  4. Here, use Search bar Search for Fortnite.
  5. When you find it, tap it Download icon To bring Fortnite back to the iPhone.
How to download Fortnite from App Store to iPhone
Source: Macworld

Through family sharing

This method is an alternative to the above method. That is, if you have never downloaded the game to your iPhone or iPad. For this method to work, you need to link your Apple ID with others through Family Sharing.

  1. Open Configuration..
  2. your name At the top.
  3. Tap below this Family sharing..
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to set Family sharing..
    Note: You also need to share your payment method. You can purchase the linked account yourself using the payment method.
  5. Tap Purchase sharing Turn it on.
  6. Well, back to App Store..
  7. Follow the steps described earlier Purchased section.
    Note: If you have already linked your account with family and friends, follow the steps below.
  8. [購入済み]After tapping, tap the sharer’s account..
  9. Search again Fortnite Use the search bar.
  10. When you find it, tap it Download icon Next to the game to download it.

This is a way to download Fortnite to your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, instead of the above trick, you can jailbreak your device to download Fortnite. However, Jailbreaking violates the device warranty and terms of use, and we strongly recommend that you oppose it.

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