How to download Facebook videos to iPhone, iPad, Mac

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Can I download Facebook videos to my iPhone? I have come across this question many times from different users. I finally recommended a solution and decided to completely resolve the query. A little search and then trial and error helped to put some of the easiest ways to download Facebook videos to iPhone camera roll and Mac on the candidate list. Let’s see.

How to download Facebook videos to iPhone

  1. Open Facebook..
  2. Find the video you want to download and tap it share..
  3. Tap Other options → copy..

    Find the Facebook video you want to download to your iPhone

  4. In session Any browser.
  5. In the link box, long press and tap paste Paste the link.
  6. Now tap download Right side → More options..
  7. here, Video format..

    Select a video format to download fb videos to iPhone

  8. Then tap download In the pop-up menu.
    You will notice Download icon Located in the upper right corner, it indicates that the download is complete.
  9. Lastly, File app.. The downloaded video can be found at: On my iphone section.

    Download Facebook videos to iPhone

How to download Facebook videos to Mac

1. Directly from

Note: This way you can only download videos posted on the timeline.

  1. Please access the timeline above [ビデオ]Click the tab.
  2. Then select the video you want to download.This will give you a list of the videos you are sharing Timeline..Select a video to see the videos shared on Facebook
  3. click Edit icon It’s at the top of your favorite video. and, Download type HD / SD..Click the edit icon of your favorite Facebook video and select the download type
  4. In the next window, right click and select Save the video as..Right click and save the desired Facebook video
  5. Enter your desired name and download location, save In a pop-up window.

Use the 2.4K video downloader app

  1. Download and install 4K video downloader on Mac.
  2. Open Facebook video I want to download Copy the URL..
  3. Open the 4K downloader app and Paste the link Click ‘+’ Button in the upper left corner.Paste the link into the 4K downloader app on your Mac
  4. choose File quality Click SD or HD and click download..Select file quality SD or HD,[ダウンロード]Click
  5. Once downloaded, you can access the video from Download folder..

3. Using a browser (websites such as keepvid)

The best services I’d like to mention here are fbdown, keepvid, and more. Here is an example of keepvid. Let’s get started.

  1. Go to KEEPVid in your browser.
  2. Open Facebook, then video I want to download it. Copy that URL..
  3. now paste URL of the space provided to keepvid Click on the portal download..Then paste the URL into the keepvid portal and[ダウンロード]Click.
  4. The next screen will give you a lot Download options.. Click your favorite under the video category. (You can also download the audio only)Select your preferred download option to save your Facebook video
  5. When the video opens in a new tab, right click and selectSave the video as.. “
  6. Rename the file as needed, select the download location, save In a pop-up window.

4. Use browser extensions

  1. Add the “Download Facebook Video” extension to your Chrome browser. Verification When asked.Download Add Facebook Video Extension to your browser
  2. Go now Open video I want to download it.
  3. click Extension icon In the upper right corner, select File type I want to download it.Click the extension icon and select the type of file you want to download to your Mac

Ready to download Facebook videos to iPhone, iPad and Mac?

I didn’t know there are many ways to download Facebook videos and save them on your device. However, after using all of these, I found the Mac extensions and browsers and document manager apps to be the most convenient and easy to use.

Have you tried downloading Facebook videos? What are your tastes?

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