How to download and install Minecraft maps in 2022 (guide)

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Minecraft offers a variety of ways to explore your game. You can create a new world to completely enter the territory of aliens. Or you can use one of the best Minecraft seeds to already know what you can expect.But if you want to take it up a notch, give it a try Best Minecraft Map The only way. If you know how to download and install Minecraft maps, that’s it. Fortunately, that’s what this guide covers today. From cities created by professional builders to models of the entire globe, the Minecraft community won’t let you down when it comes to custom maps. And now you can explore them all further on all platforms, including PCs, consoles and mobiles. Now let’s learn how to download and install Minecraft maps in 2022 without any further hassle.

Download and install Minecraft maps (2022)

The process of downloading maps may look the same on all platforms, but installing them is a completely different feat. Therefore, we have divided the guide into separate sections based on the platform. You can use the table below to find the one that suits your needs.

What is a Minecraft map?

Each time you close Minecraft, your world, your progress, and your work will be saved in an external folder in your game’s directory. These saved files can also be exported, shared online, and fortunately downloaded and that Save files containing custom creations, planned areas, and even resource packs as Minecraft maps.. Players around the world have created such various maps, most of which are free to use.

Download Minecraft Maps for Java Edition

There are multiple sources available for downloading Minecraft custom maps.

  • Minecraft Maps
  • Planet Minecraft
  • Noxcrew
  • Minecraft Six

The Minecraft Java edition is one of the most popular sites among peers, so this tutorial will use “Minecraft Maps”. For the Bedrock edition, the most reliable option outside the official marketplace is “MCPEDL“, This is shown below. Let’s start with the process of downloading the map to Java Edition.

1. To get started, (visit) In your browser. The home page will display a list of features and the latest map.You can click any Categories from the top navigation bar Load a map that fits those themes. home page

2. Select a city subcategory in the build options for this tutorial.As you scroll through the newly opened pages, you’ll notice a lot. Minecraft version Select from the top. Helps avoid compatibility issues. If you find a map you like, Click on the name of the map..I’m installing Bayville map In this tutorial.

Minecraft map categories

3. On the next page, you can find the map description and screenshots.Some are large “Download” button.. Click on it to start downloading the map. Zip File.

Myanmar Minecraft Map

4. You need to make sure that the downloaded file is a zip file. Then right-click on the downloaded file and select “Extract allUse the option to put its contents in a separate folder on your Windows PC. Please click “extract” Also “all rightWhen prompted, click the “” button. For Mac users, you can Double click A zip file to unzip to a new folder.

Extract Minecraft map

5. Finally, open the newly created folder and press to copy the main folder (map name). Ctrl + C Also Cmd + C (For Mac) Keyboard shortcut. The main folder is the folder that contains all the map related files.

Bayville folder

How to install Minecraft maps in Java version

Now that you’ve downloaded, extracted, and copied the Minecraft map you’re looking for, you can install it in your game. To learn how to do this, follow the steps below.

1. First, open Minecraft “keep” folder. To do this Win + R Using the Windows 11 keyboard shortcut, type the following in the Run window:% Appdata% \. minecraft \ saves“. Then click the OK button.

Mac users can search ~ / Library / Application Support / Minecraft / saves Access the Minecraft directory in a Finder window.

Command to open save in Minecraft

2. After opening the save folder, right-click and select “pasteOption or use Ctrl + V / Cmd + V Keyboard shortcut. Doing so will move the copied map folder to the save directory.

Saved by Minecraft

The Minecraft custom map is now successfully imported into your game. However, before testing, let’s learn how to download and install the map in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Download Bedrock Edition Minecraft Map

The world of Minecraft Java Download as .zip Maps for Minecraft Bedrock Edition .mcworld or .mctemplate file format. They cannot be used interchangeably.

1. To get started, you need to open (visit) in your browser of your choice. On the website “map” Top menu options. Click on it to open the list of available Minecraft maps.

mcpedl home screen

2. On the next page, you can find multiple map options to choose from. Click on the map name Check the details and download.

Map from MCPEDL

3. When the map page loads, scroll to the bottom.Here you can see everything Compatible Minecraft version, With download options. Click the “Download” button...mcworldThe extension of that name.

Download rock map

Because this site is community based, we may get external links without direct download options.Therefore, you need to make sure that the downloaded file is in one of the following: .mcworld or .mctemplate file format.

How to install Minecraft maps on Bedrock Edition for PC

The way both Minecraft Bedrock and the Java edition handle files is technically different, but very similar when it comes to access and storage. This means it’s even easier to install the map than copying and pasting it in the Bedrock edition. The mechanism is as follows.

1. Your “downloadfolder Find the Minecraft world file there.So Double click To open it..Or right click[開く]You can also select.

Open MC Bedrock World

2. As soon as you try to open the file, Minecraft Bedrock Edition will launch. Next, you need to wait for the load to complete. The world is automatically loaded or displayed in the list of existing worlds.

Minecraft loading screen

Don’t worry if the loading screen gets stuck. For heavier worlds, it may take longer to create the world and load the texture.

Install the map on Android / iOS Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)

Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) or later, that is, the version of Minecraft Android, iOS and Fire OS use Minecraft Bedrock as a base and you can use the same. .mcworld A file for loading maps into the game. Therefore, first copy the Minecraft map (.mcworld file) to your device or download it directly to your device from the website mentioned above.

Then, on devices other than iPhone and iPad, search for the file in File Explorer Open the .mcworld file in Minecraft. On the other hand, Apple users Shared files Select an option and select “Copy to MinecraftThe “Share Sheet” option, as shown below. Choose to copy it to Minecraft or open it in Minecraft and the game will load a new map ready for exploration.

Install Minecraft Maps on iOS

How to play a custom map installed in Minecraft

Regardless of the edition or platform you use to play Minecraft, installing the map makes the process of playing in Minecraft easy. It may be loaded automatically during installation, but if it doesn’t, you can find it in the following ways:

1. To try the newly installed map, start Minecraft and click “Single playeroption From the home screen. This will result in World list Or the saved game you have.

Minecraft single player option

2. From the list of existing Minecraft worlds Find the name of the map I just installed it. Then select it, “Play the selected world” option.

Save MC file

3. Remember that these downloaded maps may take a little longer than usual to load.But once they do, you are free Play, edit, roam Around as you wish. Saving will replace the original map file.

In-game Bay Burma Minecraft Map

How to remove a custom map from Minecraft

1. To remove the installed Minecraft map, load the game, “Single player” Options from the home screen.

Minecraft single player option

2. Then select the world you want to delete from the list of loaded saved files or worlds. next,”eraseAt the bottom “button. If you confirm the deletion, the world will disappear forever.

Remove the installed Minecraft World


Q. Can I get Minecraft maps for free?

Most Minecraft maps are available online for free. They are community-based and are usually updated on a regular basis.

Q. Can I use Minecraft Java maps on bedrock?

There are several ways to transform a map, but not a reliable one. For added stability, we recommend using a separate custom map for each game version and platform. Alternatively, you can ask the developer to create another version of the map.

Q. What happens if I use an incompatible version of the map?

Most Minecraft maps usually work even if you’re using them in an older or newer version of your game. However, some features may be malfunctioning or missing. Missing items in in-game chests is a common error found by players.

Q. Can I export Minecraft maps?

To export Minecraft maps in Java edition, you need to archive the save folder as follows: ..Zip File. Other players can use the zip file to install their world in the game.

Install a custom map in Minecraft

Now you are ready to search, download, and install your custom Minecraft map. The community is ready with lots of great content and maps waiting for you to explore. In addition, you can turn on RTX in Minecraft Bedrock to take these already amazing maps to the next level. When it comes to Java players, the best Minecraft shaders can provide the same fidelity experience. That said, there is nothing to wait for. You can download these Minecraft maps to get the most out of them. Please tell us about your custom map in the comments below.