How to disable autofill in Google Chrome

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Modern browser autofill form options are useful and eliminate the hassle of signing in to different websites with different credentials. However, it can also be a privacy nightmare, especially if you are using a shared computer or smartphone. Therefore, to protect your login credentials, this article will show you how to disable the form and website autofill options in Google Chrome on desktop and mobile.

Disable autofill in Google Chrome: Detailed Step-by-Step Guide (2021)

Autofill is usually enabled by default, but all major web browsers allow you to disable autofill for obvious privacy reasons. Turning this feature off makes signing in to your website a little less convenient, but it’s often the right way to go. So, without any further hassle, here’s how to disable or turn off Google Chrome’s autofill feature:

Turn off Google Chrome Autofill on your desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Note: This demo uses Chrome on Windows, but the process of disabling form autofill is the same on Mac and Linux computers...

1. Open Google Chrome on your computer and click. 3-dot menu button Located in the upper right corner. next,”SettingFrom the drop-down menu. ”

Note: You can also access the settings directly by copying and pasting chrome://settings Type in Chrome’s address bar and press Enter..

2.[設定]In the window,AutofillDisable autofill individually in the section and in the three categories — Password, payment method, address, etc.

3. First, “password” Turn off the toggle next to “”Offer to save password “.. This will prevent the password from being stored on your device and auto-filled. Also,”Automatic sign-inIf not already turned off, “option. This will prevent your browser from automatically signing in to your website using your saved credentials.

Turn off Google Chrome Autofill on your desktop

4. Next, “Payment methodBelow Chrome’s autofill “section. On the next page, turn off the toggle between the “Save and enter payment methods” and “Allow confirmation if payment methods are stored on the site” options.

Turn off Google Chrome Autofill on your desktop

5. Finally, the above processAddress etc. “.. fundamentally,”Save and enter the addressTo prevent Google from suggesting phone numbers and addresses while filling out the form.

Turn off Google Chrome Autofill on your desktop

If you disable autofill in Google Chrome, you will no longer be able to fill out forms on your computer. To re-enable autofill in Google Chrome, go back and turn on all the toggles you turned off in the steps above. You can also turn on only one or two toggles, depending on the information you autofill in Chrome.

Delete autofill in Google Chrome on your desktop

We also recommend that you remove all saved passwords and other auto-filled information from Google Chrome for complete privacy protection. This includes credit card information, phone numbers, addresses and more.

To do this, check out the tutorial on how to delete history in major web browsers. Be sure to check the “Autofill form data” option when clearing your browsing history.

Turn off autofill on Google Chrome for Mobile (Android and iOS)

Note: This screenshot is from Chrome for Android, but the process for disabling autofill in Google Chrome for iOS is the same...

1. On your Android device, open the Chrome app.Then tap 3-dot menu button In the upper right corner “SettingFrom the drop-down menu. “

2. Now you need to disable autofill individually for all three categories such as passwords, payment methods and addresses, as in the desktop version. First, “passwordAnd enter “Save password“. of course,”Automatic sign-inYou should also leave the option off to prevent your browser from automatically signing in to your website.

Turn off or disable autofill in Google Chrome

3. Next,[設定]Return to the page[お支払い方法「。 次に、「お支払い方法を保存して入力します」オプション。


4.最後に、「住所など」セクションを開き、「」の横にあるトグルを無効にしますアドレスを保存して入力しますChromeの」。 これにより、ブラウザがフォーム情報の保存やAndroidまたはiOS電話での自動入力の実装を提供しなくなります。



完全な安心を確保するには、AndroidまたはiOS携帯電話のGoogle Chromeから閲覧履歴を消去して、保存されている自動入力フォーム情報をすべて削除します。

1.これを行うには、最初に前述のように[設定]Go to the page, then[[Privacy & Security-> Clear browsing data“.

2. On the next page,AdvancedSelect the “” tab and select “AlwaysFrom the drop-down menu next to the time range. ” At the end,”Automatic filling of form dataThe “” option is checked before pressing “”.Clear data“button.

To re-enable autofill in the Google Chrome app on your smartphone, go back and turn on the three toggles you turned off in the steps above.

Turn off Chrome autofill for enhanced privacy

Autofill is a useful and powerful feature unless you are using a shared PC. However, if you’re not the only one using the device, it can be a serious privacy issue. In some cases, if the device falls into the hands of a malicious person, it can even lead to actual damage. Hopefully this detailed tutorial will help you protect yourself from such scenarios. On the other hand, as a privacy-conscious user, we encourage you to check out other privacy-related tutorials, such as how to change DNS settings on Windows and how to improve security and privacy on your iPhone. Finally, learn about the best browsers for Android and iOS privacy.