How to delete selfie and screenshot folders on iPhone and iPad

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You can now manually create these folders to organize your photos, unlike before the iPhone automatically created folders for selfies and screenshots. However, if you want to delete a folder of selfies or screenshots (or any other folder) to protect your privacy or save storage space, it’s easy to do.

This guide will help you to quickly delete these folders from iPhone Photos app.

How to delete folders for selfies and screenshots on iPhone

  1. Open Photo..
  2. Tap album It’s at the bottom.
  3. [アルバム]and,[すべてを見る の中に マイアルバム セクション。
  4. 今、タップします 編集 右上にあります。
  5. をタップします 赤ラベル自撮り そして スクリーンショット フォルダ。
  6. 次に、ヒット アルバムを削除する プロセスを完了します。

注意 セルフィーまたはスクリーンショットフォルダを作成していない場合は、[マイアルバム]Not in the section. Therefore, you need to delete the selfies and screenshots one by one.

Or, If you want to access it later, you can hide the photos and videos instead of deleting them altogether.

I hope this explanation helps you to delete the selfie and screenshot folders on your iPhone and iPad. If this helps or you have other related questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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