How to delete messages on Mac

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A big advantage of the Apple ecosystem is that all Apple devices, including the Mac, have iMessage. However, if you’re confused, have privacy issues, or think you’re using too much storage, there are multiple ways to delete messages on your Mac.

Whether you delete heavy attachments, single or multiple messages, or complete conversations, I have multiple solutions. Just scroll down to get what you’re billing for.

Before deleting text messages on Mac

Your Mac will receive the message because iCloud sync is enabled. You can also make changes to your messages in the Messages app on your Mac and they will sync across all Apple devices. If you want to remove the message from all devices, skip this section.

However, if you want to delete messages and conversations from your Mac instead of other devices, you must first do the following:

  1. Release message..
  2. click message Select from the top menu Environmental setting (Or type ⌘).
  3. Go to @iMessage tab..
  4. Uncheck Enable messages in iCloud.
  5. In the popup, click Disable this device..
Turn off or turn on automatic message syncing on your Mac

Future changes will only apply to Mac.

Note: Please note that if you re-enable messages, everything will be synced to the previous settings (similar to iCloud backup).

How to delete MacBook messages from the messaging app

The Mac messaging app has two sections.

  • conversation – List all conversations[メッセージ]The side of the window.
  • Transscript – All messages received in the conversation, including text, photos, videos, etc., are displayed on the right.

Now that these basics have been covered, let’s get down to the main points of this article.

Delete selected message or attachment

  1. Open message thread.
  2. Right-click or Control-click Message bubble..
  3. select erase..
  4. click erase Check the action again.
Delete messages and attachments on Mac

How to delete multiple messages

  1. In the message thread, click the message.
  2. Then press and hold Command key (⌘) Click on multiple items to select them.
    Note: You can also hold down the first item and then drag all the items.
  3. push erase From the keyboard.

Note: Unfortunately, right-clicking and deleting does not work if multiple messages are selected. You can use the keyboard or the Finder (the method described below).

Delete all messages on your MacBook

  1. choose conversation..
  2. click edit From the top menu bar.
  3. select Clear transcript..
  4. click clear To confirm.
Delete all messages on your MacBook

The conversation remains in the sidebar, but all content is removed from the speech conversion.

How to delete a conversation

  1. With the message app, right click Also Control click conversation.
  2. click Delete a conversation..
  3. Confirm the action and click erase..
Delete complete conversations on Mac


  • Slide the conversation to the left with two fingers (from the trackpad or Magic Mouse) and erase..
Delete conversation on Macbook
  • Select a conversation and click File Select from the menu bar Delete a conversation..

Use Terminal to delete all messages on Mac

  1. Release Terminal from:
    • launch pad – seek Terminal Click App
    • Spotlight – Search for Terminal Click App
    • finder -Go to applicationutilityTerminal
  2. To erase:
    • chat – Use the following command. rm –r ~/Library/Messages/chat
    • Attachment – Use the following command. rm –r ~/Library/Messages/Attachments/??
Use Terminal to delete all messages on Mac

In particular, the results of these command lines are permanent and remove all chat transcripts and attachments respectively.

How to delete all messages in Finder

  1. In Finder, click go From the menu bar.
  2. select Move to folder Also Click ⇧ (Shift) + ⌘ (Command) + G..
  3. paste ~ / Library / Message In the window.
  4. Select the following file and move it to the Trash.
    • chat.db
    • chat.db-wal
    • chat.db-shm
    • Attachments (when deleting all attachments)
  5. Open garbage And empty it.
Delete all messages in Finder

Note: Paste to specifically delete the attachment ~ / Library / Messages / Attachments Select a file.

Sort and delete message attachments

  1. click Apple icon Select from the menu About this Mac..
  2. Go to [ストレージ]tab Click management..
  3. From the sidebar message..
  4. The attachments for all messages are displayed here.
  5. select
    • one: Click.
    • Many: Click and drag or long press shift (((() /Instructions (⌘) and click..
    • all: push Instructions (((() + A Alternatively, click and drag from start to finish.
  6. click erase erase confirm one more time.
Sort and delete message attachments


  • Double-click the attachment to preview it in Quick Look.
  • If you want to delete only large attachments, click[[size Arrange the columns in descending order and then delete them.

Automatically delete text messages on Mac

Once you’ve deleted unwanted messages from the Messages app, you can schedule them to be deleted automatically, so you don’t have to repeat these processes.

  1. In the messaging app, click messageEnvironmental setting Also Type ⌘ + ,.
  2. Go to Universal tab.
  3. click Hold the message Select a menu and then select one of the following options:
Auto-remove text messages on Mac

sign off

Decluttering does take some time, but once you’ve adopted digital minimalism, it’s irreversible. And I hope you find the right way to delete messages on your Mac, whether your target is minimalism or privacy.

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