How to customize iMessage profile on iPhone iOS 15/14

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If you’re using iOS 13 or later, Apple can edit your iMessage profile to make it creative as needed.

You can personalize your display name and images to keep your friends and family up-to-date with the latest profiles. You can also share your profile as an iMessage in a conversation. How nice?

This step-by-step guide describes how to set a custom display name, photo, or Memoji as your iMessages profile.

How to set the profile display name in iMessage on iPhone and iPad

  1. Release message On your iPhone.
  2. Tap edit It is on the upper left.
  3. select Edit the name and photo.

    Open the iMessage app Tap the three dots, then tap Edit Name and Photo on your iPhone

  4. Your edit name Tap in the text field the end..
    Rename and[完了]Tap to set a custom name in iMessage on your iPhone

You can also access this feature from your iPhone settings.

  • Release ConfigurationmessageShare your name and photo.

You are doing the same edit Name and photo screen. Keep reading to maximize your personalization of your profile.

How to use Memoji or Animoji as your iMessage profile picture

  1. Tap Add a photo Also edit Customize the displayed image (if you previously added a photo).
  2. Choose from the available Memoji and Animojis.Or tap see next Show more characters.
  3. Tap + A button to create a new character.

    [編集]Tap[メモジ]Select or[もっと見る]After tapping on the iPhone[プラス]Tap

  4. Select Memoji or Animoji.
  5. Select that style and tap Next.
  6. Adjust and tap within the frame using move and scale Choose.
  7. On the next screen, select the required background color and press the end.

    Select Memoji and tap Next. Adjust the frame.  Tap Choose, then select Background and tap Done.

If you’re using multiple devices with the same Apple ID, this note will prompt you to update your iMessage profile everywhere.

Note: You can use this step-by-step guide to create your own Animoji or Memoji characters.

Use your photo as your iMessage profile photo

  1. Tap edit..
  2. On the next screen, tap the camera button to take a picture.
  3. Capture the image.

    [編集]Tap[カメラを選択]Tap on iMessage on your iPhone[写真]Click

  4. use Moving and scaling Tap to adjust within the frame Use a photo.
  5. Select the photo effect you want to use and tap it the end.With iMessage on iPhone[写真を使用][背景を選択]Tap and[完了]Tap
  6. or, Photo library An option to select an image from your iCloud library.
  7. Select a photo, Choose..

    Tap Photo Library, select a photo, then tap Select on iPhone

  8. Select from the available special effects (if any) and tap the end.

    [背景]Select and[完了]Tap to use photos for your iPhone's iMessage profile

If you connect to the same Apple ID and iCloud Messages is turned on, your profile picture will be updated on all Apple devices.

Share your iMessage profile for the first time

  1. Open message..
  2. Tap edit..
  3. select Edit name and photo..
  4. Tap Select name and photo..
  5. Tap continue On the next screen.

    [名前と写真を選択]Tap, then on your iPhone[続行]Tap

  6. When prompted Use this photo everywhere,Tap use..
  7. Tap Always ask Then tap the end.

    [使用]Tap[優先オプションを選択]Tap and[完了]Tap Share your iMessage profile for the first time on your iPhone

Your customized profile name and photo will be shared automatically when you send a message to your contacts.

How to turn off iMessage name and photo sharing

If you later want to disable the profile sharing feature, Name and photo sharing toggle. You may go.

Turn off iMessage name and photo sharing on your iPhone


By customizing your profile, iMessage stands out from other carrier SMS services and social messaging apps. Once you’ve learned to customize it, you’ll love creating new Memojis or Animojis and updating your profile from time to time. If you’re new to iMessage, we recommend that you read more about iMessage features. Do you have any questions? Please ask in the comments below.

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