How to create and use custom stickers with Snapchat (2022)

Snapchat has a variety of features and story games for personalizing your story. Most of us are familiar with Snapchat filters and AR lenses, but one of the features that is often overlooked is stickers. In fact, the company also offers the option to create custom stickers. So today, let’s see how to create and use your own stickers on Snapchat.

Create and use custom stickers with Snapchat (2022)

Create a custom Snapchat sticker

1. In the Snapchat post creation UI, use the gallery icon to open the image for which you want to create a sticker. So Tap the scissors icon From the toolbar on the right. You will be given the option to create a new sticker. You can manually draw the border of the sticker on the image or select it using the rectangular or oval tool.

How to create and use custom stickers with Snapchat

2. After selecting the part of the image you want as a sticker Tap the yellow “Done” to save the sticker.. You can now place stickers anywhere in your Snapchat story.

How to create and use custom stickers with Snapchat

Use custom Snapchat stickers

1. To access the sticker you created, tap the sticker icon from Snapchat’s storytelling interface. Switch to the scissors tab.. All the stickers you have created so far are displayed here.

Use custom stickers with snapchat

2. Select the sticker you want to use in your post and drag it to reposition it. To remove the sticker from the story Keep pressing the sticker Drag it to the trash can icon that appears at the bottom.

Change or remove the position of the sticker

3. You also have the option to send a sticker by direct message. but, Stickers will be sent as images in chat.. When you send a sticker via chat, the sticker may be pixelated.

Send a Snapchat sticker as a chat image

Remove Snapchat stickers

To permanently remove the Snapchat sticker you created, tap the sticker icon Press and hold the sticker You created it. From the prompt that is displayed now Select “Delete”, that’s all. Snapchat removes the sticker from the collection. You can repeat these steps to remove multiple stickers on your app.

Remove custom Snapchat stickers

Create your own personalized stickers with Snapchat

So it’s a way to create your own stickers on Snapchat. You can use stickers to customize and personalize your story. Apart from hosting your personalized stickers, you can also create votes on Snapchat to keep your followers interested. For tips like this, see Snapchat’s best tips and tricks article.