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As the name implies, mining is a major part of Minecraft. You mine ore, mine to discover dimensions, and even to build houses. However, after just a few minutes of mining, most tools are exhausted. If you continue to use them, they will break and disappear before you complete the mining of another block. At that point, worn-out tools seem to be better thrown than used. But don’t give up your hope yet. If you know how to make a blast furnace in Minecraft, you can access the simplest recycling system in the game. Now let’s learn how to easily create and use a blast furnace in Minecraft.

Build a blast furnace with Minecraft (2022)

If you upgrade to a standard furnace, you can use the blast furnace to melt ore blocks and existing tools and armor into the ingot. These ingots can be used to create new tools and armor. This is the only tool that can change the shape of existing items.

Why do you need a blast furnace in Minecraft?

This tool will help you create in each Minecraft biome, allowing you to morph existing or worn tools into new ones. You’ve probably accidentally created a tool you don’t need. I will compete with it in all other games. Thankfully, having a blast furnace is the same but almost perfect counter. If you find it cumbersome to write your own tools, you always have the option to install Forge to use the mods in your game. However, you may not need them after completing this tutorial.

In a blast furnace, existing gear can be melted into an ingot. These will help you recreate better tools without having to find new ore every time you need a new item. This is a convenient way to upgrade your rundown tools. Blast furnaces can also melt ore blocks faster than regular furnaces. However, please note that it cannot be used to cook food as a regular kamado. If you have an armorer in the village, you can find a blast furnace naturally. With the exception of some selected Minecraft seeds, it’s a rare occurrence. Now let’s focus on building your own blast furnace.

Materials needed to make a blast furnace

To make a blast furnace, you will need three related items. The main ingredients are:

  • 1 furnace
  • 5 iron ingots
  • 3 smooth stone blocks

However, by smelting iron ore and regular stones respectively, both iron ingots and smooth stones can be obtained. To smelt them, you first need a regular furnace, so think about how to make it.

Make a kamado

1. First, you need to create a crafting table in Minecraft.You can use it Create a wooden pickaxe Use the sick, wooden boards, and the following recipes.

Minecraft wooden pickaxe recipe

2. Now you find Mine cobblestones With Minecraft. Cobblestone is a common block and can be used not only for smooth stones but also for the production of furnaces. If you have eight blocks of boulders, place them in the hollow squares on the craft table. Doing so becomes a furnace. You can do the same with the Java edition using Blackstone blocks.

Minecraft furnace recipe

Get other ingredients

1. Next, Place the kamado Secondary action key or Right click button.. Then right click again to open the furnace and Place the stone pavement in the upper slot. In the bottom slot, you need to do the following: Place flammable fuel blocks Start the smoothing process. You can use wood, wood boards, coal, or other flammable blocks. The blast furnace requires three smooth stone blocks, all of which can be produced in the same way.

Smooth stones in a Minecraft furnace

2. Finally, the last item you need is an iron ingot.surely Mining iron ore blocks With a pickaxe over a stone. The cobblestones you left can be used here with a stick to make a pickaxe. In addition, Minecraft’s ore distribution guide will help you find iron ore easily.

Stone pickaxe recipe

3. Once you have mined a sufficient amount of iron, you need to place them in the upper slot. Kamado Refining them. Like a stone pavement Wrought iron ore Give to you Iron ingot..I need a total 5 iron ingots For blast furnace.

Iron ingot Minecraft

How to make a blast furnace with Minecraft

If you have 1 furnace, 5 iron ingotsWhen 3 smooth stone blocksAll you need to do is put them together on a craft table.

1. First, you need to do the following: Pick up a kamado You have placed it before. If mined in the Java edition without a pickaxe, nothing will be dropped. You can mine with the Bedrock edition using your hands or other tools.

Break the pot with Minecraft

2. Next, you need to open the craft table in the following way. correct– –click Alternatively, use the secondary action button above it. Here, Center slot furnace Of the craft area. afterwards, Last linePlace everything Smooth stone block..Finally, put everything in Iron ingot In Empty slot Located in the upper and middle tiers of the craft area.

Minecraft blast furnace recipe

3. Now you can put it on the ground just like a craft table. To do this right click Or use the secondary action button when looking at the ground and equipped with a blast furnace. It looks and works very much like a normal kamado.

Minecraft blast furnace

How to use a blast furnace in Minecraft

Now that the blast furnace is ready and deployed, it’s time to learn how to use the blast furnace. While creating it, you are already using a regular kamado. Most processes are the same. To better understand it, let’s look at some use cases.

Use case 1: Smelting ore

To get started right click Open its interface to the placed blast furnace. It looks like a normal furnace interface. In the bottom row you can place fuel blocks that are still limited to wood, coal, planks, etc. A complete list of fuels can be found here.

To refine the ores, you can place them in the top row. Once smelted, you can collect them from the right column. Keep in mind that iron and gold are the only ores that can be refined in it.

Smelting iron ore in a blast furnace

Use case 2: Smelter

Like ore, you can also refine metal items in a blast furnace. It is permitted to refine tools, weapons and armor made of iron, gold or chainmail. The result of smelting is one metal nugget for each iron or gold tool. You can combine 9 nuggets to make an ingot. You can also use them as fuel for rock slabs, if nothing else.

Wrought iron sword in a blast furnace

It uses the same amount of fuel as a regular furnace, but the blast furnace refines items at a very high rate. It can be useful in many survival situations, but if you want to cook food, you should resort to a regular kamado or campfire.

Get the most out of your blast furnace with Minecraft

You now have everything you need to create and use a blast furnace in Minecraft. The same tutorial is available for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Many players will skip this tool due to their limited functionality. However, due to the limited resources used to build it, it can be used in many situations. However, if you’re trying one of the best speed running seeds in Minecraft, skipping the blast furnace isn’t the worst thing. Iron-based items are useful in the game, and the blast furnace keeps none of them wasted. Another great addition to the survival toolkit is Minecraft’s Optifine, which improves game performance. That said, how do you plan to use the blast furnace in the Minecraft world? Let us know in the comments below!