How to create and scan Spotify code in 2022 [Easy Guide]

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With over 31% of the music streaming industry’s market share, Spotify is arguably one of the world’s top music streaming services. Cross-platform availability makes it convenient for Spotify users to share songs with friends and family. You can share songs on Spotify using song links, but there is a convenient way to generate images like QR codes to share your favorite songs. This nifty feature is called Spotify Code, and here’s how to create Spotify Codes and use them to share songs after 2022.

Spotify Code Creation and Scanning (2022)

What is a Spotify code?

What is Spotify Code

Spotify code is a feature that allows Spotify users to share songs, playlists, or artists as scannable images. Other users can use the Spotify app on their mobile phones to scan images like QR codes. These shareable codes can be generated by Spotify’s desktop apps, web players, and mobile apps. In the meantime, you’ll need a mobile app to scan the generated Spotify code, and it won’t work with other QR code scanner apps.

Create Spotify Code Using Desktop App (Windows and Mac)

1. Open the Spotify desktop app or web player and open the song you want to share from your library. Then click on the three horizontal dot menus next to the list of songs select ‘Share-> Copy song link.. “

Copy song link

2. After copying the song link, go to the Spotify Code website (access), paste the link in the text box, and Click “Get Spotify Code”..

Get the Spotify code

3. The website will now generate a scannable Spotify code for the requested song. From the tools on the right side of the page, you can choose to change the background color, bar color, size, and image format (SVG, PNG, JPEG). When you’re done Click Download to save the Spotify code..

Customize and download Spotify code

Create Spotify Code Using Mobile App (Android and iOS)

Access your Spotify code on mobile

Accessing the Spotify code is fairly easy with the Spotify mobile app.All you have to do Click on the three vertical dot menus next to the song to see the Spotify code in a pop-up menu... You can choose to take a screenshot of your Spotify code in case you want to share it with your friends.

How to scan Spotify code

Once you understand how to create Spotify code, let’s learn how to scan QR code using Spotify mobile app.

1.1. Tap the “Search” icon From the bottom navigation bar, tap the top search box. now, The camera icon is displayed It is located in the upper right corner of the search box that appears on the screen.

Scan Spotify code

2.2. Press the “Scan” button This will appear and point your camera at the Spotify code. If you have the code in your phone gallery,[写真から選択]Tap an option to select a code. The Spotify app redirects to the song, artist, podcast, or playlist that corresponds to the scanned Spotify code.

Scan or select from photos


Q: How do I get the Spotify code?

You can generate Spotify code from your desktop app, web player, or mobile app. This article has walked you through the steps to write Spotify code.

Q: Is it illegal to sell Spotify code?

According to the Spotify Code Terms of Service, it is illegal to sell your Spotify Code as a product without approval. You can contact with purpose for approval.

Q: Does Spotify code tattoos work?

Yes, people have tattooed with Spotify code. If I’m you, go to a seasoned tattoo artist who has previously applied Spotify code tattoos.

Try Spotify code to share songs creatively

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