How to create a Minecraft Bedrock Server (2022 Guide)

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Minecraft servers are one of the most fun ways to play games. And unless the topic is Minecraft Realms, Java players get most of the good stuff. Not so anymore. Here’s how to create a Minecraft Bedrock server and the best features you can implement to take your server to the next level. You can jump on the server with your friends to explore the Minecraft biome, try out Seed Speedrun, and spend a great time together. In addition, you can use the Bedrock server to play with the player in Minecraft Preview. So whether you’re using a PC, Android / iOS, or a console, setting up a Minecraft Bedrock multiplayer server is easy. So let’s dive in!

Create Minecraft Bedrock Server (2022)

The process of creating a Minecraft server involves individual and unique steps. Therefore, we have divided the guide into sections for clarity. You can access the guide using the table below.

Requirements for creating a Minecraft server

To create a dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server, your system must meet the following official requirements:

  • Windows 10 version 1703 or later or Ubuntu 18 or later
  • 2-core 64-bit Intel or AMD processor
  • 1 GB RAM

The Bedrock edition doesn’t run Minecraft shaders, so its server doesn’t require a lot of graphics power. Therefore, as long as the GPU can handle regular games, it can handle additional players as well.Furthermore, if you focus on the platform, Minecraft only allows users Ubuntu and Windows Host a dedicated server. However, players on any device running Bedrock can join these servers.

Download Bedrock server software

To run the Minecraft server, you need to download the zip file from the official Minecraft website. Provides both Windows and Ubuntu server files. You can unzip it using the default file explorer or use software such as WinZip or WinRar.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Server

Note: As of March 2022, Bedrock server software is still in alpha stage. Therefore, there may be various bugs that need to be resolved before the final release.

Run Minecraft Bedrock Server

Unlike Java servers, it doesn’t need to be installed before hosting a Minecraft server. So, once you unzip the server files, let’s get started.

For Ubuntu

Each Linux OS has its own “Terminal“” An app that executes custom commands. Make sure your system is running at least Ubuntu 18 or equivalent. Then start the server using the following command:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH =. ./bedrock_server

If the command fails, “Bedrock_server” Create a part of it with the name of the unzipped folder and try again. After successfully executing the command, you can jump to the server and start playing.

For Windows

To create a Minecraft Bedrock server on Windows, you need to follow these steps:

1. First, you need to exempt Minecraft from the UWP loopback restrictions. This will prevent UWP apps (such as Minecraft Bedrock) from connecting to your local server. Do this, Open a command prompt as an administrator Right-click on the Start menu or select an option directly from the submenu.

Command prompt as an administrator

2. Then, within the command prompt, paste the following command and press Enter.

CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt –a –p = S-1-15-2-1958404141-86561845-1752920682-3514627264-368642714-62675701-733520436

You can close the command prompt after executing the command.

3. Then open the unzipped server folder and double-click or right-click Open the “bedrock_server.exe” file..

Start the Minecraft server

4. As soon as you open the server file, Windows will start your firewall. Here, both “private” When “publicThe network option is selected.So Click the “Allow access” button.

Server firewall exception

5. If the firewall accepts the exception created, the server will start running at the command prompt.

Bedrock server at command prompt

Open system port

Now that you’re ready to invite other Minecraft players on both the OS and your firewall, prepare your router. Yes, I’ll go into a little more technical detail than the previous part. However, all you need to do to start and run your Minecraft Bedrock server is a straightforward procedure.

Find the server’s IP address and IPv6 address

First and foremost, you need to know the details of the platform hosting the Minecraft Bedrock server. To do this, reopen the command prompt and run the following command:

ipconfig / all

ipconfig command

It will be on your list IPv4 address When IPv6 address In the prompt. You can keep the window open or write down both for later use.For some routers Default gateway address You can also write it down instead of IPv6.

System port settings

The system port is an entry point where players on other networks can communicate with and join the online server. You will need to change the router’s system port settings to make it available to other players.

Router homepage settings

Unfortunately, each router manufacturer has its own UI and configuration dashboard. It’s not all-encompassing, so you’ll need to go to to find a way to open your port forwarding settings.

Enter server details

Finally, assuming you have reached the router’s system port settings, you need to find and click on “”.Add service” Also “Make a new oneOr a button with a similar name. The router then prompts you to enter the following information:

  • Server / service / port name: Minecraft server
  • Start port: 19132
  • End port: 19132
  • Service type: TCP / UDP

The default port ID for Minecraft Bedrock is “19132“Therefore, if there is another column with” port “in its name, enter the same ID there as well. In addition, on the router, IP address, IPv6 addressAlso default gateway address. The IP address is the same as the IPv4 address you noted earlier at the command prompt along with the other two addresses.

Invite friends: Find a public IP address

To join the dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server, you only need the public IP address of the host. Fortunately, due to port forwarding, public IP addresses do not disclose personal information. Open Google and say “What is my IP“.

Google's public IP address

The search results show the public IP address. You need to copy it and share it with your friends who want to join the server. You will need the same to join the new Minecraft Bedrock server, as described in the next section.

How to join the Minecraft Bedrock server

Test the server with the server running. The steps below are the same for you and your friends who want to join the server. Now open Minecraft Bedrock and get started.

1. From the home page, click. “play” button.

Minecraft Bedrock Play Home Page

2. Next Click on the server section Load all active servers from the top column.

MC Bedrock server

3.[サーバー]In the section, scroll to the bottom of the server list and click[Add serverbutton..

Add server Bedrock Minecraft

4. Finally, you need to enter the server details to join the server. The name of the server can be anything you like. As for the port, unless you change it in the server properties 19132.. Lastly, The server address is the same as the public IP address..

Add an external Bedrock server

Customize Minecraft Bedrock Server

Now that the server is up and running, it’s time to customize the server. By default, the server loads the basic vanilla survival world. This is great for enjoying some of the best Minecraft seeds. But it’s not enough to make a server popular. Now let’s understand the customization options.

Server properties

The most basic way to customize a server is to change the properties of the server’s world.You can open “” To do this, file it in Notepad. It’s in a folder unzipped from where you run the world.

Open the properties of the Minecraft server in Notepad

Within the properties, you can edit the following features of the world:

  • Game modes (survival, creative, or adventure) and related settings
  • Difficulty and cheat
  • Maximum number of players along with entry requirements
  • Server settings
  • World properties
  • Player ability

Resource packs and worlds

One of the easiest ways to make a server unique is to change the appearance of the server. To do this, download one of the best texture packs or resource packs andResource packThe “server” folder.

Bedrock Minecraft World and Resource Pack

Similarly, you can also use Custom Minecraft map By placing them in “Worlds” folder Get a pre-built world that you can explore with your friends.

Server command

In Minecraft, commands work like cheats in other games. They basically empower you almost like a developer to change everything in your world without leaving the game. You can also use these commands to edit server properties. There is a dedicated guide for Minecraft Bedrock commands that you can refer to to get the most out of this feature.

Close Minecraft Bedrock Server

Once they have finished playing, you and your friends can leave the server by closing the game. However, it does not automatically save the progress. Instead, you need to open a command prompt window where the server is running. Next, in it, “stopAnd press Enter.

Stop the minecraft Bedrock server

The server closes immediately and saves all progress and changes made to that world. You need to do this every time you close the server and save your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is the dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server free?

Unless you are using premium Minecraft hosting serviceThe dedicated Minecraft Bedrock server is completely free.

Q. Does Minecraft Bedrock Server support cross-play?

Any friend from any platform running Bedrock can join the Minecraft server as long as it’s the same game version. However, Java players cannot join the Bedrock server.

Q. Can I run the server on my Xbox Game Pass?

The dedicated version works with the Xbox Game Pass version of the game just like regular Minecraft. As long as the player is using the same version of the game, it will also work in Minecraft Beta and Minecraft Preview.

Q. Is there an easy way to create a Minecraft Bedrock Server?

Dedicated servers are usually the most reliable way to run a Minecraft server for free.But you can check our guide Create a free online Minecraft server A server method that is even easier than a dedicated server.

Host Minecraft Bedrock Server for free

Now you can truly use your own Bedrock server to dive into the ever-growing Minecraft community. With a dedicated server, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to explore the ancient city or hang out with your friends. One of the most common ways my circle uses such a server is to build a Minecraft home. The time to inspire such thoughts is even better than overcoming the best cooperative games. However, make sure the group is dressing up that part. A server with a lot of default protagonists is not interesting. So try some of the best Minecraft skins and share them with your friends. That said, if you run into problems hosting or running your server, drop the query in the comments below.