How to create a GIF for Twitter on your iPhone

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Twitter is a fun and angry app, and many people chime every day to broadcast their opinions about literally anything. Twitter recently added a GIF maker to its iPhone app. So if you want to add a GIF to your tweet, you can add it in the Twitter app and post it right away.

Want to know how to create a GIF on Twitter? Keep reading to find out.

What is a GIF?

GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. This is a normal low quality short, light video that captures the moment of someone’s reaction to the event. Its purpose is usually to express emotions. Many people find GIFs to be more expressive. Twitter users often prefer to use GIFs rather than enter their feelings in words.

How to create GIF on iPhone using Twitter

So how do you create a GIF on Twitter? It’s easy. Open the Twitter app on your iPhone and use the following steps to create a custom GIF.

  1. Tap + + Icon for creating tweets.
  2. Tap the gallery icon ( GIF Icon) Located at the top of the keyboard. This is the second option from left to right.
  3. next, camera icon.

    Select the camera icon from Twitter on your iPhone

  4. By default, the GIF option is selected. If not, tap the GIF below the camera icon to use it.
  5. Tap Rotation icon Use the front camera in the upper right.
  6. Hold down the capture button and run the reaction to create a GIF. Recording will stop when the maximum length of the GIF is reached.

    Create GIF on iPhone using Twitter on iPhone

  7. Tap Use GIF.. Enter the tweet. When you’re done Tweet Post in the upper right.

that’s it! I created a custom GIF and posted it to the Birds app. Do you know? If people think it’s capricious enough, you may become popular with your GIF.

Twitter isn’t the only social platform on which you can express yourself with GIFs. You can also do this with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms that allow you to send direct messages, post content, comment, and more.

There are many ways to use GIFs on social media. However, keep in mind that GIFs can have confusing effects. Therefore, you should avoid using it as a comment or reply to a sensitive post. No matter how sad your GIF looks, it implies unofficial and unscrupulous. GIFs cannot replace words in some situations, even if they are intended to be used to express emotions such as shock or distress.

That said, here are some examples of how you can use GIFs on social media.

1. GIFs can be used as replies to unofficial, generalized and interesting posts and comments

GIFs are a great way to express yourself and add fun with interesting posts and comments. Especially in the case of my own GIF, the atmosphere of fun is different and unique.

2. Use GIFs to keep the conversation alive

You can also use GIFs to cheer up boring conversations. Or use it to keep dead threads alive. And believe me, sending a GIF to someone you admire in chat may work some magic if you are creative enough.

But be careful not to get bored. Use enough dynamics to keep the conversation going. Wink.

3. You can give a brief explanation using GIF

I mentioned that GIFs are capricious, regardless of what they say, but using GIFs to add instructions creates a lasting impression on the recipient’s mind. It allows you to show people how they can achieve something in a short period of time while they are practicing what they see.

4. Use GIF to get an overview of your surroundings

Whether you are a social media influencer or not, you can share your environment with your fans on social media. Keep in mind that a short video of that beautiful calm autumn may be all you need to be happy.

5. You can use GIF to promote your product

GIFs are unique. Therefore, they may be of great help to help you increase your brand awareness. The short format allows the viewer to understand the brand in less time.

6. Create a trailer using GIF

So have you just created a compelling YouTube video or movie? With GIFs, you can show your potential audience an impressive scene in less than 15 seconds.

Can I post GIFs on social platforms other than Twitter?

The simple answer is yes. However, the only difference between Twitter and other social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. is that these other sites cannot directly create or upload GIFs like Twitter does. Anyway, there are several ways to use GIFs on each platform.

For FacebookYou can use an iPhone GIF Maker such as GIPHY to paste a GIPHY link into a GIF when creating a post. When published to Facebook, the GIF will be animated. A similar process works for Facebook comments.

LinkedIn It also doesn’t support GIFs. However, you can create a short video that is less than 10 seconds long and use it for posting.You can also post your own GIF using the same process Instagram.. However, keep in mind that these short videos must be less than 15 seconds long to create the typical loop effect for GIFs.


GIFs are one way to show your knowledge of Twitter and have a great time with people. Did you tweet your first homebrew GIF on Twitter? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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