How to create a free Minecraft server for Java and Bedrock (2022)

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Creating a Minecraft server is a nightmare. This is a general belief that many players, including myself, have brought over the years. You need to download the file, set the code, and prevent the server from working. The overwhelming work required to create a custom Minecraft server keeps players away from the game’s multiplayer adventure, even though it’s the most fun way to experience Minecraft. But now it’s time to put an end to this nightmare by learning the easiest way to create a free Minecraft server for Java and Bedrock editions. The best part is that you can get your Minecraft server up and running in less than 15 minutes. Looking at this, most players take half the time to defeat Warden in Minecraft 1.19. So, don’t waste your time and learn how to create a free Minecraft server online.

Make Minecraft Server Free (2022)

The methods covered in this guide directly conflict with the developer’s official Minecraft Realm server. The following services are available. Realms only have paid plans, but competitors offer both free and paid services.

What is a Minecraft server?

The Minecraft Server is a basic world where you and your friends can share, explore, and play on the Internet. These can be as basic as the default spawn location or as complex as one of the best Minecraft modpacks. A simple Minecraft server loads world data from an existing device on the host and allows users to join the server using the host’s IP address.

The focus of this article today is different from traditional servers. Instead of storing and hosting the server and its data on the device, we outsource the task to an online hosting service. This will allow you to skip the manual setup process and allow access to the server even when the device is offline. The best part is that you can do all this and more for free. You don’t need any file downloads, code, or anything for manual setup here.

Best Free Minecraft Server Host

There are many free Minecraft server hosting providers available in 2022. This tutorial uses Aternos, but you can also choose one of the following: It is also free to use and offers excellent service as well.

  • PloudOS
  • Mine hat
  • Trident SDK
  • Serverpro

If you need more robust options, we have a dedicated list of the best premium Minecraft server hosts. You can search for as low as $ 1.5 a month. These premium hosting services offer more customization options and add-on features.

Create a free online Minecraft server with Aternos

Aternos is a completely free and customizable server provider, serving an average of 750,000 Minecraft players daily. It supports mods, automatic backups, and works with both Java and Bedrock editions. That said, let’s see how to use Aternos to create a free Minecraft server.

Instructions for signing up for an Aternos account

1. First, open the official website of Aternos Click “Play” button Located in the lower right corner.

Aternos homepage

2. On the next page that opens, you will need to create an Aternos account to get started.Here you can sign up or use Google or Facebook Use the “Sign up” button Create an account without using social media credentials.

Sign up for Aternos

3. If you selected the Sign Up option, you need to do the following: Enter your username Of your choice. Next, you need to toggle the buttons next to them to make sure you agree to our privacy and terms of use policy. after that,”NextClick the button to continue.

Setting a username on the Aternos Minecraft server

4. Then you have to Set a password For your server. You can also share your email address to recover your password in case you forget it.Please click “sign up” Button to exit. You need to resolve the capture before you can proceed.

Password setting in Aternos

Create a free Aternos Minecraft server

If your account is created successfully, Aternos will give you the option to create a new server. Here’s how to run this process:

1. First, the big “Create a server“” Button in the center of the screen.

Create an Aternos Minecraft server

2. Next, you need to choose whether to create a Minecraft Bedrock or Java edition server. You can change it later, as shown in the screenshot below.You also have the following options Change the server name When Add a welcome message, You can do this by clicking the “pencil” icon next to these sections. When you’re done[作成]Click the button to complete the free Minecraft server setup.

Create a server with Aternos

3. Now you are ready to use the “start” Click the button to start the server, but don’t start playing yet. Before you go on a Minecraft adventure or run a survival seed with your friends, you need to create some small tweak options.

Start the server with Aternos

Customize your server with Aternos

If you’re using another platform to bring your free Minecraft server online, you can expect to find similar customization options. Look for a similar title in your platform’s server settings and make the changes described below.

1. Click to change the server preferences “option” Located in the left panel. Here you can adjust basic properties such as game mode, difficulty, spawn settings for some entities.

Server customization with Aternos

2. Next, “Player” section The left panel lists the user names that are prohibited or whitelisted on the server. This feature can be useful later, especially if many players join the server.

AternosServerMinecraft player settings

3. You can also Try changing the “Software” settings From the menu. However, these options can have a destructive effect on the game, so it’s a good idea not to spoil them unless you understand what you’re doing.

Free server software settings for Minecraft

4. Finally, there is a “World” section that can also be accessed from the left panel. here, Upload an existing Minecraft world as a .zip file.. You also have the option to download the world from an online server.

Custom World for Minecraft Aternos Server

How to connect and join an online Minecraft server

Now that the server is running, all you have to do is invite your friends to join the server and play the game. The process of going online is the same for all Minecraft platforms. Therefore, please follow the steps below to join and play the free online Minecraft multiplayer server.

1. First, go to the server homepage and make sure the server version is the same as the game version.

Server version Aternos

2. Next, Copy the server address Click manually Copy icon the next one.

Server address Aternos

3. Then click. “Start button Open Minecraft on your PC, console, or mobile device, if it’s not already open.

Start the server with Aternos

4. When the game loads, click “Multiplayer” Options on the Minecraft home page.

How to create a free Minecraft server for Java and Bedrock

5. On the multiplayer screen, Click the “Direct Connection” button It’s at the bottom.

MinceCraft multiplayer page

6. Enter the server address you copied from Aternos here Click the “Join Server” button Join and start the game.

Direct connection to a free Minecraft server

Wait a minute or two for the game, connect to the server and you’re ready to play. If you encounter an error, visit the Frequently Asked Questions and Errors section to find a can Share the same server address You can join the server with your friends using these steps.

Online Minecraft Server: FAQ and Errors

“Connection timed out” error

This is a common error and can be fixed by restarting the free Minecraft server. Alternatively, you can join the server using the port address. To do this, go back to Aternos and click. “Connect” button What you see in the port-based server address. It has the following format: 12345 :The colon is the port address.Users can copy This port base Server address or IP Use it in the Direct Connections section, as we did before.

Port server address

“Not whitelisted on server” error

Remember the “player” settings Server customization section screen? This may be the cause of this error. Go to Aternos player settings and[ホワイトリスト]You need to add an in-game username to the section so that you can manually join the game.

AternosServerMinecraft player settings

Alternatively, you can completely close the whitelist option. However, if the address of your Minecraft server is leaked for any reason, it can make your server more likely to become a spammer. In either case, the settings are in the Options section.

Server customization with Aternos

Can I use Aternos with Minecraft Bedrock?

Yes, it has limited functionality compared to Minecraft Java Edition. You can use Aternos to create an online server that can also be used with the Bedrock edition.

Why is the Minecraft server so slow?

Over-installing plugins, Minecraft texture packs, and mods can slow down your online server. You can make the server smoother by removing some of them. It is also helpful to get a more reliable internet connection.

Easily set up a free Minecraft server

And just like that, I’ve mastered the easiest way to create an online Minecraft server for free. You can now use this server to collaborate with your friends and create the best Minecraft maps. Alternatively, you can take this opportunity to explore all the Minecraft biomes. Regardless of how you use it, the free Minecraft server will surely provide you with a fun experience. It also saves you the effort of updating the server with every major Minecraft update. These service providers can expect to get the Minecraft 1.19 server with the official release later this year. However, the same is not true for most manually processed servers. Therefore, the choice is entirely up to you. However, if you encounter any issues or glitches while creating the server, drop the query in the comments below. Someone on our team can help you.