How to create a custom emoji for Discord server

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The default emoji set may not be enough and you can’t even find the best GIF to convey your feelings. However, with support for custom emoji, Discord users don’t have to worry about all of this. With Discord, you can upload and use custom emojis on your server to make your interactions more enjoyable. If you want to get your server up and running, this article will teach you how to create custom emojis and add them to your Discord server.

Create a custom emoji for the Discord server (2021)

Custom emojis are widely used on Discord servers, but if you have a Discord Nitro subscription, you can also use them in DM. Now that’s all you need to know about Discord’s support for custom emoji.

What are Discord custom emojis?

Discord allows you to better represent yourself with custom emoji. These emojis can be static or animated. You can upload up to 50 static emojis and 50 animated emojis to your Discord server for free.. However, you and other server members need Discord Nitro to use animated emoji with Discord. In addition, if you have a Nitro subscription, you can also send emoji between servers.

As mentioned above, the server has 50 free emoji slots by default. When the Discord server unlocks the Level 1 perk (two nitro boosts), you’ll get an additional 50 emoji slots. In other words, you will be able to use a total of 100 emoji slots. In addition, level 2 servers (15 nitro boosts) have 150 slots, and level 3 servers (30 nitro boosts) each have a whopping 250 slots.

Steps to create a custom emoji for discord

Before creating a custom emoji for your Discord server, there are a few things to keep in mind. Please note that the image size of the emoji is 128 x 128 pixels and the image size should not exceed 256KB. That said, let’s dive in.

1. Select the image you want to use as a custom emoji, Trim at a 1: 1 ratio.. I’m using FastStone Image Viewer here, but any photo editing software should work.

Crop the image in proportion

2. After trimming Resize the image to 128×128 pixels Save as PNG. Now you are ready to use the emotes.

Resize image to 128x128

If you want the background of your Discord emoji to be transparent, you can remove it using a popular website such as Photoshop or For detailed steps, check out our guide to removing backgrounds from images without using Photoshop.

The easiest way to collect custom emojis of discord

If all these steps seem to take too long, you can easily choose the right emoji from your existing Discord server. As the saying goes, good artists copy and good artists steal. Here’s a way to get inspiration from cool emoji on your existing server. Please note that this method is limited to the Discord desktop app and the web. You can’t do this with the Discord mobile app.

1. Now that you find your favorite emoji, all you have to do is Right-click on the emoji sent to the server..

2. If you are using Discord from a web browser Select “Save Image As” Save the image to your PC.

Save Emoji Discord Web
Save emojis in the Discord web app

3. If you are using the official Discord app Select the Save Image option After right-clicking on the emote.

Save Emoji Discord Desktop-Custom Emoji for Discord Server
Save emojis in the Discord desktop app

Someone has already done all the tedious resizing work and added the emojis to their server, so you can go to the server settings and upload these carefully selected custom emojis. Check out the next section for information on how to add custom emojis to your Discord server.

Upload custom emojis to your desktop and web Discord servers

Once you’ve created your custom emojis, you’re ready to add them to your own Discord server. Here’s how to add custom emoji to your desktop and web Discord servers:

1. Open Discord server and Click the down arrow Located in the upper left corner next to the server name.

Access discord settings

2. From the list of options displayed, Select “Server Settings”..

Server configuration mismatch

3. From the left sidebar Click “Emoji” Switch to the server emoji section and clickUpload emoji“button.

Upload Emoji Discord-Discord Server Custom Emoji

4. After uploading the emoji, Set an alias.. This is important. Remember to set a name that represents the emoji, as you will use this shortcut to access the emoji. To send emojis quickly in Discord, enter an alias between the “:”..

For example, the keyword for sending emoji in the image below is “: umm_okay:”. Repeat these steps to add all the emojis to your Discord server.

set emoji alias discord-Custom emoji on Discord server

Upload your custom emoji to your mobile Discord server

Adding custom emojis on mobile is similar to desktop, but with slightly different steps. To add a custom emoji to your Discord server via your Android or iOS app, check out the steps below.

1. Open the Discord server on mobile and tap the three vertical dot menus next to the server name. On the next page Tap “Settings”..

Discord setting mobile

2. Once in Discord’s server settings, tap “Emoji” and Press the “Upload Emoji” button It’s at the top of the page.

Upload emoji discord mobile-custom emoji for discord server

3. Select the emoji created from the file manager app on your mobile phone and select it. Tap “Upload”..Set an alias and lower right[保存]Press the button to save the custom emoji. You and all server members can now start using the custom emoji you added.

Set alias discord mobile

The website of the best discord emoji maker emoji maker

If you want to combine existing emojis to create custom emojis, don’t miss You can download custom emojis from this website or choose the right combination and create your own. Press the “Download.PNG” button Download the created custom emoji to your PC. This website is very easy to use and can be found at the links below.


kapwingdiscord emoji maker

Kapwing is another website that you can use to create custom emojis for your Discord server. The website’s in-browser editor allows you to add layers and text, and fine-tune emotes to your liking before exporting. When the emoji is ready,[画像のエクスポート]Click the button to save the emoji on your PC.

Try Kapwing

Make an emoji

If you don’t need to manually resize the image to create a custom emoji, you can upload the image directly to MakeEmoji. Then you can download the emoji from the website in seconds. Make Emoji too Provides ready-to-use animated emoji Improve your custom emoji experience based on the original image.It makes it One of the best Discord emoji maker websites there.

Try MakeEmoji

Personalize your Discord server with custom emoji

Here’s how to create and upload a custom emoji in Discord. If your custom emoji isn’t enough, you can also check out Discord’s new sticker feature. However, unlike custom emoji, you need Discord Nitro to use these stickers. While you’re there, check out our list of useful Discord bots and learn how to add bots to your Discord server. Useful for server management, role assignment, listening to music in groups, and more.