How to convert MBR to GPT disk in Windows 10 without data loss

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In most cases, you will get the following error during the Windows 10 installation process: “Windows cannot be installed on this disc. The selected disc has an MBR partition table.” This mainly happens when you try to install the latest version of Windows 10 on an old computer with an old MBR partition style. Windows 10 now supports the new GPT (GUID Partition Table) disk partition scheme. In fact, the newly released Windows 11 only supports GPT partition style. Therefore, if you want to convert MBR to GPT disk on Windows 10 PC without data loss, please follow the detailed tutorial.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 (2021) without data loss

This guide aims to strictly convert MBR to GPT without data loss. You no longer need to use Diskpart to erase the entire hard disk to convert the partition table. This tutorial uses an official Microsoft tool called MBR2GPT. This is a command line tool, but the process is simple. By the way, you can also use this method to make your Windows 10 PC compatible with Windows 11.

1. Your PC Must support UEFI To be able to convert MBR to GPT in Windows 10 without losing data. If you are using an older computer and your BIOS only supports legacy mode, you will not be able to use this method.

2. All Bitlocker encrypted volumes Need to pause Allows the conversion to take place.

3. PC must be running Windows 10 version 1703 Or later. Microsoft’s MBR2GPT tool is already installed on your system, so you must be running Creators Update or later on your PC.
4. Cannot partition 3 or more..

1. Before you start, you need to review some information. Press the “Windows + X” keyboard shortcut and click “Disk management“.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 (2021) without data loss

2. After that Check the disk number It’s in the left corner.In general, it is 0.. However, if you have multiple hard disks connected and you want to convert a specific hard disk, make a note of the specific disk number.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 (2021) without data loss

3. Next, right-click “Disk 0” and select “Disk 0”.Property“. If you have another disc, right-click on that disc.[プロパティ]Choose.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 (2021) without data loss

4. Here, “volumeClick the “Partition Style” tab and look for “Partition Style”. For MBR, you need to convert MBR partition to GPT. Also, if GPT is displayed, you do not need to do anything.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 (2021) without data loss

5. Then press the Windows key once to “System information“. Open it.


6. In “System Overview”, select “BIOS mode“For UEFI, your PC is supported and you can proceed to the process of converting MBR to GPT in Windows 10. If you see Legacy, you need to change the firmware mode to UEFI according to this guide. That said, even UEFI users are advised to boot the BIOS to find the correct UEFI menu. Anyway, you also need to perform this action after conversion. Thus, it’s correct. Identify where to look for the settings page and post the conversion.

uefi mode

  • Change legacy mode to UEFI in BIOS firmware

1. Restart your Windows 10 computer and while your computer is booting, Press the BIOS key.. Each computer has a different BIOS key and you may need to search the internet.

Note: For example, HP laptops typically have an F10 as the BIOS key. You need to find your PC’s BIOS key on the internet. Must be one of F1, F2, F3, F9, F10, Esc, etc. Users with custom-built PCs also need to find the BIOS key based on the motherboard manufacturer.

Change legacy mode to UEFI in BIOS firmware

2. Once in the BIOS, go through the various menus and look for “UEFI” or “Legacy”. This option should be under Advanced, Boot Mode, or System Configuration, depending on the OEM. On some PCs Disable “legacy support” Enable UEFI. Make sure UEFI is not grayed out and legacy is disabled.

Caution: Unfortunately, if you can’t find any mention of UEFI, you can’t convert MBR partition to GPT on Windows 10 PC.

Change legacy mode to UEFI in BIOS firmware

3. Next, “F10Click, press Enter to save and exit. The F10 is usually reserved for “save and exit”, but the keys may vary from computer to computer. It is recommended to check in the footnote of the BIOS. The computer will restart.

Change legacy mode to UEFI in BIOS firmware

4. When the computer boots, reopen System Information and Check the BIOS mode.. You should see “UEFI”. Now you are ready to move on to the next step.

uefi mode

  • Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 without data loss

Caution: We strongly recommend that you back up all your valuable and personal files and folders before proceeding. This method has been tried and tested, but I don’t know when things will get worse, especially when working with Windows. Therefore, go ahead and make a backup. You can learn how to make a complete Windows 10 backup from the linked article.

1. Now that you have checked all the information and backed up your data, you can convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 PC without losing data. Press the Windows key once to “command promptFrom the search results, click Run as administrator to open a command prompt.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 without data loss

2. In the CMD window, paste the following command and press Enter.Here, the disk number is 0.. If it’s something else Change the disk number accordingly.. This command is for validating all configurations.

 mbr2gpt /validate /disk:0 /allowFullOS

If you see the message “Verification completed successfully”, you can proceed. If you get an error, make sure your PC is configured with the correct settings as described above.

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 without data loss

3. Then paste the following command to convert Windows 10 PC from MBR to GPT disk without data loss. Again, if you are running this process for a different disk number, be sure to change the disk number. Congratulations on your success message. Now you have successfully converted MBR to GPT partition style without data loss. But wait. There is one more step to perform.

mbr2gpt /convert /disk:0 /allowFullOS

Convert MBR to GPT on Windows 10 without data loss

4. Finally, you will see a message similar to the following: “To successfully boot a new system, you need to switch firmware and boot in UEFI mode!” So restart your computer and Boot the BIOS, Change the firmware mode to UEFI. You can change the “legacy mode” from BIOS to UEFI by following the steps described in the section above. Please note that your PC will not boot unless you make this change.

Change legacy mode to UEFI in BIOS firmware

5. Next, boot your Windows 10 PC and check the partition style as above. Press the “Windows + X” shortcut to open “Disk Management”. Right-click on the desired disc->[プロパティ]->[ボリューム].. here,”Partition style“Must refer to GPT. that’s it. That’s it.

gpt label

Convert MBR to GPT disk on Windows 10 PC without data loss

Here’s how to convert partition style from MBR to GPT in Windows 10 without erasing data. The best thing about this method is that you don’t have to create a bootable stick. You can easily perform this conversion on a live Windows 10 PC. Anyway, it’s all from us. If you want to learn how to use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, or if you want to enable the new eco mode in Windows 10, check out the linked article now. Also, if you run into any issues, please let us know in the comments section below.