How to convert live photos to GIF on iPhone and iPad

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Are you used to converting live photos to video? Converting live photos to GIF is just as easy. Once you’re done, you can easily share these animated images across all platforms.

Let’s start with the easiest way and see 3 ways to convert live photos to GIF on iPhone and iPad.

How to convert iPhone live photos to GIF using photos

  1. Open Photo Tap album It’s at the bottom.Scroll down and tap Live photo..
  2. Tap the live photo.
    Open the Photos app, tap Live Photos in the Albums tab, then tap Live Photos on your iPhone
  3. Swipe up.under effect, 4 options are displayed. live, loop, Bounce, bounce, When Long loop Also Bounce, bounce..
    Swipe up on photos, select an effect and use the iPhone Photos app to convert live photos to gifs
  • of loop, The clip will play, then the dissolve animation will play, and it will resume from the beginning. This will be repeated indefinitely.
  • of Bounce, bounce, Clips work like Instagram Boomerang. In other words, play it and then play it in reverse. This process is also repeated indefinitely.

Converted Live Photos to GIF on iPhone. Tap the share icon to easily send via the chat app.

How to convert live photos to GIF using shortcuts

  1. Open Shortcut Tap gallery..
    Open the shortcut app and tap the iPhone gallery
  2. Type GIF in the search box at the top. Below are some suggestions.Scroll down and tap Convert photos to GIF..Then tap addition Shortcut..
    Search for gif,[ショートカット]Convert photos to gif with tabs and on iPhone[OK]Tap
  3. Tap My shortcut It’s on the bottom left.
  4. Then tap Convert photos to GIF Shortcut. You will be asked for permission to access the photo.Tap all right..
    [ショートカット]On the tab[写真をgifに変換]Tap on your iPhone[OK]Tap
  5. Tap Live photo..On the next screen, tap one, then tap the end.. The shortcut will be executed and the live photo will be converted to GIF.
    Tap Live Photo Album, select a photo, then tap Done on your iPhone
  6. Tap share icon.Then tap Save image.. You can also send GIFs directly through iMessage, WhatsApp, or other such apps using one of the available sharing options.
    Tap Share, tap Save Image, and use iPhone shortcuts to convert live photos to gifs

Note: You can also use third party shortcuts to convert live photos to GIF. One of the good options is to convert Live to GIF. However, before doing this, make sure you allow unreliable shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad.

How to convert Live Photos to GIF using a third party app

  1. Download GIPHY.
  2. Tap Create +I acceptall right..Then tap Photo icon Tap all right..
  3. Tap the live photo. You’ll see the regular live photo circular icon in the lower right corner.
  4. Add text, stickers, etc. as needed. Then tap the arrow icon.
    Tap the live photo, then tap the arrow in the iPhone giphy app
  5. On the next screen, tap Share GIFSave GIF Save to photo locally.
    To convert live photos to gif using iPhone 3rd party app[gifを保存]Tap

That’s all you need to know to convert live iPhone photos to GIF. Are you enthusiastic about GIPHY? Check out the best GIF maker app for iPhone.Try a few and see which one works best for you

sign off…

These are some of the easiest ways to convert live photos to GIF. Which method worked for you? For me, the photo app and shortcut method seems to be the fastest. However, if you want to edit the GIF and add elements, GIPHY is the best choice.

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