How to Combine PDFs on Mac: 3 Easy Ways

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Most of us use PDFs every day, and macOS makes it easy to combine PDFs. This means that you can quickly merge two or more PDF files into one. In addition, you can combine specific pages from one PDF to another. This can be done via a preview app, Finder, or a third-party app such as PDF Expert. Let’s take a look at all these methods and see how to combine PDFs on Mac.

How to merge two or more PDFs on Mac using preview

Apple’s default preview app is pretty powerful. You can easily combine all or part of two or more PDF files into one PDF.

Note: The preview automatically saves your changes. If you want to keep the original PDF as it is FileDuplicate Make a copy of the PDF before combining the PDFs.

Follow the steps below to combine one PDF file with another.

  1. Open the first PDF file to combine preview..
  2. click opinion Select thumbnail From the top menu.

    [表示]Click to select a thumbnail from your Mac
    This will display a thumbnail of the page in the sidebar.

  3. Click the page thumbnail..
  4. select editput inPages from files.

    Select a page from a file from the edit menu on your Mac

  5. Select and click the PDF you want to add Open..
    This will add the second PDF to the first PDF. Drag the thumbnails to reorder the pages.
  6. Move to File Export as PDF Save the merged file.

How to combine part of a PDF with another PDF on Mac

  1. Release preview..
  2. Open the PDF files you want to combine in a separate window.
    If the file is open as a tab in the same preview window[ メニューを選択して選択します タブを新しいウィンドウに移動します。

    [ウィンドウ]Click Menu and on Mac[タブを新しいウィンドウに移動]Choose

  3. In each PDF window, click opinionthumbnail..
    This will display a thumbnail of the page in the sidebar.
  4. now, Drag thumbnail From one file to another PDF.
    You can use Instructions– –click Select multiple thumbnails.
  5. Move to FileExport Save the merged file as a PDF.

Best way to merge PDF files on Mac using Finder

If you have multiple PDFs that you want to merge into one, you can do that in the Finder itself. Make sure all the PDFs are in the same folder. Then follow these steps:

  1. click File I want to merge.
  2. right click Alternatively, hold down the Command key and click the selected file.
  3. Move to quick Action → Select create PDF..
    The Finder creates a new PDF file in the same folder.
  4. You can use Page thumbnail Reorganize the page.
Best way to merge PDF files on Mac using Finder

Note: Only images or PDF files can be combined into one. It does not work with .doc or .xls extensions.

How to merge PDFs on Mac using PDF Expert

The preview and viewfinder are sufficient, but you may need advanced editing features. That’s where dedicated third-party software like PDF Expert comes in handy. PDF Expert offers many of the features described in the detailed review. It boasts several different options for combining PDFs, as described below.

1. Combine two PDFs

  1. Open the PDF file with PDF expert.
  2. click Page thumbnail icon.
  3. click to add File It’s on the toolbar at the top.

    Combine two PDFs using PDF Expert

  4. choose PDF I want to merge.

2. Merge two or more PDFs

First, all the PDFs you want to combine same folder.. Then follow these steps:

  1. In PDF Expert, click File Merge the files.
  2. Select all the PDFs you want to combine and click merge.
  3. To save the merged PDF file Filesave as..
Merge 3 or more PDFs using PDF Expert

3. Combine individual pages of one PDF with another PDF

PDF Expert allows you to combine only certain pages of one file with another. Method is as follows.

  1. Open the PDF file with PDF expert.
  2. Top left[意見 設定アイコンを選択し、 垂直分割ビュー。


  3. In the right pane select File Open another PDF file. It will appear next to the first file.
  4. click page thumbnail Top icon.
  5. Now all you have to do is drag the page from one PDF to another as you like.

Here’s how to combine PDFs on Mac! I thought using the Finder was the best option. Which tool do you use to merge the files? Please let us know in the comments below.

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