How to clear Microsoft Teams cache on Windows and Mac

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Microsoft Teams has become one of the most popular workplace productivity and video conferencing apps of the past year. However, like all software, it works from time to time and wastes valuable time when trying to troubleshoot all possible problems. If that’s what you’re facing right now, one of the first things to try is to clear the app cache of the Microsoft Teams client on your Mac or Windows PC. To help with this, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clear the Microsoft Teams cache on Mac and Windows PCs.

Microsoft Teams: Clear cache to fix common issues (2021)

This article describes how to clear the app cache in Microsoft Teams on Mac and Windows. This should fix a variety of issues, including issues with profile information and image updates after editing the data. It’s also useful if the add-on doesn’t work as expected in Teams. Now let’s see how to clear the Microsoft Teams app cache using Windows Command Prompt and Mac Keychain Access.

Clear Microsoft Teams cache on Windows

To clear the Microsoft Teams client app cache on Windows 10 or Windows 11, you need to perform the following steps:

1. First, close the Microsoft Teams client. To do this, right-click on the app icon in the system tray in the lower right corner and click[finish“.

Clear Microsoft Teams cache on Windows 10

Note: If you don’t see the app icon right away, click the “up arrow” symbol to see all the apps in your system tray...

2. Next, open a command prompt window with administrator privileges. To do this, search for “Command Prompt” in the Windows search bar and then “Run as administrator“.

3. Then copy and paste the following command. rmdir /q /s %appdata%MicrosoftTeams Press Enter at the command prompt. If you do not receive an error message, it means that the cache file was deleted successfully.

Clear Microsoft Teams cache on Windows 10

Note: Instead of navigating to the Teams App Data folder in File Explorer and deleting each folder individually, this guide contains nifty commands to help you quickly clear the Microsoft Teams cache.

A new cache file will be created automatically when you restart the app.But be careful Sign out when you clear the cache fileTherefore, you will need to log in again using your credentials. It also clears the web client cache, icons, thumbnails, settings, display images, and add-ons. However, chats, meetings, planners, etc. are not deleted.

Clear Microsoft Teams cache on Mac

For Mac users, follow these steps to clear the Microsoft Teams cache and fix persistent bugs and issues in the Team Collaboration app.

1. First, right-click the Microsoft Teams app icon on the dock and click[finish“.

Microsoft team clears Cash Mac 1

2. Now open finder, click “goSelect “in the menu bar at the top” and then “Move to folder“option.

Microsoft team clears Cash Mac 2

3. Then copy and paste the following path into the text field of the pop-up window,[go“.

~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft

Clear cache Microsoft Teams Mac 6

4. Next, right-click on the “Teams” folder and select “Move to the bin“.

5. Next, “Spotlight searchClick the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Spacebar.

6. Now enter “Keychain” in Spotlight Search and click “Keychain” from the suggestions that appear.Keychain access“.

Clear cache Microsoft Teams Mac 3

7. Finally, search for “Microsoft Teams” in Keychain Access and “Microsoft Teams Identities cacheRight-click on this item and select “.Delete“This will successfully clear the Microsoft Teams cache on your Mac and close Keychain Access.

When you restart Microsoft Teams, the app will create a whole new set of cache files. This should eliminate the problem you were facing. As with Windows, this will sign you out of the app and remove your settings. However, not all chats, messages, and meetings are deleted and you can still access them after you log in.

Troubleshooting professional-like MS team issues

Now that you know how to clear the cache of Microsoft Teams apps on Windows and Mac, we hope this guide will help you solve the problem. If not, it’s a good idea to check the official Teams Help Center to see if you can find a solution there. If that doesn’t work, log in (access) the Teams support site and post your query in the Teams support forums. Hopefully it will give you a definitive answer on how to solve the problem you are facing. On the other hand, you can see some other tutorials, such as how to enable noise cancellation in Microsoft Teams and how to create memes in Teams.