How to clear cookies on iPhone (iOS 15)

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Cookies play an important role in providing a fully personalized web browsing experience. For example, if you visit Amazon and accept cookies, you will see more relevant transactions that not only make it easier to get the right offer, but also save you a lot of time. Needless to say, it’s also convenient to sign in to your site to access your settings. Cookies, on the other hand, may expose your privacy and allow everyone to understand what you are doing. In addition, large amounts of cookies can dig into your device’s valuable storage and slow down your device. So whether you’re looking for a way to protect your privacy or free up space, here’s how to clear your iPhone and iPad cookies the right way:

Clear iPhone and iPad cookies (2022)

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are files designed to store browsing information. When you visit the site, a cookie is placed on your device so that the site retains your login information, remembers your settings, and delivers locally relevant content. Therefore, websites that accept cookies will display more personalized content.

The size of the cookie is quite small, but it occupies space on the device. If not removed from time to time, it not only consumes valuable storage, but can also cause stagnation that can cause many problems such as iPhone overheating and irregular battery drain.

Deleting cookies from your device erases all stored information, including website settings, settings, and account passwords. If you want to share your device with others and you don’t want others to see your browsing history, it’s useful to delete cookies.

Note: Please note that clearing cookies on your iPhone will sign you out from almost any website you are logged in to. Make sure you remember all your passwords. Even better is to use a good password manager.

Clear Safari cookies on iPhone and iPad

Safari provides a very easy way to keep track of stored cookies and delete them. If you prefer, you can delete all Safari browser cookies at once or individually.

1. First,[設定]->[Safari]Go to to access Safari settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to Safari settings on iOS

2. Scroll to the bottom and Altitude..Then tap Website data..

Tap Website data in Safari settings on iOS

Delete all Safari cookies at once

To use a single, just tap to clear the Safari cookie history and tap. Delete all website data Tap to confirm Delete now In the pop-up that appears from below.

Delete all Safari cookies at once

Delete certain Safari Cookies

If you want to delete certain cookies in Safari, View all sites Access all cookies.Then tap edit Located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Tap Edit in Safari settings on iOS

Then tap Red “-” button Data to be deleted and hit The left side of the data erase..Please be sure to tap end Check in the upper right corner of the screen.

Delete certain cookies in Safari

Clear Safari history and cookies at once on iPhone and iPad

Especially on iOS, you can also clear Safari history and cookies at once. Therefore, this is the recommended method if you want to clean up your entire browsing history.

1. Open Settings app Scroll down and tap on your device-> Safari..

Go to Safari settings on iOS

2. Then scroll down and press Clear history and website data.. A popup will appear from below asking you to confirm the action.strike Clear history and data It’s over.

Clear Safari history and website data

Delete and block cookies in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Safari comes with an efficient cookie blocker that you can use to easily block cookies in your browser. Yeah, if all you need to do is get rid of cookies, you don’t need to install a third party Safari extension. In addition, this feature has been around the iPhone for years. So whether you’re using iOS 15 or iOS 14/13, you can take advantage of this privacy-centric feature.

Head to 1. Setting Apps on your device-> scroll down to select Safari..

Go to Safari settings on iOS

2. Go to Privacy and security Section and then turn on Block all cookies..Finally, tap All block Make sure that Safari removes existing cookies and website data and blocks cookies.

Block cookies in Safari on iPhone and iPad

Clear cookies on Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad

Deleting cookies in Chrome on iPhone is just as easy.

1. Start up chromium On iOS / iPad OS -> Tap the menu button Select in the lower right corner of the screen history..

Chrome menu button

2. Then tap Clear browsing history data Choose Cookies, site data..

Select cookies and site data in Chrome

3. Then tap Clear browsing history data Press to confirm Clear browsing history data.

Clear cookies in Chrome on iPhone and iPad

Clear cookies with Mozilla Firefox on iPhone and iPad

Like Safari, Firefox allows you to delete specific cookies or delete them all at once.

1. On iOS / iPad OS devices, Firefox -> Tap menu button Located in the lower right corner of the screen. Notice that the menu button appears in the upper right corner of the iPad screen.Then tap Setting In the menu.

In Firefox[設定]Choose

2. Under privacy Section, tap Data management And select Website data..

Select data management in Firefox

4. If you want to clear the entire list of cookies, Clear all website data.. To remove a specific cookie Please select them And hit Clear the item.

Clear cookies with Mozilla Firefox on iPhone and iPad

Easy way to delete cookies on iOS and iPad OS

This is almost complete. So, these are the reliable ways you can get rid of cookies on your iPhone and iPad. As mentioned above, cookies are designed to enhance your web browsing experience. Therefore, you should clean up with the shortcomings in mind. However, old cookies can also cause browsing issues. If you’re looking for a guide to free up space on your device, check out this detailed post. If you want to explore more useful tips to double your productivity, go to this summary of hidden iPhone tips and tricks. By the way, please share your thoughts on this guide and tell us other effective ways to clear cookies on iOS.